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Thread WITH the new posts.

Legends: "Week" - last week posts, "Bold" - entered last 48 hours.
Remedies the Beauty 49 
I feel better now 48 
Of course, it should not be a full range operation for Reds 47 
Drivers, Boxes, Baffles, and X/Os 47 
My little private war for England 47 
Back to the podium 47 
Further experimentation 45 
The consequential idea.... 45 
All You Need is LOVE!!! 44 
Some sanity in the end, or at the beginning... 44 
Navigation Skills 44 
Incompleteness 101? 44 
I need to confess that I do not know... and I like it. 44 
I like it too! 44 
Interesting. 43 
You've hit it 43 
I'm not buying it... 42 
It is what it is… 42 
Jung 40 
Bringing Infinity to Heel 40 
Time... 40 
I understand but... 40 
Adumbrate 40 
Come on DHL, let my people go.... 40 
Dreams? 39 
I had a dream… sucks! 34 
Mezuzah 34 
The pipe... 34 
Slow and Steady; Onward 34 
Auch 34 
Everything is made in China nowadays 34 
The distance 34 
Swap the baffle??? 34 
Some recovery, most spiritual. 34 
I do not know... 32 
Addictive quality 32 
I do not understand it now. 31 
The mere fact 30 
A better looking Dannoys.... that all that I want. 30 
Interior Volume? 30 
Beauties 29 
I think I need a psychiatrist… 27 
From behind? 27 
Enough is enough 26 
6-Sided boxes? 26 
Holy cow!!!! 26 
The Only Thing That Matters 26 
Good! 26 
Unsure 26 
Getting to the point 26 
Final snippet 26 
It is possible that the game might be on! 25 
Back home 25 
A Closer Copy? 25 
A solution... 25 
Worth a Try 25 
If you think that when I told... 25 
I think it will be good. 25 
Submergent deeper and deeper... 24 
I think it will be for this thread. 24 
Ok, the concept is proven. 24 
Waxing Philosophical 24 
This is exactly what I do not need right now in my... 24 
Diviating From "Successful Formula" 24 
Holy shit!!! I hope it was not it.... 24 
Surround? 23 
Pleeeeeeese.... 23 
Got it 23 
Secret volume changers 23 
Keep pushing.... 23 
Eating frequencies.. 22 
Static dynamic vs dynamic dynamics 22 
Dynamic dynamics 22 
I keep looking into it. 22 
These are the days of our lives 22 
Congratulations Bill! 22 
Again, disagree. 22 
Do I want to be Bermuda Triangle manager? 22 
Dannoy 21 
I would hold... 21 
Did I Miss Something? 21 
Selfunderstood 21 
Crying..... 21 
"Perfect" 21 
Bingo?! 21 
Caps? 21 
Is it typical? 20 
Not completely conclusive but the demonstrably con... 20 
Never been my experience... 20 
I do not know how it works generally but... 20 
Constipated 20 
Not just the heat 19 
Class A/B Warm Up 19 
Hypothesizing 18 
I never the that I would be to say it… 18 
Totally Rational 18 
More on caps 15 
I do not know yet 15 
Remember 15 
Breaker, Breaker; Break In Time! 15 
Caps change 14 
Time for a break 14 
Does history repeat itself? 13 
Some important notes 13 
A valid observation, rowuk. 13 
Pulling out spaghetti strings 13 
Random Process= Random Result 12 
I really hate those experiences … 12 
Process vs. Procedure 12 
Crossover Las Vegas... Make your bets... 7 
Over/Under on X/O 6 
My bet is: 6 
The Christmas is coming 6 
And the lower pair? 6 
I do not believe... 6 
Here: 6 
My understanding... 6 
Dannoy photo 6 
Dannoy photo 6 
Gallery 6 
Dannoy 6 
Mail me 5 
That tonight mood music.... 5 
Acoustics, dental package. 5 
Russian engineering ??? 5 
Agree. 5 
Oh, no worries 5 
Agree... 5 
Remedios The Beauty as High-End Audio for Dummies 4 
The More Than One Way Way 3 
Recipe from my youth 3 
Nowadays I convinced in opposite 3 
Maybe not "right" but... 3 
Not possible 3 
It is important to differentiate... 3 
Magic Foo 3 
Fooooooo... 3 
Event 3 
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