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Romy the Cat's personal site dedicated to advanced audio and evolved music reproduction techniques Classical Music latest News
 » 14 October NYC’s Foundry Theatre to Close After 25 Years
 » 14 October 2019 Colour of Music Festival “Petit” Nashville Début Nov. 6-9
 » 14 October Cornel West on the Revolutionary Politics of the Foundry Theatre
 » 14 October Ballet Has Transformed The Lives Of Women In This New Zealand Prison
 » 14 October The Photographer Who Shot New York’s Real Garbage Fires
 » 14 October How Did A Promise For A Less Eurocentric Nobel Prize In Literature Turn Into Two European Winners?
 » 14 October An Historian Says To Be Wary Of Written History
 » 13 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 13 October Classical music news. 2023 World Symposium of Choral Music
 » 13 October The Internet And Texting Are Changing Language – But Not For The Worse
 » 13 October The New Movie Tech Of Making Will Smith Look Like He’s A Quarter-Century Younger
 » 13 October When A Star Stares Right Back
 » 13 October The Messy, Textural, ‘Suitable For Ladies’ Medium Of Pastel
 » 13 October Students At A U.S. University Burn A Campus Speaker’s Book
 » 13 October The Hong Kong Protesters Are Making Excellent Use Of Instagram-Ready Art
 » 13 October A Slate Of Recent Films Offers New Portrayals Of Asian, Not Tiger, Mothers
 » 13 October Performance Artist Carlos Celdran Has Died In Exile At 46
 » 13 October What’s The Difference Between Self-Confidence And Narcissism?
 » 13 October A Massive Sculpture Of An African American Last Supper Was Hidden Behind Drywall Until A Theatre Moved In
 » 13 October Our Languages Are Dying
 » 13 October The Books That Made Nnedi Okorafor A Writer
 » 13 October WNYC Is Dropping Its ‘New Sounds’ Radio Program After 37 Years
 » 13 October A Matter of Attribution & Legacy
 » 13 October Why Is The Paris Art Scene Roaring Back To Life?
 » 13 October Is ‘Porgy’ A Stereotype? Take Two
 » 13 October How Much Should Family Members Be Able To Edit Memoir?
 » 13 October The Pre-Raphaelite Women Get At Least Part Of Their Due
 » 12 October Parents, Do Not Enroll Your Preschooler In Ballet Class
 » 12 October LA’s Studio Musicians Say Move To Streaming Makes Will Kill The Business
 » 12 October How Artists Are Dealing With Student Debt
 » 12 October Billionaire Francois Pinault’s New $170 Million Paris Museum To Open Next June
 » 12 October A Seattle Theatre’s Existential Question: What’s The Cost Of Survival?
 » 12 October The Politics Of Noise (It’s Everywhere)
 » 12 October Don’t Get It Wrong: AI Is A Tool, Not A Mind
 » 12 October Faculty Job Fair
 » 12 October Ennio Morricone honered by pope
 » 11 October ‘I Wanted To Form An Orchestra Of People Like Me’: An Ensemble For Musicians With Mental Illness
 » 11 October Helen Shaw Is New Theater Critic At New York Magazine And Vulture
 » 11 October Public Radio’s ‘Studio 360’ To Cease Production
 » 11 October Why Peter Handke’s Nobel Prize Has Made Many People Furious
 » 11 October Lost Section Of Oldest Manuscript Of ‘Tale Of Genji’ Discovered
 » 11 October The Piece So Hard Even Barbara Hannigan Couldn’t Sing It
 » 11 October Jeffrey Epstein Gets Dragged Into $200 Million Battle Over Brancusi Sculpture
 » 11 October Coachella’s Desert X Partners With Saudi Arabia (And Three Artist/Board Members Resign In Protest)
 » 11 October The Play That Made Me Understand Why ‘Porgy And Bess’ Can Be Stifling
 » 11 October London’s Creative Industries Are Growing Much Faster Than In The Rest Of The UK
 » 11 October Who’s The Father Of Today’s Black Theater Renaissance? August Wilson? No, It’s Tyler Perry
 » 11 October Hacking The Museum Tour – Entertainment With Attitude
 » 11 October Meet The Eton-Educated, Non-Binary British Iraqi Draq Queen
 » 11 October Why Do People Support Their Orchestra? This Couple Gave Tens Of Millions To The Toronto Symphony
 » 11 October 7 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 11 October Bong Joon-Ho Returns Home From Hollywood And Makes His Masterpiece
 » 11 October Venice Will Begin Charging Admission For Tourists Next July
 » 11 October The New MoMA: More Space, Less Story
 » 11 October What Is A Choreopoem?
 » 11 October Report: Arts Engagement Declines Slightly In UK
 » 11 October Why Mark Bradford Is One Of The Most Important Artists Of Our Time
 » 11 October Welsh Arts Funder Sets Minimum Pay For Artists
 » 10 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 10 October Olga Tokarczuk And Peter Handke Win Nobel Prizes For Literature
 » 10 October B-Boy-Turned-Ballet Dancer Teaches His Moves To His Company
 » 10 October The Real Test Of MoMA’s Expansion Will Be Traffic Flow: Justin Davidson
 » 10 October MoMA’s Expansion Is ‘Smart, Surgical, Sprawling And Slightly Soulless’: Michael Kimmelman
 » 10 October They’ve Rediscovered The Naughty Bits From Europe’s Most Famous Medieval Romance
 » 10 October Why Netflix On Broadway Is Good For Both Of Them
 » 10 October Did The Philly Fringe Risk Its Patrons’ Safety By Including This Event?
 » 10 October The Time I Played Chess Nude With Marcel Duchamp
 » 10 October The Met Opera’s New “Porgy”: Restoring An American Masterpiece
 » 10 October The Banjo And The Ballot Box: Country Music As Political Tool
 » 10 October Surprise: For The First Time Since 1986, Vinyl Is About To Outsell CDs
 » 10 October How Do You Translate The Life Of A Forgotten, Insane Swiss Novelist Into Dance Theater?
 » 10 October Language Frames How We Think About Things. But Changing That Language Can Backfire
 » 10 October Ciaran Carson, Poet Who Captured Belfast, Dead At 70
 » 10 October Twitch Has Become The Most-Popular Live-Streaming Platform, And… There Are Problems
 » 10 October Gabriel Yared to receive Max Steiner Award
 » 10 October Classical music news. Just Listening
 » 10 October Classical music news. Mortality and Loss
 » 10 October Can A Rope Bondage Show Empower Women? These Two Actor-Aerialists Think So
 » 10 October Why “Porgy and Bess” and the Met Need One Another
 » 10 October In The 50 Years Since Caravaggio’s Nativity Was Stolen, Have The Police Been Chasing Bogus Tips?
 » 10 October Why Are Streaming Companies Paying Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars For Old TV Shows?
 » 10 October Facebook Would Pay $40 Million For Falsely Inflating Video Metrics
 » 10 October Mona Lisa Returns To Its Regular Refurbished Gallery
 » 10 October Advancing Philosophy Comes In Clarifying Existing Ideas
 » 10 October Tyshawn Sorey And The Dawning Of Musical Consciousness
 » 10 October The Problem With Museums That Try To Tell The Story Of Classical Music
 » 9 October Review: Lang Lang Returns, Rehabilitated and Almost Reformed
 » 9 October Mr. Armstrong, meet Mr. Shaw
 » 9 October For First Time, Stirling Prize For Architecture Goes To Public Housing Project
 » 9 October Looking Hopeful, Long-Troubled English National Opera Appoints New Artistic Director
 » 9 October Mayhem At New York’s WBAI: Network Fires Staff And Locks Offices As Staffers Go To Court
 » 9 October In Wake Of Racial Incident, Boston’s Museum Of Fine Arts Works To Make Amends
 » 9 October London’s Old Vic Theatre Promised It Would Double The Number Of Women’s Toilets. It Made All Toilets Gender-Neutral Instead, And Some Women Are Furious
 » 9 October ‘The Stage’ Runs Pro And Con Articles On The Old Vic’s Gender-Neutral Toilets, Then Deletes Them In A Panic
 » 9 October Paris Opera Director Stéphane Lissner Named Superintendent Of Teatro San Carlo In Naples
 » 9 October Does George W. Bush’s Art Deserve A Show At The Kennedy Center?
 » 9 October Silicon Valley’s Miracle Tech Was Supposed To Make The World A Better Place. What Happened?
 » 9 October A Black, Queer Kentuckian Returns Home To Take The Helm At Actors Theatre Of Louisville
 » 9 October What The Fight Over A Rural Library Says About America
 » 9 October Marshall Efron, Star Of Idiosyncratic TV Comedies, Dead At 81
 » 9 October Why Music Grabs Ahold Of Our Brains
 » 9 October Where Are Artists Priced Out Of Gentrifying Berlin Neighborhoods Going? Here
 » 9 October How Nietzche’s Ideas Still Permeate Our Thinking
 » 9 October Our Most Favorite Story Lines? The Sympathetic Protagonist
 » 9 October Why Civility Is So Difficult In A Democracy
 » 9 October Walt Whitman Had Troubling Views. So Why Is He Still Venerated?
 » 9 October Pop-Up Pop Culture Experiences Are Everywhere. Bored Yet?
 » 9 October American Research Universities Association Decides To Expel Canadian Universities… Then Backtracks
 » 9 October Communications Director opening in Southwest Florida
 » 9 October Francisco Obieta's work recognized
 » 8 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 8 October When the Performance Is Marred by the Phones
 » 8 October Confetti-Loving Comedian Rip Taylor Dead At 88
 » 8 October New York Mag/Vulture Theater Critic Sara Holdren Steps Down
 » 8 October Who Will Replace Plácido Domingo At Los Angeles Opera? No One
 » 8 October Artist Matthew Wong, Innovative Painter Of Landscapes, Dead By Suicide At 35
 » 8 October African Women Authors Make Historical Fiction Their Own
 » 8 October Major Public Art Project Honors Black Lives In One Of America’s Most Important Black Neighborhoods
 » 8 October Seeing ‘Slave Play’ As A Black Person, With An All-Black Audience
 » 8 October School Maintenance Worker Gets Laid Off, Writes A Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie
 » 8 October Just Two Weeks After Winning A MacArthur, Walter Hood Wins Another $250,000
 » 8 October Royal Ballet’s New Star Marcelino Sambé On How He Got Into Dance
 » 8 October A.I. Software Is Learning To Write Prose — Could It Get Good Enough To Write A ‘New Yorker’ Piece?
 » 8 October Research: Arts, Sports Might Help Cut Homelessness
 » 8 October The Problem With Critics Who Worry That The New ‘Joker’ Movie Will Goad Crazy Incels Into Shooting People
 » 8 October Theatre Ontario To Close After 48 Years
 » 8 October Readying For New Controversies Around Nobel Literature Prize
 » 8 October Netflix Goes Around Theatre Chains, Rents Broadway Theatre For Scorsese Movie Run
 » 8 October For The First Time In 136 Years, Met Opera Begins Sunday Matinees
 » 8 October Does Putting Students Into Reading Levels Discourage Reading?
 » 8 October Anthony Gormley Plans Giant Brexit Sculptures On Brittany Coast
 » 8 October What Royal Shakespeare Company’s Decision Not To Take Oil Company Money Means
 » 8 October Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Planning (ACH)
 » 8 October Operations Director for our Toronto Dance Studio
 » 8 October CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Master’s in Performing Arts Management at The New School in NYC
 » 7 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 7 October Review: Carnegie Hall’s Season Opens With Two Faces of Cleveland
 » 7 October Filming the Show: Pardon the Intrusion? Or Punish It?
 » 7 October What Should Performers Do When Audience Members Are Using Their Phones?
 » 7 October Supermarkets Are Taking Out Newspaper And Magazine Racks
 » 7 October Lighting Projection Design Is Changing More Than Broadway And Big Regional Theatres
 » 7 October The Vision Of James Baldwin’s Last Two Works
 » 7 October Natalie Portman, Just Before She Becomes Thor
 » 7 October Arts Organizations Are Kicking Opioid Money And Oil Money To The Curb, But What About Oligarchs?
 » 7 October Greta Garbo’s Lonely Life Isn’t Just A Myth
 » 7 October A Court Denies Audible’s Request For A Settlement Conference In The Captions Case
 » 7 October The ‘Wow’ Kid Continues His Special Relationship With The Group That Inspired His Outburst Of Approval
 » 7 October Will Robert Indiana’s Home Ever Become The Museum He Envisioned?
 » 7 October Martin Scorsese Says Marvel Movies Aren’t Films; Sam Jackson Begs To Differ
 » 7 October The Secret To Successfully Shopping In Used Bookstores
 » 7 October Looking Deeper Into The Lawsuit Against James Franco
 » 7 October The Museum Where They Print Money
 » 7 October Why Hasn’t A Lauren Gunderson Play Been On Broadway Yet?
 » 7 October Are You An Absolutist On Free Speech? Maybe It’s Time To Rethink?
 » 7 October Addicted To Your Screens? It’s Your Own Fault!
 » 7 October A Worldwide War On Books
 » 7 October Theoretical “Science” You Can Never Prove. Is It Real?
 » 7 October Remembering Jessye Norman
 » 7 October Arts Education For All? (Depends On How You Define It)
 » 7 October The Glastonbury Festival Isn’t Until Next June. But Tickets Sell Out In 34 Minutes
 » 7 October Marcello Giordani, Tenor Who ‘Sang Like a God,’ Dies at 56
 » 7 October Poet, Novelist, Translator And Biographer Elaine Feinstein Has Died
 » 7 October Part Of The Los Angeles Central Library’s Mysteriously Missing Sculpture Returns Home
 » 7 October Nancy Drew Is Still Alive At 90, And Also Still 16 Years Old
 » 7 October Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum Has Been Closed For Renovation For Two Years
 » 7 October Julia Wolfe awarded ‘Genius Grant’
 » 6 October Classical music news. Learn to Conduct in London
 » 6 October Classical music news. Rich with Music and Human Kindness
 » 6 October Foundations, it’s time to stop using grant applications to distribute funding
 » 6 October New Grant Program Focuses on Artists Working with Social Change Organizations
 » 6 October How Libraries Are Bridging the Digital Divide
 » 6 October Decolonizing the Future: museums as agents of generational equity
 » 6 October Why don’t we hear more music by women? The Imani Winds quintet is trying to change that.
 » 6 October Changing the color of opera is the goal of Minnesota Opera’s new leader
 » 6 October A Team of Curators Designs a System for Indigenous Artists to Thrive In
 » 6 October Same-sex, gender-neutral dance partners now allowed to compete in national competitions
 » 6 October Vogue Dancers Subvert a Baroque Spectacle at the Paris Opera
 » 6 October Roger Taillibert, The Architect Of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, Has Died At 93
 » 6 October Marcello Giordani, Italian Tenor Of Beauty, Has Died At 56
 » 6 October Julie Delpy Was Paid One Tenth Of What Ethan Hawke Was Paid For ‘Before Sunrise’
 » 6 October The New Museum That’s Expressly Designed For Selfies
 » 6 October Breaking All The Rules Of The Tango To Make It Better, And To Make It Safe
 » 6 October The Woman Who Changed Hawai’i – And International – Theatre Forever
 » 6 October London’s National Theatre To End Funding From Shell
 » 6 October In Dijon, This Museum Features Not Mustard But The Goddess Of The Waters
 » 6 October Even After Hordes Of ‘New Yorker’ Publications, Authors Might Need To Be Rescued For Future Readers
 » 6 October Groundbreaking Oscar-Nominated Actress And Singer Diahann Carroll Has Died At 84
 » 6 October The Secret To A Life Well-Lived
 » 6 October What’s The Bestselling Album In Britain Right Now? Abbey Road, Obviously
 » 6 October A Three-Year Saga Comes To A Conclusion As Jeff Koons’ Tulip Sculpture Lands In Paris
 » 6 October The First Black Woman To Direct In Hollywood Says That Industry Thought She Was ‘Too Black’
 » 6 October College Kids Don’t Want Your Fancy ‘Reinvention,’ Just A Plain Old Library
 » 6 October A British Greeting Card Company Says It Isn’t Trying To Own A Banksy, Just Use It To Sell Cards
 » 5 October A Classical Duo ‘Nerding Out’ on the Cosmos
 » 5 October Paul Badura-Skoda, Who Could Make a Piano Sing, Dies at 91
 » 5 October Annie-B Parson On Choreographing For Non-Dancers (Such As David Byrne’s Band)
 » 5 October Arts Council England’s New Strategy For Culture Seems To Be More About Itself Than The Arts
 » 5 October Yemen’s Ancient Cultural Treasures Are Being Damaged In Its Civil War
 » 5 October Did Tate Museum Outpost Revive An Ailing UK Sea Town?
 » 5 October A Case For Reconsidering New Age Music As Art
 » 5 October Students Sue Actor James Franco Over Sex Scenes Class
 » 5 October Letters From A Young Jerome Robbins When He Was Trying To Make It As A Dancer (And Failing)
 » 5 October Ellen Reid receives Pulitzer Prize
 » 5 October James Horner Composition Endowed Scholarship established
 » 5 October Austrian State Prize for Thomas Larcher
 » 5 October Gaudeamus Award 2019 to Kelley Sheehan
 » 4 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 4 October Review: After Ambitious Operas, the Philharmonic Exhales
 » 4 October Balking at Walker: Darren, Ford Foundation’s President, Becomes National Gallery’s New Trustee
 » 4 October Donor Myopia
 » 4 October Uffizi Director Backs Out Of New Job In Vienna, And Austrians Are Furious
 » 4 October Baltimore Symphony May Be Back On Stage, But It’s Not Saved Yet
 » 4 October Staffers Convince Intiman Theatre’s Board Not To Shut The Company Down
 » 4 October Art Classes Instead Of Court Dates For Misdemeanor Offenders In Brooklyn
 » 4 October The Reigning Queen Of Queer Cartoons
 » 4 October Is ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Really Good For Drag As A Whole?
 » 4 October If There’s A No-Deal Brexit, Many British Performers May Have To Give Up Touring In Europe At All
 » 4 October The Fraught Art Of Page-Turning
 » 4 October Chicago’s Museum Of Science And Industry Gets A New Name (And $125 Million)
 » 4 October Mind Meld: The Risks (And Rewards) Of Linking Our Brains With Computers
 » 4 October Think Translating Opera For Surtitles Is Tricky? Try Putting ‘Porgy And Bess’ Into German Or Spanish
 » 4 October The Louvre Is Moving Around Its Collections And Rehanging Art
 » 4 October Wayne Fitzgerald, Master Of The Movie Title Sequence, Dead At 89
 » 4 October Of The Moment: How To Capture Improvisation
 » 4 October 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 4 October The Grimms’ Fairy Tales Weren’t Published For Children, And The Originals Would Shock Many Parents Today
 » 4 October New Technology Could Finally Make Ancient Pompeii Scrolls Readable
 » 4 October Silence’s Central Role In Music
 » 4 October I Used To Be An Avid Reader. But Since The Internet…
 » 4 October The Scary Apocalyptic Literature Of The Nationalist Far Right
 » 4 October Why Public Libraries Across America Are Eliminating Book Fines
 » 4 October Ontario Slashes Art Budget, Leaving Publishers Unable To Pay Writers, Illustrators
 » 3 October Classical music news. The Prometheus Revolution
 » 3 October Composer Giya Kancheli Dead At 84
 » 3 October Royal Shakespeare Company Gives Up BP Sponsorship
 » 3 October Museums’ Board Members Come Under More Scrutiny As Institutions Depend Ever More On Their Money
 » 3 October Sales Tax Hike For Arts And Parks Is The Major Issue In Charlotte’s Upcoming Elections
 » 3 October Angel Corella Is Reworking All Of Pennsylvania Ballet’s Story Ballets
 » 3 October Tyler Perry, ‘The Most Successful Mogul Hollywood Has Ever Ignored’
 » 3 October New York’s Rubin Museum Announces ‘Restructuring’ For ‘Long-Term Sustainability’
 » 3 October MoMA, Modernism, And Times Long Gone By
 » 3 October Cookbooks Sell Very Well. Why Aren’t Their Authors Aren’t Making More Money From Them?
 » 3 October What Placido Domingo Meant To LA Opera
 » 3 October Can A Rapper’s Take On Camus Become France’s ‘Hamilton’?
 » 3 October Former Getty Foundation Leader Deborah Marrow, Dies In LA
 » 3 October The Sounds Of Silence: A Brief, Quiet History Of ‘Negative Space’ In Music
 » 3 October Ancient Romans Used Infographics
 » 3 October David Henry Hwang And Jeanine Tesori Turn ‘The King And I’ On Its Head
 » 3 October Penguin Random House Defends Author Against Plagiarism Claims In Dr. Zhivago Book
 » 3 October Placido Domingo Resigns From LA Opera
 » 3 October EU Report: Europe Is At A Social Turning Point – Arts Need To Play Role
 » 3 October Why We Need To Learn How To Do Nothing Well
 » 3 October New Trend On Instagram: Getting Real (Yes We Hear Your Skepticism)
 » 3 October Nation Within Nation? America’s Problematic Issues With Indigenous Rights
 » 3 October Expression of Interest – Pathside Building (Jersey City, NJ)
 » 2 October This Time, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Promotes From Within
 » 2 October A Migrant’s Tragic Journey to Europe. It’s Not on the News, It’s Opera.
 » 2 October How the Silence Makes the Music
 » 2 October Martin Bernheimer, Tartly Eloquent Music Critic, Dies at 83
 » 2 October Jessye Norman’s lost Isolde – and so much else
 » 2 October What Paul Badura-Skoda Did For Classical Piano
 » 2 October Minneapolis Institute Of Art Selects Its New Director
 » 2 October Abstract Expressionist Painter Mary Abbott Dead At 98
 » 2 October What A Conductor Really Does Up There
 » 2 October Listening Clubs Bring Audiences Of NPR’s Spanish-Language Podcast Together In Real Life
 » 2 October England’s Arts Funder Is Now A Target Of Climate Activists
 » 2 October Kyle Abraham Wants To Show Us A Misty Copeland We’ve Never Seen Before
 » 2 October AI Now Sees Better Than Humans Do. Also Differently. Does It Matter?
 » 2 October The World’s Largest Collection Of Contemporary South African Art Belongs To — Nando’s (Yes, The Grilled Chicken Chain)
 » 2 October The New Music Career: Mosaics?
 » 2 October The Three Ages Of Podcasting
 » 2 October Lebanon’s Economy Has Collapsed. Some Artists See Opportunity
 » 2 October A Day In The (Very Busy) Life Of The Ailey Company’s Production Stage Manager
 » 2 October How Classical Music Has Become Big Video Game Business
 » 2 October Hervé Birolini receives QuattroPole Music Prize
 » 2 October The Surprise of Jaap van Zweden’s Philharmonic Tenure? Surprise
 » 2 October Hearing is believing
 » 2 October Propwatch: the gloves in ‘The Watsons’
 » 2 October Fashion and Dance Get Married
 » 2 October Searching Through The Myths (Some Of Them Her Own) For Zora Neale Hurston
 » 2 October This Year’s Giller Prize Finalists
 » 2 October What Effect Do Morals Have On Our Political Leanings?
 » 2 October The Tech Revolution Was Supposed To Be Fun. So What Happened?
 » 2 October Prose Poetry: So If Everything Is A Poem, Then Nothing Is
 » 2 October Study: Inventors Are More Productive When They’re Geographically Clustered
 » 2 October Zadie Smith: On Reconsidering Fiction
 » 2 October Assistant Professor of Arts Administration
 » 2 October Artistic Director – Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
 » 2 October Curious: LA Phil Names A New Executive Director But He Declines To Talk About It
 » 2 October Cristóbal Halffter receives Spanish Music Prize
 » 1 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 1 October SIFF seeks Executive Director
 » 1 October In Paris, A New Musée De La Libération Commemorates The Nazi Occupation Of The City And Its Emancipation
 » 1 October Percentage Of Americans Who Listen To Audiobooks Has Doubled In Eight Years
 » 1 October Anne-Sophie Mutter Stops Performance Mid-Concerto To Confront Audience Member Shooting Video
 » 1 October ‘Star Wars’ Franchise Gets Its First (Admittedly) Gay Characters
 » 1 October Notre-Dame: A Progress Report, Five Months After The Fire
 » 1 October Jimmy Nelson, Star Of Golden Age Of Ventriloquism, Dead At 90
 » 1 October Philadanco Founder Joan Myers Brown Gives Up One Of Her Many Jobs
 » 1 October Can Sound, Music, Physically Heal Our Bodies?
 » 1 October What American Theater Owes To Uta Hagen
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