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Romy the Cat's personal site dedicated to advanced audio and evolved music reproduction techniques Classical Music latest News
 » 18 August Aretha’s Operatic Triumph: The Week in Classical Music
 » 17 August At This New-Music Festival, You Can Count on Variety
 » 17 August 4 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 15 August John Poole
 » 12 August At Salzburg Festival, Two Bold Directors Claim Their Stages
 » 10 August Turning Climate Crisis Into Sound: The Week in Classical Music
 » 10 August 2018 Presteigne Festival
 » 10 August 7 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 9 August Joseph Phibbs
 » 9 August Review: An ‘Opera for Objects’ Makes Music Out of Fear
 » 8 August Thomas Larcher to receive Ernst Krenek prize
 » 8 August Gábor Káli
 » 4 August Beachfront Soundtrack: The Week in Classical Music
 » 3 August As Brexit Looms, Musicians Brace for the Worst
 » 3 August Lincoln Center Still Has Mostly Mozart, but What Is It?
 » 3 August Curious About Classical Music? Here’s Where to Start
 » 3 August 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 2 August Ignored voice type
 » 2 August Charles Hamlen, Classical Music Manager With a Cause, Dies at 75
 » 29 July Tenor Auditions
 » 28 July Cleveland Orchestra Suspends a Star After Accusation of Assault
 » 27 July Wagner Gets the Blues: The Week in Classical Music
 » 27 July Franz Beyer, Who Revised Mozart’s Requiem, Is Dead at 96
 » 27 July 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 25 July Garsington Awards
 » 25 July Unique choral scholarships
 » 25 July Finding a Musical Ideal in the Vermont Woods
 » 21 July Second Oscar for Desplat
 » 21 July Bernstein’s Contentious ‘Mass’: The Week in Classical Music
 » 20 July New Sorabji Editions
 » 20 July Review: An Orchestra of Teenagers, but No Apologies Necessary
 » 20 July Review: A Dazzling ‘Creation’ Brings Light to Lincoln Center
 » 20 July 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 19 July Review: ‘Mass’ Brings Out the Worst in Leonard Bernstein
 » 18 July Balloons, iPads, Aquarium: A Conductor Creates a ‘Creation’
 » 17 July At Summer Camp With Mozart and Tchaikovsky
 » 16 July Prototype: An Opera Festival That Actually Earns Its Name
 » 13 July Is ‘Mass’ Leonard Bernstein’s Best Work, or His Worst?
 » 13 July The Trouble With Bernstein’s Broadway in the Concert Hall
 » 13 July 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 10 July Oliver Knussen, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Composer, Dies at 66
 » 10 July This Week: Radiohead, Tanglewood, Lucinda Child’s ‘Available Light’
 » 8 July Review: Lang Lang, Classical Music’s Superstar, Returns Quietly
 » 7 July Star Flutist Sues Boston Symphony Over Pay Equity
 » 7 July New Partnership
 » 7 July Lang Lang Returns: The Week in Classical Music
 » 6 July 3 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 5 July Tippett Study Day
 » 4 July Why Lang Lang’s Return Is a Big Deal for Classical Music
 » 2 July A ‘Ring’ Lures the Conductor Gianandrea Noseda to Zurich
 » 29 June As the Frick Expands, New York City Music Suffers
 » 29 June 109 Players. 3 Conductors. It’s Even Harder Than It Sounds.
 » 29 June Simon Rattle’s Goodbye to Berlin: The Week in Classical Music
 » 29 June Electroacoustic Music
 » 29 June 3 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 28 June Vladimir Jurowski Breaks Molds in London, Berlin and Beyond
 » 28 June No Need to Hire a Babysitter for These Concerts
 » 28 June Following London’s Blue Plaques Through Musical History
 » 28 June Review: An Artist’s Transporting Sounds (Blindfold Optional)
 » 28 June Review: Bad Girl Makes Good in a Glorious ‘Carmen Jones’
 » 25 June Review: A Tiny Garage Explodes in Pianistic Madness
 » 25 June Over 16 Years, Simon Rattle Transformed the Berlin Philharmonic. Here’s How.
 » 23 June Saved, Freed: The Week in Classical Music
 » 23 June The Perfect Soundtrack for My Grief
 » 22 June What Does It Mean to Play the ‘Best’ of Bach?
 » 22 June Meet the 11-Year-Old Girls Whose Music Wowed the Philharmonic
 » 22 June 4 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 21 June Goethe Medal for Péter Eötvös
 » 18 June Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Russian Conductor, Dies at 87
 » 16 June A Clarinetist’s Girlfriend Didn’t Want Him to Leave. So She Crushed His Dreams.
 » 16 June Dress Code at the Philharmonic
 » 15 June A Critic’s First Orchestra Defines Britain’s Musical Soul
 » 15 June A Tribute to Bach on His Own Turf: 33 Cantatas in 48 Hours
 » 15 June 4 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 14 June Women of the Philharmonic Can Play It All. Just Not in Pants.
 » 14 June Review: The Philharmonic’s Women Can Wear Pants in the Park
 » 14 June Richard Rodney Bennett
 » 13 June Film music awards for Sarde and Antonini
 » 13 June Brahms, the Berlin Philharmonic … and Me
 » 12 June A Quirky Violinist and a Festival to Match
 » 10 June Review: The New York Philharmonic Gets Audacious, With Ease
 » 9 June June Is Bustin’ Out All Over: The Week in Classical Music
 » 8 June To Conduct Its Parks Concerts, the Philharmonic Taps a Rising Star
 » 8 June 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 7 June The Met Orchestra Offers Two Perspectives on Mahler
 » 6 June A Manifesto for a 21st-Century Concert. (Drinks Allowed.)
 » 4 June Fabio Luisi Will Follow Jaap van Zweden as Conductor in Dallas
 » 4 June The Met and James Levine
 » 4 June From Staff to Stave
 » 2 June Theodorakis gets honorary doctorate
 » 2 June Review: ‘Tchaikovsky: None but the Lonely Heart’ Has Music and Passion. But Not Romance.
 » 1 June A 50-Year Run: The Week in Classical Music
 » 1 June January 2018 Newsletter
 » 1 June 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 31 May Roberto Sierra
 » 29 May Samuel Adler honored with Bundesverdienstkreuz
 » 28 May ASCAP award to John Powell
 » 25 May Interest Grows in a Master of Choral Mystery and Power
 » 25 May He Has Fans, Fame and an Acclaimed ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Opera. So Why Is Charles Wuorinen So Cranky?
 » 25 May Review: The Philharmonic Points a Trippy Kaleidoscope at the Past
 » 25 May Happy Error: The Week in Classical Music
 » 25 May 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 24 May A Revolutionary ‘Sinfonia’ Returns to the Philharmonic
 » 21 May BAM’s Outgoing Leader Announces His Final Next Wave Festival
 » 20 May Review: A Rising Star Takes Her Turn, as the Met Turns the Page on Levine
 » 18 May Review: Semyon Bychkov Makes the Philharmonic an Event
 » 18 May Review: Yuja Wang Plays Dazed Chaos, Then 7 Encores
 » 18 May The Nilsson Centennial: The Week in Classical Music
 » 18 May 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 17 May 15 Classical Music Festivals to See This Summer
 » 17 May A ‘Mile-Long Opera’ Is Coming to the High Line
 » 16 May Glenn Branca, Composer Who Blended Genres, Loudly, Dies at 69
 » 15 May In ‘Firebird,’ the Choreographer’s Art Is in Storytelling
 » 13 May Review: Chiara Quartet Says Farewell on a High Note
 » 11 May Charlotte Penton-Smith
 » 11 May A Pianist’s Sweat: The Week in Classical Music
 » 11 May 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 9 May Strapping On His Cello for a 600-Mile Bach Pilgrimage
 » 9 May At the Morgan Library
 » 9 May After a Last-Minute Conducting Triumph, Her Own Orchestra
 » 8 May Review: We Held Our Breath Through Simon Rattle’s Mahler
 » 8 May An Orchestra Adopts a City, One Kid at Time
 » 8 May Jesuit Legacy in the Bolivian Jungle: A Love of Baroque Music
 » 7 May On the Mattress for ‘Sleep,’ an 8-Hour Lullaby
 » 6 May Review: A Star Pianist Finally Lets Us See Him Sweat
 » 5 May A Tone Parallel to Harlem: The Week in Classical Music
 » 5 May Wanda Wilkomirska, Famed Polish Violinist, Is Dead at 89
 » 4 May Trifonov and Andsnes: Different Generations, Same Curiosity
 » 4 May 7 Classical Music Concerts to See in NYC This Weekend
 » 4 May Would You Ever Want To Be Able To Tap Into Someone Else's Memories?
 » 4 May Appreciating Poetry Requires Acts Of Archaeology
 » 4 May This Broadway Season In The Context Of Our Times
 » 4 May The Dangers Of Absolutist Thinking
 » 4 May 4000 Ancient Artifacts Smuggled Into US By Hobby Lobby Are Returned To Iraq,
 » 3 May Berwang Music Holidays
 » 3 May Review: A Show of Versatility in a Recital Relay Turn
 » 3 May Second Major Museum Of Contemporary African Art Opens In Cape Town - And It's Poached Staff From The First
 » 3 May Director Of Rome's Galleria Borghese Charged With Crime For Going To The Gym While Clocked In At The Office
 » 3 May Poland Has A New Chopin Competition - Using Strictly 19th-Century Pianos
 » 3 May How Kyle Abraham Feels About Being NY City Ballet's First Black Choreographer In More Than A Decade
 » 3 May Half Of Britain's Orchestral Musicians Don't Earn Enough To Live On, Says Musicians' Union
 » 3 May Vandal Who Slashed $3 Million Painting Was Owner's Own Son, Say Police
 » 3 May The Nobel Prize For Literature May Be Cancelled This Year
 » 3 May Producer Of Diana Vishneva's 'Sleeping Beauty Dreams' Tour Questioned In Trump-Russia Investigation
 » 3 May Here's One Corporate Foundation That's Increasing, Not Cutting, Its Support Of The Arts
 » 3 May The Rise Of The Rural Creative Class (Yes, It's Real)
 » 3 May 'New Yorker' Writer Has To Postpone Book About Poker Because She's Making Too Much Money Playing It
 » 3 May Art Museums Are Becoming Addicted To Blockbuster Shows: Felix Salmon
 » 3 May How YouTube Has Become The New Pirate Radio
 » 3 May 'Ink-Stained Pixels': The (Surprisingly Long) History Of E-Books Before Kindle
 » 3 May Some Of The World's Best Art Has Been Destroyed (Here's Why It's Is Important)
 » 3 May Jayne Mansfield - Hollywood Starlet, Polyglot Intellectual, Or Practicing Satanist? (Or All Three?)
 » 3 May Sotheby's High Tech Forgery Detector
 » 3 May Enough With The Standing Ovations!
 » 3 May When Music Critics Could Kill: A Look Back At The Glory Days Of Pitchfork
 » 3 May "Avengers" Has Crossed Over To Being REALLY Expensive TV
 » 3 May How Max Hollein Got To The Met Museum
 » 3 May We Need A New Model For Our Social Media
 » 3 May Is Information Our New God?
 » 3 May GEMA honors Klaus Doldinger
 » 2 May Musica in Villa
 » 2 May Paris's Opéra-Bastille Closed For 18 Days Due To Mishap With Fire Curtain
 » 2 May Half Of Theatre Company Board Resigns In Disgust Over Management Issues
 » 2 May It Costs An Awful Lot To Change A Country's Alphabet - Just Ask Kazakhstan
 » 2 May Tarantino, Streep, Gyllenhaal, Other Stars Say Weinstein Co. Owes Them Millions, Object To Bankruptcy Sale
 » 2 May Bankrupt Weinstein Company Has A Buyer
 » 2 May 'One Of The Most Innovative, Influential Magazine Art Directors Of The 20th Century', Art Paul Of 'Playboy', Dead At 93
 » 2 May Menil Collection's New Drawing Institute Has Solid Opening Date
 » 2 May David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle Arts Editor And TV Critic, Dead At 70
 » 2 May Columbia University's Visual Arts MFA Students, Appalled At Quality Of Program, Demand Refunds
 » 2 May In Interview On Record-Breaking Episode, 'Simpsons' Creator Matt Groening Puts His Foot In It
 » 2 May Resellers Who Use Bots To Buy Up Hot Tickets Could See Their Fines Soar
 » 2 May Arts Orgs Fear They Simply Can't Afford To Turn Down Donations From Ethically Dubious Sources
 » 2 May Dancers Are Choreographers, Too, And It's Time For Dance Criticism To Reflect That
 » 2 May Marilyn Horne At 84
 » 2 May Art Fairs Are Like America - Broken, Says Jerry Saltz
 » 2 May Corporate Boss Caught On TV Video Singing "We're In The Money" Undermines His Interview
 » 2 May Why I Turned Marx's Communist Manifesto Into A Graphic Novel
 » 2 May John Von Rhein Steps Down As Chicago Tribune Music Critic
 » 2 May Jaron Lanier: We've Created Tech That Has Disrupted Our Own Best Intentions
 » 2 May Take Creative Expertise to the Next Level with Classes in Finance, Marketing + Leadership
 » 2 May Another Reason The Whole Shakespeare-Couldn't-Have-Written-Shakespeare Argument Is Ridiculous
 » 2 May Will MoviePass Disrupt Movie Theatres Out Of Existence?
 » 2 May At Work With One Of Britain's - And Now Hollywood's - Top Casting Directors
 » 2 May Are Comic Book Heroes Killing The Movies?
 » 2 May The Great Shame: How Universities Exploit Academics For Their Labor
 » 2 May Why Did Famed Gibson Guitars Go Bankrupt?
 » 2 May An Ambitious (And Revolutionary) Plan To Reconceive Paris
 » 2 May UK Report: Older Adults' Arts Engagement On The Rise
 » 2 May Hundreds Of YouTube Channels Discovered Promoting Academic Cheating
 » 2 May Juan Durán wins Premio Reina Sofía
 » 2 May Furrer, Iannotta, McCormack, Saladrigues receive Ernst von Siemens prize
 » 1 May Jakub Józef Orlinski
 » 1 May The Flick 2018
 » 1 May Barlow Prize 2018
 » 1 May A McCabe Garland
 » 1 May Mottola Guitar Festival
 » 1 May To Fight Money-Laundering, EU Tightens Rules On Art Sales
 » 1 May Dancer Who Said Ballets Trockadero Discriminated Against Him For Being Too Feminine Joins English National Ballet
 » 1 May Jazz Saxophonist Charles Neville, Of The Neville Brothers, Dead At 79
 » 1 May NEA Chairman Jane Chu To Step Down
 » 1 May Toronto Symphony Finds Its Next CEO In Philadelphia
 » 1 May Photographer Art Shay, 96
 » 1 May 25,000 People Pitch In To Buy A Picasso Together
 » 1 May Are They Trying To Privatize The Taj Mahal? Uproar In India Over Scheme For Companies To 'Adopt' Historic Sites
 » 1 May Michael Anderson, 98, Director Of 'Logan's Run' And 'The Dam Busters'
 » 1 May This Singer Spent The Entire Rehearsal Period In The Hospital And Still Triumphed On Opening Night
 » 1 May Crystal Pite Was Totally Intimidated By The Paris Opera Ballet - At First
 » 1 May The First Pussy Riot Oratorio
 » 1 May Canadian Tax Agency Reclassifies Artists As Hobbyists, Disallowing Deductions
 » 1 May In London's West End, Understudy Steps In Halfway Through First Preview - On No Rehearsal
 » 1 May This Year's Tony Nominations
 » 1 May Call To Boycott Chicago's Writers Theatre For Protecting A Harasser
 » 1 May Next Gen Digital Archaeology: Google Reveals Detailed Models Of Important Heritage Sites
 » 1 May Read Excerpts From Zora Neale Hurston's Interviews With The Last Slave To Survive The Middle Passage
 » 1 May 14 Jazz Musicians Release a Code Of Conduct For The Performing Arts
 » 1 May Oxford Lieder Festival
 » 1 May Hereford to Rome
 » 1 May Music And Character And Rethinking Prison In Georgia
 » 1 May Leonard Bernstein And His Struggle For A New American Music
 » 1 May How Theatre Can Help Us See Bodies Differently
 » 1 May Avengers Sets New All-Time Opening Weekend Box Office Record - $630 Million
 » 1 May What Larry Harvey Created With Burning Man
 » 1 May At 83, Jacques d’Amboise Is Still Helping Kids To Dance
 » 1 May How AI Might Make The Vatican's Amazing Archives Accessible
 » 30 April Debussy: The Complete Works
 » 30 April Review: Dudamel and Los Angeles Bring the Noise to New York
 » 30 April The Erie Chamber Orchestra Ends A Four-Decade Run
 » 30 April What's The Harm In Gamifying Your Life? Well ...
 » 30 April A Photography Prize Gets Yanked Because, Well, The Anteater Was Stuffed
 » 30 April Don't Think Boring Old Board Games Will Escape The Cleansing Fire Of 'Augmented Reality'
 » 30 April The Best Way To Document Beijing? Walk Around It, Of Course
 » 30 April A Former Youth Orchestra Director Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct
 » 30 April It's Time For A Reckoning On *The Simpsons*
 » 30 April This University Used To Ban Dancing On Campus, But Now It's Adding A Musical Theatre Dance Track
 » 30 April In A Los Angeles Neighborhood Suffering From Longterm Lack Of Investment And Few Parks, Residents Take To The Streets To Play
 » 30 April Dear TV, YouTube Is Coming For Your Ad Revenue
 » 30 April 'Hair' Is Fifty, And The Nude Scene Is Still A Big Deal
 » 30 April Saturday Was Independent Bookstore Day, But Then, So Is Every Day If You Care About Books
 » 30 April Look, Blockbuster Shows Don't, And Can't, Solve Museum Attendance Problems
 » 30 April Digital Art On Your Wall By Subscription
 » 30 April The Baltimore Museum Of Art's Plan To "Correct The Historic Record" By Deaccessioning
 » 30 April French Museum Discovers Half Its Art Is Fake
 » 30 April Are We Really Facebook's Product?
 » 30 April Pandora Does A Big Study, And Guess What? Listeners Hate Ads
 » 30 April Is Technology Going To Make Long-Imagined Utopias Real?
 » 30 April David Hertzberg wins MCANA award
 » 30 April Review: Evgeny Kissin and Emerson Quartet Rise to Each Other’s Challenges
 » 30 April How Did Ferrero Rocher Become The Preferred Status Symbol For Immigrant Families?
 » 30 April The Sackler Protests Continue, This Time In DC
 » 30 April As Kansas City's American Jazz Museum Teeters On The Brink Of Closing, Is The City Pushing It Over The Edge?
 » 30 April The Life Of A Conflict Photographer
 » 30 April Gísladóttir, Monrad Møller win Léonie Sonning Talent Prize
 » 29 April Uuno Klami Competition
 » 29 April The Inspiration For The Set Of A Broadway Revival Came From A Disaster
 » 29 April T.V. Revivals Have Become Dangerous, Lazy Replicants
 » 29 April Thirty-One Hours Of Marvel Movies In One Theatre? Sure, Why Not?
 » 29 April Sam Hamill, Poet And Founder Of Copper Canyon Press, Dies At 74
 » 29 April Polish Theatre Directors Push Back Against The Government's Hard Right Turn
 » 29 April Mississippi Gets A New Writers' Trail, Stretching From Faulkner To Ward
 » 29 April The New Lynching Memorial Is 'Gut-Wrenching And Beautiful'
 » 29 April On The Centenary Of Jerome Robbins, Master Choreographer Who Reshaped Broadway And Ballet
 » 29 April Brexit Will Hurt Up And Coming British Musicians Who Want To Tour Europe
 » 29 April The Women Who Will Run Venice's Architecture Biennale
 » 29 April Top AJBlogs Stories From The Weekend 04.29.18
 » 29 April MoviePass Changes Things Up Right As Marvel's Long-Awaited 'Infinity War' Hits Theatres
 » 29 April Polixeni Papapetrou, Photographer Known For Whimsical And Eerie Images, Has Died At 57
 » 29 April The First Kenyan Film To Debut At Cannes Is Banned In Its Home Country Thanks To Homophobia
 » 29 April A Vocalist At The Intersection Of Classical And Blues
 » 29 April You Think You're Waiting A Long Time To Publish? This Zora Neale Hurston Book Took Ninety Years To Get To Print
 » 28 April How Fabulousness Animates Queer Culture
 » 28 April Philosophers Don't Talk - Or Think - Enough About The Meaning Of Life
 » 28 April What It Takes To Be A Festival Director These Days
 » 28 April How The Supreme Court Broke Hollywood's Movie Theatre Studio System 70 Years Ago
 » 28 April A New Institute To Study Failure
 » 28 April Are Fake Books On Amazon Being Used For Money Laundering?
 » 28 April Afraid The Robots Will Take Over? Relax, Says Steven Pinker
 » 27 April Brook Street Band
 » 27 April This Week: Donald Judd’s SoHo Loft, Juliette Binoche, the Breeders on Tour
 » 27 April Spinning Melody: The Best Classical Music of the Week
 » 27 April An Orchestra’s Ecstatic, Once-in-a-Lifetime Birthday Party
 » 27 April Review: Odd, Delightful Juxtapositions at the Philharmonic
 » 27 April Why It's Never Too Soon To Make Art About Tragedy
 » 27 April States Are Using Preservation Laws To Block The Removal Of Confederate Monuments
 » 27 April Controversial Statue Of Stephen Foster In Pittsburgh Comes Down
 » 27 April Mezzo-Soprano Huguette Tourangeau Dead At 79
 » 27 April Metro LA's Two Biggest Public TV Stations To Merge
 » 27 April 'Toxic Culture' Of Harassment Rampant In Professional Music World: Study
 » 27 April Documenta Names Its Third Director In Less Than A Year
 » 27 April One Of World's Biggest Gallerists Proposes 'Tax' On Large Galleries At Art Fairs
 » 27 April Music As Political Activism - Can It Ever Really Work?
 » 27 April Dancing With Death: The Murky Ethics Of Filming People In Life-Threatening Danger
 » 27 April Gina Gibney's Growing Dance Empire
 » 27 April Arts and Culture Network International Seminars
 » 27 April A Play Staged On A Series Of Shoebox-Sized Sets
 » 27 April Non-Profit Theatres Were A Big Part Of Broadway This Season
 » 27 April Now We Can All See The Staging Of 'Unstageable' Novel '2666'
 » 27 April How The Culture Wars Are Changing Theatre
 » 27 April The Meanest Things Vladimir Nabokov Said About Other Writers
 » 27 April Why Do So Many Kids Decide They Hate Poetry? Could It Be From Writing Haiku In Grade School?
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