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Romy the Cat's personal site dedicated to advanced audio and evolved music reproduction techniques Classical Music latest News
 » 21 April The Last Of Istanbul's Public Scribes
 » 21 April Facebook Wants To Make Its User Data Available To Social Scientists. Should It?
 » 21 April Was The Orpheus Model Of Flattened Orchestra Hierarchy A Success?
 » 21 April Does Literature Matter?
 » 21 April The Technological Take On Expressing Ourselves
 » 21 April Philip Glass Talks About His Life In Music
 » 21 April CBC Is Digitizing, Then Destroying Eight Decades Of Audio/Video Archives
 » 20 April Berwang Music Holidays
 » 20 April Review: Two Masters Unite in a Meeting of Musical Minds
 » 20 April A Room-Size Painting Becomes a Cello Concerto About Versailles
 » 20 April Bristling Energy: The Best Classical Music Moments of the Week
 » 20 April 'There Is No Going Back From Here': Saudi Arabia's First Female Filmmaker On The Kingdom's Lifting Of The Ban On Cinemas
 » 20 April Bolshoi's Controversial 'Nureyev' Leads Nominations For Russia's Top Dance Awards
 » 20 April Embattled Director Kirill Serebrennikov Gets A Film Into Cannes - So Russia Extends His House Arrest
 » 20 April Russia Can't Let Go Of Fight Over Movie About Tsar Nicholas II And The Ballerina He Loved
 » 20 April How Can Arts Orgs' Boards Help Combat Harassment? Talk To The Artists
 » 20 April NEA Forbids State Champion In High School Poetry Contest From Going To Nationals Because He's Not A US Citizen
 » 20 April Marcia Hafif, Painter Of Exuberant Monochromes, Dead At 89
 » 20 April 'Disney For A Despot': How Saddam Hussein Turned The Ruins Of Babylon Into A Propaganda Vehicle
 » 20 April The Difficult Birth Of The Tate Modern
 » 20 April A New Boom In Ceramic Art
 » 20 April Solresol, The 19th-Century Invented Language Based On Music
 » 20 April Ohio Arts Funding ED Steps Down In "Challenging" Climate
 » 20 April Collecting All The Music Written In Nazi Concentration Camps
 » 20 April In A Florid Suit, Collector Sues Jeff Koons For Not Delivering
 » 20 April How Liesl Tommy Carved Out A Career For Herself As Director, Tony Nominations And All
 » 20 April NYC Will Move "Fearless" Girl" Off Wall Street
 » 20 April 'Albee Would Never Have Allowed This' - Joe Mantello Talks About Directing 'Three Tall Women'
 » 20 April Netflix Considers Buying A Movie Theatre Chain
 » 20 April GEMA honors Klaus Doldinger
 » 20 April 7 Classical Music Concerts to See in NYC This Weekend
 » 20 April Classical Music's Insecurity Problem
 » 20 April It's Now Impossible To Make A Living As A Freelance Writer
 » 20 April Why We Need A New Age Of Romanticism
 » 20 April How Airline Ticket Pricing Could Be Applied To The Arts
 » 20 April Inside The Broadway Battle For "To Kill A Mockingbird"
 » 20 April When You Win $1 Million To Make A Movie... There Are Expectations
 » 19 April Musica in Villa
 » 19 April Two Bolshoi Ballet Stars Denied Visas To Dance In US
 » 19 April Free Tickets If You Wear A Swastika, Says German Theater (Outrage Ensues)
 » 19 April Subject Of Bestseller 'The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven' Sues Publisher For Defamation
 » 19 April JoAnn Falletta To Step Down From Virginia Symphony
 » 19 April Nine Artists Accuse L.A. Gallery Of Stiffing Them On Work Sold
 » 19 April League Of American Orchestras Launches Program To Help Black And Hispanic Musicians Get Orchestra Jobs
 » 19 April Harper's Magazine Fires Editor In Chief For (He Says) Opposing Controversial Article
 » 19 April MoMA Acquires The Painting That Provoked Rudy Giuliani To Try To Shut Down The Brooklyn Museum
 » 19 April Broadway Introduces New App For Vision- And Hearing-Impaired Audience Members
 » 19 April EU Considers Law To Consider Robots To Be People (The Way Corporations Are)
 » 19 April At New York City's Public School For Dance
 » 19 April 'Scandal' Was Even More Groundbreaking A TV Series Than You Think
 » 19 April That Day 50 Years Ago Sweden Changed What Side Of The Road It Drives On
 » 19 April 'The Yellow Shark', Frank Zappa's Astoundingly Difficult Suite For Orchestra
 » 19 April The Legend Of Tulipmania In 17th-Century Holland Is Way Overblown
 » 19 April The Most Ambitious TV Program Ever About Art
 » 19 April Tom Lehrer At 90
 » 19 April Are These The Most Influential Philosophers In The Second Half Of The 20th Century?
 » 19 April Philosophically, Music Of Our Time Has Lost Its Way
 » 19 April A Note to the Classically Insecure
 » 19 April Kendrick Lamar Did The Pulitzer A Favor By Winning
 » 19 April What Kendrick Lamar's Win Means For Hip Hop
 » 19 April New EU Regulations On Lights Threaten £180 Million Cost For UK Theatres
 » 19 April The Next Arms Race: Artificial Intelligence (And It's Already Started)
 » 19 April Hans Abrahamsen wins 2019 Sonning Award
 » 19 April Juan Durán wins Premio Reina Sofía
 » 19 April Furrer, Iannotta, McCormack, Saladrigues receive Ernst von Siemens prize
 » 18 April Jakub Józef Orlinski
 » 18 April The Flick 2018
 » 18 April Barlow Prize 2018
 » 18 April A McCabe Garland
 » 18 April Mottola Guitar Festival
 » 18 April Security Staff At London's Royal Opera House Threaten Strike
 » 18 April Choi Eun-Hee, South Korean Actress Kidnapped By North, Dead At 91
 » 18 April Golden Case Containing Heart Of Queen Of France Stolen From Museum
 » 18 April Minnesota Orchestra Finds Its New CEO In Dallas
 » 18 April Carl Kasell, Longtime NPR Newscaster, Dead At 84
 » 18 April First Museum To Victims Of Lynching Opens In Alabama
 » 18 April Florida Repertory Theatre Fires Founder/Artistic Director For Bullying
 » 18 April Uh-Oh - After Seven-Year Ban, Lars Von Trier Is Returning To Cannes
 » 18 April Robert Fairchild's Blooming Post-New York City Ballet Career
 » 18 April How Did Kendrick Lamar Win The Music Pulitzer? Let The Pulitzer Prize Administrator Tell You
 » 18 April A Great Play About (Of All Issues) Urban Renewal - August Wilson's 'Two Trains Running'
 » 18 April How One Joke On 'Roseanne' Explains The Entire Show
 » 18 April The Art Of Nairobi's Dancing Buses
 » 18 April These Monks Meditate By Dancing
 » 18 April How Art Was (Mostly) Protected During World War II
 » 18 April Winner Of This Year's Pulitzer For Fiction Tells You About All The Novels He Almost Wrote
 » 18 April Oxford Lieder Festival
 » 18 April What George Lucas' Museum Of Narrative Art Will Be
 » 18 April MoviePass Is Growing Crazy Fast. But Can It Survive?
 » 18 April The Internet Has Grown Toxic, Say The Guys Who Built It
 » 18 April Vend-A-Story - Getting Your Literature From A Machine
 » 18 April Future Of Movies: Battle Between Cannes And Netflix Is Bad - But It's Hard To Root For Either
 » 18 April So... Blame Humanities For Today's Bad Politics?
 » 18 April Online Art Market Report: Some Warning Signs
 » 18 April Can Neuroscientists Figure Out Empathy?
 » 18 April Neuroscience Research: Best Friends Share Brain Waves
 » 18 April Collecting: Why Canada's National Gallery Is Selling A Chagall To Get A David
 » 18 April Strathmore - Chief Executive Officer
 » 17 April Debussy: The Complete Works
 » 17 April As Britain Freaks Out About Invading Americanisms, Some U.S. Hipsters Are Importing Britishisms
 » 17 April Watts Tower Arts Center Director Is Suspended, And No One Will Say Why
 » 17 April The Historic Los Angeles Times Building Will No Longer Hold The Los Angeles Times
 » 17 April Jean-Claude Malgoire, Pioneer Of Period-Instrument Movement In France, Dead At 77
 » 17 April Merce Cunningham Trust Plans Worldwide Celebration For His Centennial
 » 17 April Pillars At Taj Mahal Destroyed In Violent Storm
 » 17 April Producer Of Broadway 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Files Angry Countersuit Against Harper Lee's Estate
 » 17 April Stop Fussing About The Berkshire Museum's Sale Of Paintings As If The Place Were A Sacred Temple To Art
 » 17 April Novelist John Ehle, 92
 » 17 April Paris Opera Ballet Dancers Condemn Leadership And Complain Of Harassment In Internal Survey
 » 17 April Bayreuth's Other Opera House Restored To Its Glittering Baroque Glory
 » 17 April Trove Of Inscriptions In Sub-Saharan Africa's Oldest Written Language Discovered
 » 17 April The Small Gallery Owner Who Fell Behind Owing Dealers And Artists
 » 17 April America's Poet Laureate Takes Poetry Down America's Back Roads
 » 17 April Study: Few Artists In UK Come From Working Class Backgrounds
 » 17 April Britain's Abandoned Brass Instruments Are Changing Children's Lives In Uganda
 » 17 April UK Arts Diversity Study: It's Not!
 » 17 April Artisan's Asylum - Executive Director
 » 17 April Is The College Experience Converging With The Retail Shopping Experience?
 » 17 April How NYCBallet Planned Its Season Post-Martins
 » 17 April January 2018 Newsletter
 » 17 April Roberto Sierra
 » 17 April Uuno Klami Competition
 » 17 April What Kind Of Person Ought To Lead San Francisco's Museums?
 » 17 April Is Comics Master Stan Lee Being Held Prisoner?
 » 17 April So Doing Math Doesn't Make You Smarter?
 » 17 April Historic: Kendrick Lamar Wins Pulitzer
 » 17 April Did We Just See The First Cracks In The Big Data Bust?
 » 17 April Future V. Past: The Stakes In The Netflix V. Cannes Battle
 » 17 April A Full-On Rant About The Essence Of Being An Artist
 » 17 April Andrew Sean Greer's 'Less' Wins Pulitzer Prize For Fiction
 » 17 April Pulitzer Prize For Drama Goes To Martyna Majok's 'Cost Of Living'
 » 17 April Jerry Saltz Of New York Magazine Wins Pulitzer Prize For Criticism
 » 17 April Gísladóttir, Monrad Møller win Léonie Sonning Talent Prize
 » 16 April Will Disney's New Streaming Service Kill Netflix And Movie Theatres Alike?
 » 16 April Top AJBlogs From The Weekend Of 04.15.18
 » 16 April This Seems Like A Good Plan: No More Hotel Auditions, Says Actors' Union
 » 16 April Can A New Program Help Increase Orchestra Diversity?
 » 16 April Where Does The Tattoo Style 'Black And Gray' Come From?
 » 16 April Theatre Has A 'Titanic' Disaster On Opening Night
 » 16 April Edward Gorey Spent Years Doing Covers And Illustrations For Paperbacks
 » 16 April Let Us Pause To Consider The Historic Cultural Significance Of Beyoncé Headlining The Coachella Festival
 » 16 April Gillian Ayres, Abstract Painter Who Deeply Loved The Feel Of Oils, Has Died At 88
 » 16 April Sales Of Thrillers Have Overtaken Everything Else In Britain, But Why?
 » 16 April French Singer Johnny Hollyday's Assets Frozen By Court As It Considers Inheritance Dispute
 » 16 April In Praise Of Quiet Books
 » 16 April Outrage Grows After German Rappers With Anti-Semitic Lyrics Win A Prize
 » 16 April The Getty Villa Revamp Is Finally Finished, With The Art Ready To Tell A Longer, Broader, Less 'Fanboy' Story
 » 16 April What In The World Is Happening Behind The Scenes Of The Nobel Prize For Literature?
 » 16 April The Astronaut Who Took A Crash Course In Cinematography From Darren Aronofsky
 » 16 April Just Some Ordinary Design Love
 » 16 April Are Anthropologists Actually Spies?
 » 16 April Did The Met Museum Need To Hire Its Tenth White Male Director In An Unbroken Row?
 » 16 April The Rise Of An Aggressive (And, So Far, Successful) Podcast Network
 » 16 April Finally - Orchestras are Changing
 » 16 April Building Owners Are Making Fortunes From Banksy Works
 » 16 April Meet "High Def" Vinyl
 » 16 April This Copyright Case Could Change American Education Policy
 » 16 April Julia Bullock On Inventing The New Young American Musician
 » 16 April Broadway's "Harry Potter"'s Eye-Popping Production Numbers
 » 16 April Netflix Spending $8 Billion On Content This Year
 » 16 April Brook Street Band
 » 14 April Miami's ICA Director Unexpectedly Steps Down After Museum Opens
 » 14 April The Changing Calculus Of How Hollywood Decides On Making Sequels
 » 14 April Director of Marketing & Communications, Carolina Performing Arts
 » 14 April Why The Classic Chicago Accent Is Disappearing
 » 14 April Why Bloomberg Philanthropies Hit On Arts As A Boost For Cities
 » 14 April How Images Are Increasingly Shaping Our Political Debate
 » 14 April Study Says Chicago Arts District Has $2 Billion Economic Impact On City
 » 14 April Six Finalists For This Year's Man Booker Prize
 » 14 April Univision Lays Off 150 Amid Debt Woes
 » 13 April Review: Jonas Kaufmann Takes a Big Step Toward ‘Tristan’
 » 13 April Play About Gay Soviet Poet In 1920s Is Sleeper Hit Of Moscow Theater Season
 » 13 April After Brief And Embattled Tenure, Director Of Berlin's Volksbühne Theater Resigns
 » 13 April Mitzi Shore, Owner Of LA's Comedy Store, Dead At 87
 » 13 April Composer Jennifer Higdon Wins $100K Nemmers Prize
 » 13 April FBI Recovers Stolen Chagall Painting Missing For 30 Years
 » 13 April John Oliver, Longtime Director Of Tanglewood Festival Chorus, Dead At 78
 » 13 April In Wake Of Curator Firing, Is MoCA's Director About To Resign?
 » 13 April A Skeptic Tries Out A Session Of Ecstatic Dance
 » 13 April San Francisco Ballet Unveils Festival Of 12 World Premieres
 » 13 April The English Restoration's Filthiest Poet (And Why The Era Needed Him)
 » 13 April Story Of Four Knuckleheads Who Stole Rare Books From College Library Is Now A Hollywood Action-Comedy
 » 13 April In Defense Of The Concert Hall, Still Relevant In The 21st Century
 » 13 April So You Want To Be A Public Intellectual...
 » 13 April If We Want Robots To Have Real Cognition, They'll Have To Feel As Well As Think
 » 13 April The Forgotten Black Pioneers Of Early Moviemaking
 » 13 April The Tension Between Accessibility And Elitism
 » 13 April Hollywood Has A Gun Problem It Needs To Fix
 » 13 April How Do We Break Down Lines Between Everyday Culture And Institutional-based Culture?
 » 13 April 8 Classical Music Concerts to See in NYC This Weekend
 » 13 April Lithuanian Government Proposes Law To Ban Books That "Distort" History
 » 13 April Sebastian Smee: Aesthetics And Bad Behavior Are Difficult To Reconcile
 » 13 April Immersive Theatre Is Hot. But The Growing Pains Are... Growing
 » 13 April How Dance Has Mitigated My OCD
 » 13 April Reining In The Surveillance Capitalists
 » 13 April Netflix Pulls Out Of Cannes
 » 13 April The New Met Museum Director's First Two Big Challenges
 » 13 April PDX Jazz Seeks Dynamic Executive Director
 » 13 April Second Oscar for Desplat
 » 12 April A New Orchestra
 » 12 April New Sorabji Editions
 » 12 April Schubert’s Sonatas, and a Pianist, Come Into Their Own
 » 12 April Museums Try Out Virtual Reality As An Artistic Medium
 » 12 April Andrew Davis To Leave Chief Conductor Post At Melbourne Symphony
 » 12 April Gillian Ayres, One Of Britain's Most Popular Abstract Painters, Dead At 88
 » 12 April Elaine May To Play Broadway For First Time Since 1960
 » 12 April As They Thaw, Mongolia's Ancient Tombs Are Getting Looted
 » 12 April How Houston Ballet Kept Going And Got Its Season Onstage After Hurricane Harvey
 » 12 April Poet J.D. McClatchy, 72
 » 12 April Berkshire Museum's Famous Norman Rockwell Painting Sold To George Lucas's New Museum
 » 12 April Actors Equity Calls For Two New Tony Award Categories
 » 12 April Richard Alston Steps Down As Director Of London Dance Center The Place
 » 12 April Univ. Of Texas, Bowing To Protests, Reverses Decision To Move Fine Arts Library Off-Campus
 » 12 April The Entire Idea Of 'VARK' Learning Styles Seems To Be A Myth
 » 12 April Regulators Want To Know How Elite Colleges Choose Who Gets In. They Might Not Like The Answers
 » 12 April Who Will Be The Dallas Symphony's Next Music Director? Let's Speculate ...
 » 12 April That Dance Between Writers And Editors
 » 12 April J.D. Salinger And His Estate Have Never Let Anyone Make A Film Of His Work - But There's One Place Where It Happened Anyway
 » 12 April Reclaiming Disabilities To Extend A Dance Form
 » 12 April The World's Oldest 'Oral Library' - And What Bruce Chatwin Did With (And To) It
 » 12 April Talent And Behavior - One Does Not Excuse The Other (It's A Cultural Thing)
 » 12 April We All Depend On Online Recommendation Engines. But They're Broken
 » 12 April UK Music Companies Have Their Best Year In Decades
 » 12 April Some Of YouTube's Most Popular Videos Are Hacked
 » 12 April Inside Milan's Retirement Home For Old Musicians
 » 12 April Sales Of Crime Fiction Are Way Up. Why?
 » 12 April The Internet Is Broken. Is It Too Late To Fix It?
 » 11 April On Stage: Debuts, Celebrations and Collaborations
 » 11 April Through Opera, Debussy Reaches a New Audience
 » 11 April Marcia Thompson, 94, Ford Foundation Officer Who Helped Change The Way Arts Orgs Are Run And Financed
 » 11 April Women Performers Have Been At The Heart Of The Circus For 250 Years, And They're Still Breaking Paths Today
 » 11 April Patti LuPone Says YouTube Personalities Are Stealing Work From 'Legitimate' Stage Actors
 » 11 April Choreographer Donald McKayle, First Black Man To Direct A Broadway Musical, Dead At 87
 » 11 April Juilliard Selects Its Next Director Of Dance
 » 11 April Smithsonian To Open Satellite Museum In London
 » 11 April Geffen Playhouse Begins New Playwrights' Residency, 'The Writers' Room'
 » 11 April Choreographer William Forsythe's Double Homecoming
 » 11 April Quebec Gives Millions In Extra Funding To Province's Three Main Orchestras
 » 11 April Cecil Taylor's 'Challenging' Avant-Garde Jazz Was More Accessible Than (Some) People Think
 » 11 April India's Most Popular Tourist Destination After The Taj Mahal Is This Outsider-Art Sculpture Garden
 » 11 April The Twitter Accounts Of Great Dead Authors
 » 11 April Trying To Get A Better Understanding Of Consciousness
 » 11 April Unpublished J.R.R. Tolkien Book To Hit Shelves This Summer
 » 11 April Why Is It So Difficult For Women Artists To Get The Attention They're Due?
 » 11 April Washington's Holocaust Museum Announces Billion-Dollar Fundraising Goal
 » 11 April A Superhero Movie Where The Superpowers Come From Sign Language
 » 11 April Entertainment Companies Reported Their Gender Pay Gaps. It Isn't Pretty
 » 11 April Classic Work
 » 11 April Why Is Philosophy So Behind The Curve? (It's Not)
 » 11 April Echo Chambers Versus Trust Bubbles
 » 11 April Two Tween "Franchise" Plays Break Broadway Box Office Records
 » 11 April A New Golden Age For The Irish Novel?
 » 11 April Ode To The Magic Of Libraries
 » 11 April Pleasure Junkies - Scientists Argue Over Our Responses To Art (and Porn)
 » 11 April Metropolitan Museum Of Art's New Director Is -
 » 10 April How a Philly Cheesesteak Goes From the Grill to Carnegie Hall
 » 10 April Top Posts From AJBlogs 04.09.18
 » 10 April Saudi Arabia Hires Paris Opera To Help It Build Opera House And Orchestra
 » 10 April Ivor Guest, Who Transformed Study Of Dance History, Dead At 97
 » 10 April Who Is Junichiro Tanizaki? (Besides Being One Of Japan's Most Important Novelists)
 » 10 April How The Aix Festival Became A Hotbed Of New Opera
 » 10 April The Big Encyclopedic Art Museum In A Little Massachusetts City
 » 10 April In Twitter Fight With Critic, Mark-Anthony Turnage Says He Will Compose No More Operas
 » 10 April Author Junot Díaz Reveals In Essay His Childhood Rape
 » 10 April Commerce, Curation, Blockbuster Shows, And The Purpose(s) Of Art Museums
 » 10 April Is This Really The Right Time For A Spate Of Male-Authored, Male-Directed Musicals About Subservient Women To Come To Broadway?
 » 10 April What's It Like To Be A New York Times Book Critic? Terrifying
 » 10 April 'Design Thinking', For All Its Problems, Has Serious Value
 » 10 April 'Design Thinking' Is Narrow-Minded And Limiting
 » 10 April It's Time For Ballet To Embrace Feminism, Writes New York City Ballet Star
 » 10 April Can Tech Reinvigorate The Humanities?
 » 10 April Gender Pay Gap In The Arts Less Bad Than In Other Industries: Study
 » 10 April Houston's Alley Theatre Wrestles With Ex-Artistic Director's Complicated Legacy
 » 10 April Lucinda Childs Used To Hate The Martha Graham Technique. Now She's Making A Dance For Graham's Company
 » 10 April Why Authoritarians Try To Suppress The Arts
 » 10 April Montreal Biennale Files For Bankruptcy
 » 10 April How The 2016 Election Is Changing Our Literary Publishers
 » 10 April What Data Teaches About The Differences Between Disruptive And Radical Innovation
 » 10 April English Theatre's Olivier Awards Broadcast Sees A 40 Percent Ratings Drop
 » 10 April Video Can Now Be Convincingly Faked. Seeing Is No Longer Believing (Now What?)
 » 10 April Nobel Literature Judges Resign Over Misconduct Allegations
 » 10 April The "Hamilton" Tickets Problem. Kennedy Center Is The Latest To Be Overwhelmed
 » 10 April What Does It Mean That Three Iconic 20th Century Gay Plays Are Currently On Broadway
 » 10 April Executive Director
 » 10 April Vice President, Marketing
 » 9 April Charlotte Penton-Smith
 » 9 April Amazon Cancels Award-Winning Classical Music Series 'Mozart In The Jungle' After Four Seasons
 » 9 April Another Director Busts Through A Glass Ceiling
 » 9 April A Rock With Yoko Ono's Handwriting Has Been Stolen From A Toronto Museum
 » 9 April The London Production Of 'Hamilton' Ties 'Matildas' With Seven Olivier Awards
 » 9 April What Happens When Tony Winners Gather For A Religious Ceremony?
 » 9 April Britain Is In The Midst Of A Jazz 'Explosion'
 » 9 April Straight Actors Win Oscars For Playing Gay, But What It's Like For These Singers To 'Sing Straight' When They're Not?
 » 9 April Todd Brassner, Art Dealer Who Claimed To Have Three Million Dollars Worth Of Art In His Apartment, Dies In Trump Tower Fire
 » 9 April Imagining The World Of Fashion Publishing Without Anna Wintour (Is It Possible?)
 » 9 April Up To Ninety Percent Of Art Sold As 'Aboriginal' In Australian Souvenir Shops Is Fake (And Imported)
 » 9 April Bookstores In Germany Take On A Political Role, Including Protesting The Rise Of The Far Right
 » 9 April A New Economic Impact Study Claims The Boston Symphony Is Pumping More Than A Quarter Of A Billion Dollars Into The Local Economy
 » 9 April OK, This Is Cool: New York's 19th Century Theatre Playbills Will Be Available Online
 » 9 April Denver Post Journalists Blast Hedge Fund Owners For Trying To Sell The Paper Off For Parts
 » 9 April British Bookstore Chain Waterstones Is About To Be Sold To A Hedge Fund
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