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 » 28 March Finally Returning Bernstein’s Overdue Mahler
 » 28 March The Pianist Rafal Blechacz in Exciting, if Blaring, Form
 » 27 March Review: An American Composers Orchestra Concert Pays a Bracing Tribute
 » 27 March Conducting an Eerie, Political ‘Gospel’
 » 25 March A Met Opera Star is Born: This Week’s 8 Best Classical Music Moments
 » 24 March Review: A Soprano’s Sudden Solo Act
 » 24 March Classical Music in NYC This Week
 » 23 March Francis Thorne (1922-2017)
 » 23 March Gido Kokars (1921-2017)
 » 22 March Vlastimir Trajkovic (1924-2017)
 » 22 March Géori Boué (1918-2017)
 » 22 March Anton Nanut (1932-2017)
 » 22 March Mitsuko Uchida at Carnegie Hall Is a Start to a Big Week
 » 22 March Review: Mahan Esfahani, a Harpsichordist With a Chip on His Keyboard
 » 18 March Cloning Yo-Yo Ma: This Week’s 8 Best Classical Moments
 » 17 March where have classical music’s uppercase letters gone?
 » 17 March New Concerto, New Leader: A Big Day at the New York Philharmonic
 » 17 March Classical Music in NYC This Week
 » 15 March International Street Cannibals, Feasting on Schoenberg
 » 15 March A New York Philharmonic Coup: Deborah Borda Is Named the New Leader
 » 14 March Review: Two Concerts Explore Schubert, Before He Took His Leave
 » 14 March Review: The Hazy Mysteries of Love at Lincoln Center
 » 13 March Write Me a Concerto: Yo-Yo Ma and Esa-Pekka Salonen on Their New Work
 » 13 March After Five Years of Bach, Trinity Church Takes On Handel
 » 11 March White-Hot Aria, Engulfing Bass: This Week’s 8 Best Classical Moments
 » 10 March Julia Bullock and Sarah Connolly Offer Enchantments New and Old
 » 10 March Review: John Adams Wrestles the Ghosts of His Musical Fathers
 » 10 March Review: ‘Aging Magician,’ a Fable Complete With Complexities
 » 10 March Classical Music in NYC This Week
 » 9 March Alberto Zedda (1928-2017)
 » 9 March Kurt Moll (1938-2017)
 » 9 March Review: Yannick Nézet-Séguin Offers a Glimpse of the Met Opera’s Future
 » 6 March Pianists Dominate Next Season at the 92nd Street Y
 » 4 March Review: The Boston Symphony’s Radiant Precision
 » 4 March A Sputtering Violin: The 8 Best Classical Music Moments This Week
 » 3 March A Philharmonic Farewell, With Musicians from Nations Trump Sought to Ban
 » 3 March Quaff a Brew and Chill to the Violin With Miranda Cuckson
 » 3 March The Stone, an Influential Music Space, to Move to the New School
 » 3 March Boston-Leipzig Exchange: Andris Nelsons’ Orchestras Collaborate
 » 3 March Review: The New York Philharmonic Plays a Piece Inspired by Night
 » 3 March Classical Music in NYC This Week
 » 3 March Frank Gehry and Daniel Barenboim on Their New Concert Hall in Berlin
 » 2 March March 2017 Newsletter
 » 2 March Rihm wins European Church Music Prize
 » 1 March Anthony Goldstone (1944-2017)
 » 1 March Georges Prêtre (1924-2017)
 » 1 March Antonio Lauzurika wins Premio Reina Sofía
 » 1 March Jórunn Viðar (1918-2017)
 » 1 March New Music From Silence for the New York Philharmonic
 » 1 March Review: London Philharmonic Boldly Reinterprets Mahler and Other Staples
 » 1 March Review: The Vienna Philharmonic Adds New Work, and Women
 » 28 February San Francisco Symphony Replaces Canceled North Carolina Concerts With a Pride Benefit
 » 28 February Chopin Is the Focus of Bard’s Summer Music Festival
 » 28 February Lincoln Center’s 11 Arts Groups in Harmony: Save the N.E.A.
 » 27 February Stanislaw Skrowaczewski (1923-2017)
 » 27 February Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, Conductor Who Fled Poland, Dies at 93
 » 25 February Review: A Look at ‘Léonore’ Before Beethoven, and Others, Got to It
 » 25 February Battle of the Bands: At 175, New York and Vienna Face Off
 » 24 February A Fearless, Ferocious Violinist Takes New York
 » 24 February Breathlessly Spiraling Bach: The 8 Best Classical Music Moments This Week
 » 24 February Classical Music in NYC This Week
 » 23 February Lincoln Center Turns Away Woman Wearing Anti-Trump Sign
 » 23 February A Musical Handshake Spanning Centuries: Venice in New York
 » 22 February Hear How ‘Moonlight’ Got Its Sound: Violins, Chopped and Screwed
 » 22 February Tanglewood Plans New Buildings and More Trees
 » 21 February This Maestro Is Turning 90. He’s Also Conducting Over 90 Concerts This Year.
 » 20 February Looking Back on Haydn’s Legacy at the Chamber Music Society
 » 20 February In the Land of Opera, a Choir for the Tone Deaf
 » 19 February In the Land of Opera, a Choir for the Tone Deaf
 » 18 February Limited to Prewar Music, Bulgarian Station Thrives
 » 18 February A Chord Vanishing Into Eternity: The 8 Best Classical Music Moments This Week
 » 17 February Classical Music in NYC This Week
 » 17 February An Early-Music Ensemble Gives a Handel Opera a Period Punch
 » 16 February Korean composition prize to Andys Skordis
 » 16 February Benjamin Scheuer wins 2017 Busoni Composition Prize
 » 15 February The Vienna Philharmonic Remembers Schubert
 » 13 February Classical Music in NYC This Week
 » 13 February At 100, a Conductor, Like the Music, Keeps Going
 » 13 February Surprise! You’re About to Conduct the New York Philharmonic
 » 13 February A Piano Rang Out Like Gunfire: The 8 Best Classical Music Moments This Week
 » 13 February How Should a Musician Make a Debut? Try Going Low-Key
 » 13 February A Pianist’s Warsaw: ‘Fascination and Pain’
 » 13 February Review: Igor Levit, a Pianist for Polarizing Times
 » 13 February Hindemith Prize for 2017 to Samy Moussa
 » 13 February Trump-et Bias
 » 12 February Gervase de Peyer (1926-2017)
 » 9 February Beethoven’s Insane Beauty, According to a Star Pianist
 » 9 February An Orchestra Triumphs Over Trump’s Travel Ban
 » 9 February Henry-Louis de La Grange, Mahler Authority, Is Dead at 92
 » 8 February New York Philharmonic Announces New Season as It Faces Upheaval
 » 8 February Classical Works From the Winter of Life, at Carnegie Hall
 » 7 February Revisiting ‘The Fairy’s Kiss,’ a Ballet About an Artist’s Destiny
 » 6 February Beethoven Prize to Fazil Say
 » 5 February Miriam Pirazzini (1918-2016)
 » 5 February Bernard Zaslav (1926-2016)
 » 5 February Ealing Music and Film
 » 5 February Andrew Norman
 » 5 February January 2017 Newsletter
 » 5 February love: Handel Festival
 » 5 February Veljo Tormis (1930-2017)
 » 5 February Dore Ashton, Chronicler Of The Abstract Expressionists And So Much More, Has Died At 88
 » 5 February No, British People, European Plays Aren't 'Infecting' Your Precious Theatre
 » 5 February The World Has Gotten Exponentially Scarier, So Take Refuge In Abstract Art
 » 5 February Ten Longform Literary Essays About That Most Unliterary Of Sports, Football
 » 5 February The James Bond Movie Director Who Actually Was A Spy
 » 5 February Streaming Is Really Killing Sony (Or Is It A Few Big Flops?)
 » 5 February Marta Becket, Dancer Who Built An Opera And Ballet Theatre In Death Valley, Dead At 92
 » 5 February Living On The 81st Floor Is A Little Bit Noisy (Plus, The Building Sways)
 » 5 February MoMA Joins The Resistance, Hangs Art From 'Travel Ban' Countries
 » 5 February Next Steps For Middle Eastern Theatre In The U.S.
 » 5 February What Happens When A Big Break Leads To Exactly Nothing Else?
 » 5 February Is Great Britain Too Depressed For Museums Now?
 » 5 February Suddenly, We Have Tons Of British Historical Dramas Again, But Why?
 » 5 February Why Can't Hollywood Get Boston Right?
 » 5 February What The Saga Of Avocados Reveals About Politics - And Human Interactions
 » 5 February Walter Hautzig, Pianist Whose Talent Helped Him Flee Nazis, Dies at 95
 » 4 February Valery Khalilov (1952-2016)
 » 4 February What Baroque Venice Can Teach Us About Modern Politics
 » 4 February Alexander Chancellor, 77, Editor Who Transformed The Spectator (And Had A Disastrous Year At The New Yorker)
 » 4 February Kids Ask A Lot Of Questions. Here Is The Way To Answer Them
 » 4 February How Psychologists Can Tell If A Defendant Is Faking Insanity
 » 4 February Shakespeare Audio Pronunciation App
 » 4 February Assistant Director of Institutional Marketing and Outreach, Lincoln Center
 » 4 February A Short History Of Think Tanks
 » 4 February Talk Of Canceling This Year's Oscars
 » 4 February Some Interesting Theories ABout What Sleep Does For Us
 » 4 February Ten Percent Of UK Teachers Polled Say Arts Education Has Been Cut In Their Schools
 » 4 February UK City Says Cutting All Its Art Funding Will "Help" Arts Groups
 » 3 February At Carnegie Hall, Political Jewels From Old Venice That Still Shine
 » 3 February Top Posts From AJBlogs 02.02.17
 » 3 February Inside The Stained Glass Workshop At Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque
 » 3 February See The Shimmering Walls Of Iran's 'Emerald Mosque'
 » 3 February Composer Michael Hersch Wins $250,000 Award From Johns Hopkins
 » 3 February Verona's Ancient Roman Amphitheatre To Get Retractable Roof
 » 3 February Uffizi Gallery In Florence Begins Long-Term Project To Show More Female Artists From History
 » 3 February Fired Director Of Shakespeare's Globe Talks About Her Sacking - And Why She's Still There
 » 3 February Classical Composers Aren't Exactly Celebrities In America - So How Did Philip Glass Become A Household Name?
 » 3 February Revolving Auditorium To Be Part Of New Creative District In Liverpool
 » 3 February One Of Broadway's Oldest Surviving Theaters Is Now Its Youngest
 » 3 February Bolshoi Prima Ballerina On How It Feels To Dance The Dual Lead In 'Swan Lake'
 » 3 February Want To Reach New Audiences For Your Contemporary Dance? Stop Using Arty, Abstruse Titles
 » 3 February You Think 'Alternative Facts' Are Like Science Fiction? Ursula Le Guin Would Like A Word With You
 » 3 February Director, Arts Management/Term Assistant Professor
 » 3 February Amadeus - First It Was A Play, Then A Movie, Now A Play/Movie...
 » 3 February 'The Father Of Science Fiction'? Who *Was* Hugo Of The Hugo Awards?
 » 3 February A BIG Ten-Year Drop In Visitors To UK Public Libraries
 » 3 February Terrorist Shot At Entrance To The Louvre - Museum Closes
 » 3 February Six Critics Name Six Ways 'Girls' Changed Television (Or Didn't)
 » 3 February Calatrava's New £1 Billion Project For London Will Change The Skyline
 » 3 February How Our Brains Trick Us Into Seeing Something Real That Isn't
 » 3 February Classical Music in NYC This Week
 » 3 February Payment Dispute Takes Univision Off The Air In Major US Markets
 » 3 February The Secret To Perceiving How Fast Time Passes
 » 3 February Former Google Employee Explains How Smartphones Are Designed To Steal Your Attention
 » 3 February Senior Project Director / Staff Lead
 » 3 February Mississippi Arts Commission Survives Attempt By Republican Legislature To Offload It
 » 3 February Vera Lynn Releases A New Album... At Age 100
 » 3 February Why Philosophy Has Fallen Out Of The Public Sphere
 » 3 February What Exactly Does "Critical Thinking" Mean These Days?
 » 3 February Marketing Manager - Aspen Music Festival and School
 » 3 February Come Together, Right Now. National Arts Marketing, Development and Ticketing Conference -- March 16-18 in NYC
 » 3 February Wilfried Hiller becomes honorary citizen
 » 2 February Bang on a Can Marathon Moves to Brooklyn Museum
 » 2 February After The Ghost Ship Fire, New Efforts To Get Funds To Victims And To Make Spaces Safer
 » 2 February Author Bharati Mukherjee, 76, Pioneer Of India's Literary Diaspora
 » 2 February Kazakhstan Bids To Become A Real Player In Ballet World
 » 2 February How Tolstoy's 'War And Peace' Can Be An Inspiration For Resistance To The New Administration
 » 2 February Gay-Themed Novel Wins Sebastian Barry His Second Costa Award
 » 2 February The Little Country You'd Think Would Be Far From The World Of Art Crime (About 10,000 Miles Away) Has Lots Of It
 » 2 February What Philip Glass Learned In Paris
 » 2 February Getting Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto Back To What Tchaikovsky Really Wrote
 » 2 February Now Even GQ Wants You To Follow Jerry Saltz
 » 2 February 'Rococo And Flemish Influences' - An Art Critic Has A Go At Beyoncé's Pregnancy Pic
 » 2 February The Singer Who Topped Charts By Embracing His Stutter
 » 2 February Why Our Culture Seems So Drawn To Apocalypses And Dystopias
 » 2 February Two Syrian Refugee Children Who Play In The San Diego Youth Symphony Talk About Music And Life In America
 » 2 February Pakistan Lifts Its Ban On Indian Films
 » 2 February 'Lady Wedges' - The Forgotten Women Whose Heads Used To Be On Every Roll Of Movie Film
 » 2 February Culture-Maker Facebook Now Has 1.8 Billion Users, Made $10 Billion In 2016
 » 2 February Fakes Are A Huge Problem In The Art World. The Trouble Is...
 » 2 February Henry-Louis de La Grange (1924-2017)
 » 2 February February 2017 Newsletter
 » 2 February A Full Carnegie Hall and More in the Northeast
 » 2 February Report: Top Women Hollywood Directors Make Few Films
 » 2 February This Year Netflix Tried To Take Over Sundance
 » 2 February In These Days The Arts Need Advocacy. This Is A Problem In Most US States
 » 2 February Can A New App Finally Track Media Ratings Across All Platforms? (How's That For Sexy?)
 » 2 February The Myth Of A "Liberal Hollywood Elite"
 » 2 February Clamp Down On Copyright? This Is Dangerous Complicated Stuff
 » 2 February For The First Time Since 2008 Book Seller Waterstone's Makes A Profit
 » 2 February Tomás Marco wins "premio Tomás Luis de Victoria"
 » 1 February Listen to Tchaikovsky, Stripped Down to His Intentions
 » 1 February Top Posts From AJBlogs 01.31.17
 » 1 February Jamie Barton Wins Met Opera's Beverly Sills Award
 » 1 February How A 33-Story Empty Shell Sat Smack In The Heart Of Patrician Philadelphia - For 15 Years
 » 1 February After 20 Years, Arundhati Roy Has Finally Written A Second Novel
 » 1 February Lawsuits Over, Maurice Sendak's Rare Book Collection Is Finally In Philly - Here's What's In It
 » 1 February 'Written On Skin' Composer George Benjamin Is Writing A New Opera
 » 1 February Jerry Saltz Says Trump Could Drive Small And Medium-Sized Galleries Out Of Business
 » 1 February I Threw $100M Worth Of Stolen Paintings In The Trash, Says Co-Defendant In Trial
 » 1 February PBS NewsHour Pays Visit To Dallas Opera's Institute For Women Conductors
 » 1 February Puppets Are Now Infiltrating Themselves Into All The Performing Arts
 » 1 February The Romantic Comedy Isn't Dead, Or Even Moribund - It's Just Totally Different Now
 » 1 February 'Graphic Novel' Is Not An Accurate Name For The Genre, So Maybe We Should Go Back To 'Comics'
 » 1 February Okay, Actors, Here's What *Not* To Do At An Audition
 » 1 February San Francisco Asian Art Museum Facebook Link Taken Down For Being Too Racy
 » 1 February How Bad Is It, Really, To Contradict Yourself?
 » 1 February Leonard Slatkin Alienates Audience Member Over Mozart "Alternative Facts"
 » 1 February Why Theories Of Everything Are A Waste Of Effort
 » 1 February Bay Area Theatre Legend Announces Retirement
 » 1 February Senior Development Officer
 » 1 February Improving Cities Through Culture - The Evidence
 » 1 February A Seattle Orchestra Tackles Art About Homelessness
 » 1 February President’s Frontier Award for Michael Hersch
 » 1 February When a Composer Just Doesn’t Do It for You (No Matter How Much You Listen)
 » 1 February Max Wilcox, Grammy-Winning Record Producer, Dies at 88
 » 1 February Some Lessons We Learned Bringing New Work To Small Theatres
 » 1 February Increasingly, Creative People Are Turning To Analog Over Digital
 » 1 February There's A Long History Of Protest Songs. But Is Anyone Listening Any More?
 » 1 February Is It Time To Abandon The Concept Of "Normal"?
 » 1 February How Very Difficult Video Games Produce Feelings Of Euphoria
 » 1 February Poll: 78 Percent Of UK Theatre Workers Say They Have Been Unpaid After A Job
 » 1 February Why Is London's National Theatre Abandoning Classic Plays?
 » 1 February Tulsa Artist Fellowship Now Accepting Applications for 2018 Class
 » 1 February Julio Estrada to receive Medal of Fine Arts
 » 31 January Lincoln Center’s Great Performers: A Peek at Next Season
 » 31 January Top Posts From AJBlogs 01.30.17
 » 31 January Pioneering Nigerian-British Novelist Buchi Emecheta Dead At 72
 » 31 January India Spends Less Than 1% Of Its Annual Budget On Culture - And It Shows
 » 31 January UK Bank Backs Down On Closing Russia Today Network's Accounts
 » 31 January Jaipur Literature Festival's Normalizing Of Hindu Radicals Just Shows That The Mask Is Off
 » 31 January India's Biggest Book Festival Warily Makes Room For The Hindu Radicals It Used To Conider Pariahs
 » 31 January Worried That We Could 'Normalize' Unacceptable Situations? You're Not Wrong
 » 31 January Canada's Last Record Store Chain Goes Bust
 » 31 January Before Spending All That Time And Money On A New London Concert Hall, Let's Think It Through Properly
 » 31 January The Arts-Are-Good-For-The-Economy Arguments Have Failed - They've Even Helped Kill The NEA, Argues Arts Exec
 » 31 January As Top-Selling Living Artists Age, Galleries And Auction Houses Are Scrapping Over Them
 » 31 January Brad Troemel, 'The Troll Of Internet Art'
 » 31 January Behold The Awesome Power Of The People's Liberation Army's Rooster Dance
 » 31 January I Was An Extra In A North Korean Propaganda Film
 » 31 January The Pompidou At 40: Here's The Impact It's Had
 » 31 January How To Act Drunk: A Tutorial (From An Actor Who Knows)
 » 31 January Kill The National Endowment For The Arts? Here's What That Would Mean
 » 31 January A 25-Year Search For The Secrets Of Gaga
 » 31 January What It's Like To Join The Chicago Symphony
 » 31 January You're Hearing Things: How People Perceive Voices In Random Noise
 » 31 January For First Time In A Decade, UK Museum Attendance Falls
 » 31 January When a Composer Just Doesn’t Do It for You (No Matter How Much You Listen)
 » 31 January Number Of Behind-The-Camera Women Fell In Oscar-Nominated Movies This Year
 » 31 January Why Are Poets So Bad At Writing About Their Relationships To Money?
 » 31 January Report On The State Of British Orchestras: Playing More, Earning Less
 » 31 January What London's National Gallery Learned Giving Live-Streaming Gallery Tours
 » 31 January The Corporatization And Consolidation Of New York's Music Scene
 » 31 January How Do We Make Jazz More Viable? Harvard Business School Takes Up The Case
 » 31 January The Great American Play? And The Audience Survey Says...
 » 31 January TONALi17 composer prize to Tomasz Skweres
 » 30 January What Does A Conductor At Carnegie Hall See From The Podium?
 » 30 January Author Roxane Gay Pulls Her Book From Simon & Schuster, Citing Their Plan To Publish A Book By A Far-Right Favorite
 » 30 January What Are Artists And Institutions Supposed To Do With Trump's Executive Order Travel Bans?
 » 30 January Apps Have Made Contacting A Congress Member Easy, But Congress Is Not Ready
 » 30 January Now, Conservatories Need To Train Students To Speak As Well As They Sing
 » 30 January What Movies Sold At Sundance, And Why Some Of Them Might Actually Succeed
 » 30 January Tania Bruguera Pulls Work From Bronx Museum, Claiming It's Complicit In Cuban Censorship
 » 30 January Hamilton Is Doubling The Seats Available In Its Lottery
 » 30 January For Philip Glass' 80th Birthday, An 11th Symphony
 » 30 January It Was The Orange Prize, Then The Baileys Prize, And Now It Needs A New Sponsor
 » 30 January In A Time Of Nativism, A Challenge For The International Art World
 » 30 January Is The National Theatre Going Too Far To Support New Plays?
 » 30 January Making Baghdad's Walls Beautiful Again
 » 30 January Princess Di Deserves Better Than A Tacky Bronze Statue
 » 30 January Dancing Isn't Enough Exercise For Ballet Dancers, So They Crosstrain Too
 » 30 January Clarinettist On Tour With Yo-Yo Ma Has No Idea If He Will Be Allowed Back Into The United States
 » 30 January How Many Trump Neologisms Can The OED Fit Into Its Newest Edition?
 » 30 January St. Louis Symphony Signs New Five-Year Contract With Musicians
 » 30 January How Social Media Can Blunt Celebrity
 » 30 January Why Books Are More Important Than Ever Now
 » 30 January Technology That Can Show You What Your Brain Looks Like When Its Processing Music
 » 30 January What The Milo Yiannopolous Book Deal Reveals About The State Of Book Publishing
 » 30 January John Adams At 70
 » 30 January A New York Times Primer On The New Fight Over US Arts Funding
 » 30 January Top AJBlogs Posts For The Weekend 01.29.17
 » 30 January The Black Women Who Made New York - And Reshaped The World
 » 30 January Some Upsets, And A Lot Of Political Speeches, At The SAG Awards
 » 30 January Mahler autograph sold for record price
 » 29 January Barbara Hale, The Actress Who Played Perry Mason's Secretary And Won An Emmy For It, Has Died At 94
 » 29 January The Sudden Ban On Travelers From Iran Is Even Harming The Oscars (And Pissing Off The Academy)
 » 29 January Absurdist Theatre Serves The Resistance To Any Regime
 » 29 January Sure, It's Nostalgic, But People Love Film For A Lot Of Other Reasons
 » 29 January When Sartre And Camus Lost Their Friendship Arguing How To Be Free
 » 29 January Why 1984 Keeps Needing New Print Runs And Everyone Is Tagging Margaret Atwood On Twitter
 » 29 January Yes, 1984 Relates To Us *Right Now*
 » 29 January If Physical Books Endure - As They Surely Will - Let's Make Sure They Do It For The Right Reason
 » 29 January The Rather Long History Of Robots In Western Art
 » 29 January These People Built A Ponzi Scheme Around 'Hamilton' Tickets - And Got Caught
 » 29 January This 1956 Opera About Courageous And Doomed French Nuns Could Not Be More Relevant
 » 29 January Anthony Goldstone, Pianist Who Recorded CDs At A Record Pace, Dies At 72
 » 29 January How The Los Angeles Art World Has Dealt With The Inauguration And First Days Of Trump
 » 29 January Emmanuelle Riva, Star Of 'Hiroshima mon amour' And 'Amour,' Has Died At 89
 » 29 January What's Going Down At The Ballet World's Youth Grand Prix?
 » 29 January You Thought Sundance Might Be An Escape From Politics? Ha!
 » 29 January Mary Zimmerman Tries A Fourth Time At The Met With 'Rusalka'
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