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Thread WITH the new posts.

Legends: "Week" - last week posts, "Bold" - entered last 48 hours.
Planning my DSET 1575 
Answers.... 1574 
Getting hold of Alex is not easy... 1574 
A dangers zone? 1573 
DHT in the DSET 1573 
You will see. 1572 
Second round of questions... 1572 
The answers.... 1571 
Between S2 and OPT... 1571 
Exactly how I described above. 1569 
Fundamentals Channel... 1568 
Ah, the Fundamentals Channel!!! 1568 
Thinking further about the MF channel... 1567 
There is truly no answer. 1567 
Of course I am putting the cart before the horse... 1567 
That notion of super-clean sound…. 1566 
I did not tell the whole story... 1566 
About the MF Channel Schematic... 1566 
More ansvers..... 1565 
The fuse in theMF Channel 1564 
Do not worry.... 1564 
HF Filter 1558 
The starting sequence. 1558 
A first world problem... 1558 
The remote start option. 1557 
It will be a sheep in wolfs clothing... 1555 
The coupling capacitors 1554 
To a great degree it depends where the Cap is used. 1554 
Cap rolling... 1551 
Caps, caps, caps.... 1551 
Caps at high frequencies... 1551 
Do not worry about it for now. 1550 
Second Stage Half-6C33C impedance 1547 
I think it is about right. 1547 
More Lpads... 1546 
They are not LPads but they are bitch. 1545 
Bleeders at shut-down... 1544 
A word of warning 1544 
They will light up like a Christmas tree 1537 
More on the "inductive" LPad 1536 
The LPADs.... 1536 
Like This? 1536 
Now that I have had a good look at them... 1530 
DIY 1530 
Better air-caps? 1530 
Top Plate Draft #1 1516 
Many options are available. 1516 
Fleshing out the design a little more... 1510 
Interesting but…. 1508 
Heating is an issue... 1504 
LPad in Channel F 1500 
It does not matter. 1498 
A few power supply changes 1496 
The opportunities are endless. 1496 
The power supplies 1495 
How did you do it? 1495 
Two things I really liked... 1495 
Splitting the DSET 1429 
I do wish you to come up with something in this direction. 1429 
The heat issue 1427 
Be carefully however. 1427 
All about bass 1365 
Approaching the LF DSET 1364 
Many thanks 1364 
SS amps do generally very bad bass. 1364 
The long wall? 1362 
Multiple reasonings… 1362 
This is interesting! 1361 
Why do you feel what I feel? I do not. 1360 
First bass OPT prototype... 1145 
I do not know. 1145 
Yes, that is right... 1144 
DSET Grounding 1135 
As far as I remeber. 1134 
DSET Bass OPT is wound 1062 
1R vs 16R 1062 
I've started building the power supplies... 1013 
Steel singing 1012 
Not yet 1012 
Copper? 1011 
Ringing 973 
Anthony DSET Power Supply Schematic 973 
First Fullrange Melquiades power supply is done... 956 
Bread-boarded Melquiades Fullrange 956 
It look like the project progress well 955 
Ventilation 953 
Fear of forced ventilation. 952 
Dust 944 
A filter? 944 
DHT Meter 933 
Current matters? 932 
Yes, that is it. 932 
Do not rash 931 
12.1k Resistor 926 
You are looking for 200V on plate. 926 
DSET amplifier is designed 894 
Prototype 894 
Not built yet 894 
Built in vibrosiolation 894 
Impressive project 894 
It is a good idea 894 
I'm honoured 894 
Not Alzheimer’s, yet… 894 
I second Romy, 894 
Is this another N-Set? 894 
The failing memory 894 
Alzheimer! 894 
Not too late 894 
Airborne 882 
EMF 882 
Low frequency vibration is not so easy to deal wit... 882 
Multiplying by zero 882 
Electro-Magnetic Fields 882 
Valve damping 882 
EM radiation 882 
It's free 882 
Gauss 881 
Mmmm... 881 
Without Looking Again 881 
Something I observe… 881 
Filter Caps 881 
Very good 881 
Nichicons 881 
DigiKey 881 
Iron? 880 
No, no Pieter 880 
EM Shielding, do or don't? 876 
Mock-up 876 
Some more DSET photos.. 662 
DSET labels 579 
Some thoughts. 578 
They are for mA 577 
Finally firing up the DSET 259 
The bias 258 
Try to debug more. 258 
A bug in negative supply chain on channel B 258 
Damn crossovers 258 
Six Channels are UP 257 
Test Points/Trim Pots 257 
Shot too early... 256 
Tube change simplicity 256 
So far so good... 256 
Keep dong what you do... 256 
In my dreams 256 
Aaarrggghhhhh 255 
Very good. 255 
Distressingly familiar 255 
DSET Power draw 255 
It would be fun to visit you but I never in AU.... 255 
You would be most welcome... 254 
EI vs toroids 252 
Its about noise 251 
The pin 8 question 251 
Cont'ed 251 
A good question. 250 
Barbirolli Mahler 237 
Yep, Barbirolli would do it... 237 
First music testing 228 
So far so good. 228 
All fixed? 226 
It is all good. 225 
Some time on it 198 
Here's to You! 198 
Very commendable and noble job 198 
Not exactly flat to 18Hz... 198 
Your bass is better then you music, be carefull... 198 
I deserved that 197 
Many variables in play 197