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Posted on: 6-15-16


Pinckney (MI), United States
Posts: 166

Thread: A listening room for a domesticated Cat?
           Reply: Well,  
Cool , I already can imagine an army of Russian, university educated illegal , half slaved housekeepers dusting it off all they long ...
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  2-4-16   A listening room for a domesticated Cat?   (2-4-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-4-16   Big   (2-4-16)..Paul S
  2-4-16   Old house?   (2-4-16)..scooter
  2-4-16   To be invisible and to be time-aligned are the keys.   (2-4-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-4-16   Invisible and time-aligned idea.   (2-4-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-5-16   For a Given Room   (2-5-16)..Paul S
  2-5-16   House Inspections & Warranties   (2-5-16)..zztop7
  2-11-16   A min Room size....   (2-11-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-11-16   Charging the Large Room   (2-11-16)..Paul S
  2-11-16   A bit deeper.   (2-11-16)..xandcg
  2-12-16   Idea of Midbass in new room and time-aligment   (2-12-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-12-16   Comfort   (2-12-16)..Paul S
  2-13-16   Choices   (2-13-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-13-16   Value   (2-13-16)..Paul S
  2-13-16   Property line setbacks & local building codes   (2-13-16)..zztop7
  2-13-16   "romantic" illusion...   (2-13-16)..Corallus
  2-13-16   Do not need to be isolationist.   (2-13-16)..xandcg
  2-13-16   My kids...   (2-13-16)..anthony
  2-13-16   Bingo   (2-13-16)..Paul S
  2-13-16   Interesting discussion indeed   (2-13-16)..clarkjohnsen
  2-14-16   The High Demands System   (2-14-16)..Paul S
  2-14-16   Paul S --   (2-14-16)..clarkjohnsen
  2-14-16   Social Life vs. Private Life vs. Family Life   (2-14-16)..Paul S
  2-17-16   Losing my listening room virginity?   (2-17-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-17-16   Somewhere about 2yo...   (2-17-16)..anthony
  2-17-16   Happiness   (2-17-16)..zztop7
  2-17-16   Various Stages of Young   (2-17-16)..Paul S
  2-18-16   Hm, another midbass horn idea in new listening room?   (2-18-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-18-16   Bent Bass and Double Doors   (2-18-16)..Paul S
  2-18-16   Using the real estate   (2-18-16)..anthony
  2-21-16   Through the roof   (2-21-16)..decoud
  2-22-16   Sideways   (2-22-16)..Jorge
  2-24-16   If not a midbass horn?   (2-24-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-24-16   What Comes Naturally   (2-24-16)..Paul S
  2-24-16   It will be probably two bass channels.   (2-24-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-24-16   In That Case...   (2-24-16)..Paul S
  2-26-16   The game is on.   (2-26-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-26-16   Mazel Tov!   (2-26-16)..Paul S
  2-26-16   Great news   (2-26-16)..Jorge
  2-26-16   Wonderful!   (2-26-16)..mats
  2-26-16   I think it will be better with time.   (2-26-16)..Romy the Cat
  2-26-16   Gaddis House   (2-26-16)..Paul S
  2-27-16   Congratulations!   (2-27-16)..xandcg
  3-1-16   View vs. Practicality   (3-1-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-1-16   Multi-Tasking   (3-1-16)..Paul S
  3-1-16   Exactly!   (3-1-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-1-16   Equipment between speakers...   (3-1-16)..anthony
  3-1-16   Top Gear   (3-1-16)..Paul S
  3-1-16   I see no problems with "between".   (3-1-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-1-16   Oh well...   (3-1-16)..anthony
  3-1-16   Wall of nature   (3-1-16)..miab
  3-1-16   Big Window   (3-1-16)..Jorge
  3-1-16   Shades and Night Vision   (3-1-16)..Paul S
  3-1-16   ...they do image wonderfully...   (3-1-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-2-16   Another attic project?   (3-2-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-2-16   Infinite baffle   (3-2-16)..zztop7
  3-2-16   IB   (3-2-16)..Jorge
  3-2-16   Mold   (3-2-16)..zztop7
  3-2-16   Attic Ventilation   (3-2-16)..Paul S
  3-3-16   Possible   (3-3-16)..noviygera
  3-3-16   Just strategizing   (3-3-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-3-16   Normal orientation   (3-3-16)..zztop7
  3-3-16   Confusion.   (3-3-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-3-16   Specifics   (3-3-16)..Paul S
  3-3-16   Driver Orientation   (3-3-16)..Paul S
  3-3-16   That all need to be though out.   (3-3-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-3-16   It nigh be a problem   (3-3-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-3-16   Ideas   (3-3-16)..noviygera
  3-3-16   Opposing woofers   (3-3-16)..Jorge
  3-3-16   Cabinet Size for "Subs"   (3-3-16)..Paul S
  3-3-16   Blow hard   (3-3-16)..rowuk
  3-3-16   Phoenix Gold arises from the ashes   (3-3-16)..scooter
  3-3-16   Couple of things   (3-3-16)..clarkjohnsen
  3-15-16   So many thing I need to take under consideration in new listening room...   (3-15-16)..Romy the Cat
  3-15-16   That's not a problem :)   (3-15-16)..noviygera
  5-11-16   A LF solution for a new room   (5-11-16)..Romy the Cat
  5-14-16   Another midbass?!!?   (5-14-16)..Romy the Cat
  5-16-16   Another option to consider   (5-16-16)..noviygera
  5-17-16   Room comfort upgrades   (5-17-16)..scooter
  5-19-16   Small-blood Macondo 2016?   (5-19-16)..Romy the Cat
  6-2-16   The color of the listening room.   (6-2-16)..Romy the Cat
  6-5-16   This would be nice......   (6-5-16)..Romy the Cat
  6-15-16   That is it.   (6-15-16)..Romy the Cat
  6-15-16   Congratulations   (6-15-16)..Jorge
  6-15-16   Well,   (6-15-16)..Wojtek
  6-24-16   The last week of moving...   (6-24-16)..Romy the Cat
  6-28-16   We are home!   (6-28-16)..Romy the Cat
  6-28-16   Congratulations!   (6-28-16)..xandcg
  7-4-16   We found a new room in House....   (7-4-16)..Romy the Cat
  7-5-16   Bass in bass-ment?   (7-5-16)..JJ Triode
  7-5-16   True, but. . .   (7-5-16)..clarkjohnsen
  7-6-16   Sometimes basement is not just a basement, stlil....   (7-6-16)..Romy the Cat
  7-6-16   Well it's good that you've considered the humidity.   (7-6-16)..clarkjohnsen
  8-12-16   It took for a while.   (8-12-16)..Romy the Cat
  8-13-16   Time/Change   (8-13-16)..Paul S
  8-13-16   In regards to chairs...   (8-13-16)..xandcg
  8-15-16   This week.   (8-15-16)..Romy the Cat
  8-15-16   What the most intriguing me in the new room is where the LF will roll off.   (8-15-16)..Romy the Cat
  8-17-16   The first day.   (8-17-16)..Romy the Cat
  8-17-16   Quick thoughts on beginning of system assembly   (8-17-16)..scooter
  8-17-16   Sounds like a nice time...   (8-17-16)..anthony
  8-18-16   For now....   (8-18-16)..Romy the Cat
  8-18-16   Soft Bass   (8-18-16)..anthony
  8-19-16   Getting somewhere.   (8-19-16)..Romy the Cat
  8-19-16   Virtual visit to Romy's setting up (part 2)   (8-19-16)..scooter
  8-20-16   Diffusion   (8-20-16)..noviygera
  8-21-16   Waiting two other shoes to drop…   (8-21-16)..Romy the Cat
  8-21-16   Space behind   (8-21-16)..Romy the Cat
  9-5-16   Slowly going back to the business.   (9-5-16)..Romy the Cat
  9-5-16   Keep on truckin'   (9-5-16)..clarkjohnsen
  9-7-16   New kids: Charlie and Abbigail   (9-7-16)..Amir
  9-10-16   Audio vs Video playback.   (9-10-16)..Romy the Cat
  9-11-16   Audio and video separate or combined?   (9-11-16)..JJ Triode
  9-11-16   AV   (9-11-16)..scooter
  9-11-16   Yes, I will need to experiment with it.   (9-11-16)..Romy the Cat
  9-12-16   A good configuration.   (9-12-16)..Romy the Cat
  9-12-16   Injection Channel   (9-12-16)..jeff1225
  9-12-16   It will come later.   (9-12-16)..Romy the Cat
  9-14-16   Going there....   (9-14-16)..Romy the Cat
  9-15-16   Toddler Listeners   (9-15-16)..jeff1225
  9-15-16   I wish I had a toddler forever.   (9-15-16)..noviygera
  9-17-16   The honeymoon night.   (9-17-16)..Romy the Cat
  9-17-16   Proximity   (9-17-16)..Paul S
  9-26-16   A chicken and egg situation   (9-26-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-1-16   So far so good.   (10-1-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-3-16   A ULF solution for my new listening room   (10-3-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-8-16   Ok, a first objective look.   (10-8-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-9-16   Some room dealing basics   (10-9-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-10-16   Thinking about the forthcoming experiment.   (10-10-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-11-16   Slighly mad suggestion! Ignore accordingly   (10-11-16)..oxric
  10-11-16   Bass trap   (10-11-16)..noviygera
  10-11-16   I will see...   (10-11-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-11-16   Pure arrival time minus reflection or....   (10-11-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-11-16   Other absorbtion methods   (10-11-16)..anthony
  10-12-16   Converting acoustic problems into acoustic paybacks.   (10-12-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-19-16   Evolution of my rooms sound quality.   (10-19-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-19-16   Why not pentode or push-pull instead solid state.   (10-19-16)..xandcg
  10-21-16   I do not know powerful pentodes in output.   (10-21-16)..Romy the Cat
  10-21-16   I thought on tetrodo and write pentodo.   (10-21-16)..xandcg
  10-25-16   Zarathustra   (10-25-16)..shannon
  11-13-16   Very very nice.   (11-13-16)..Romy the Cat
  11-13-16   OB (etc.) at Midbass   (11-13-16)..Paul S
  11-15-16   Theoretically possible?   (11-15-16)..Romy the Cat
  11-16-16   So True   (11-16-16)..Paul S
  11-27-16   This kid has a strange genes or “Papa, how to measure twins impedance?”.   (11-27-16)..Romy the Cat
  12-2-16   Are they Brucknerised yet?   (12-2-16)..oxric
  4-2-17   7 moths and one event...   (4-2-17)..Romy the Cat
  4-4-17   The next day   (4-4-17)..Romy the Cat
  4-4-17   I don't understand the video problem. . .   (4-4-17)..clarkjohnsen
  4-4-17   Choose your poisons   (4-4-17)..Romy the Cat
  4-5-17   Thank you   (4-5-17)..clarkjohnsen
  4-6-17   It is very nice.   (4-6-17)..Romy the Cat
  4-7-17   Great day   (4-7-17)..Romy the Cat
  4-8-17   Macondo and wife satisfaction.   (4-8-17)..Romy the Cat
  4-13-17   A truly peaceful feeling.   (4-13-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-6-17   Macondo listening distance.   (7-6-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-7-17   Measured from?   (7-7-17)..anthony
  7-7-17   The Listening Room July 7   (7-7-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-8-17   8' all around   (7-8-17)..anthony
  7-8-17   Some comments...   (7-8-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-10-17   I am looking for inspiration.   (7-10-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-10-17   Vent that woofer   (7-10-17)..rowuk
  7-10-17   I do not know yet what to do.   (7-10-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-11-17   Port vs. Not Sealed   (7-11-17)..Paul S
  7-11-17   Ported   (7-11-17)..kodomo
  7-11-17   No port for me, if possible...   (7-11-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-11-17   Might...... be....   (7-11-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-11-17   K-Horns?   (7-11-17)..Wojtek
  7-11-17   K-Horns… hmmm very interesting…   (7-11-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-11-17   They do appear   (7-11-17)..Wojtek
  7-11-17   Path length of khorn   (7-11-17)..kodomo
  7-11-17   The memory lane.   (7-11-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-11-17   Outside   (7-11-17)..decoud
  7-11-17   KHorn facts and truth   (7-11-17)..martinshorn
  7-11-17   Khorn extension   (7-11-17)..martinshorn
  7-11-17   The options available....   (7-11-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-12-17   The last night looking…   (7-12-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-12-17   LF Circuit Mysteries   (7-12-17)..Paul S
  7-13-17   About the use of reading my own site.   (7-13-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-13-17   Another option, very interesting. Martinshorn speak up.   (7-13-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-13-17   Could be, could be not :) im not you...   (7-13-17)..martinshorn
  7-13-17   Just thinking out loud...   (7-13-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-13-17   Room Mode Gain vs. Speaker/Amp Output   (7-13-17)..Paul S
  7-13-17   Driver?   (7-13-17)..Wojtek
  7-13-17   Two separate individuals   (7-13-17)..martinshorn
  7-13-17   Not a fan of weak magnets   (7-13-17)..martinshorn
  7-13-17   Hm, who would believe that I might be happier now?   (7-13-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-13-17   One more simple idea   (7-13-17)..noviygera
  7-15-17   A good thinking.   (7-15-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-15-17   A next day.   (7-15-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-16-17   Deja vu   (7-16-17)..anthony
  7-16-17   It is all depend of your roo   (7-16-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-26-17   What the holly garbage.   (7-26-17)..Romy the Cat
  7-26-17   What about at a lower volume...   (7-26-17)..anthony
  7-27-17   I do not know why.   (7-27-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-18-17   Changing Macondo Configuration   (9-18-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-19-17   SSET ;-)   (9-19-17)..martinshorn
  9-19-17   Thank you, I might need to look into it.   (9-19-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-20-17   More of the same?   (9-20-17)..anthony
  9-20-17   Yes, this is an option too.   (9-20-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-20-17   Actually…   (9-20-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-20-17   The Scanspeaks   (9-20-17)..anthony
  9-20-17   The Scanspeak woofers.   (9-20-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-20-17   Ah, Winnie...   (9-20-17)..anthony
  9-20-17   Last version   (9-20-17)..noviygera
  9-21-17   I wrote about it.   (9-21-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-21-17   Layout   (9-21-17)..Paul S
  9-24-17   Kind of LF depression…   (9-24-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-24-17   The one that got away   (9-24-17)..anthony
  9-24-17   Updated.   (9-24-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-25-17   Respect!   (9-25-17)..martinshorn
  9-25-17   There are plenty things to think about.   (9-25-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-25-17   Devil invented the room :)   (9-25-17)..martinshorn
  9-25-17   The way how I see it…   (9-25-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-26-17   A semi-temporary solution for now.   (9-26-17)..Romy the Cat
  9-27-17   One more theoretical solution   (9-27-17)..noviygera
  9-27-17   Almost familiar   (9-27-17)..martinshorn
  10-1-17   This weekend   (10-1-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-1-17   Sum and Difference   (10-1-17)..Paul S
  10-1-17   It is in the picture...   (10-1-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-1-17   Nice bias   (10-1-17)..martinshorn
  10-1-17   DSP is too intrusive and defeats the purpose.   (10-1-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-1-17   The grilling analogy   (10-1-17)..clarkjohnsen
  10-2-17   Some listening today.   (10-2-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-8-17   Back to the drawing table.   (10-8-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-8-17   Bring them forward   (10-8-17)..anthony
  10-8-17   Promising....   (10-8-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-9-17   Aligned how?   (10-9-17)..martinshorn
  10-9-17   Elementary, Watson. :-)   (10-9-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-16-17   Nice but need more work   (10-16-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-21-17   Getting there...   (10-21-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-21-17   It all looks very nice...   (10-21-17)..anthony
  10-21-17   It is still all for grabs.   (10-21-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-22-17   Great Morning!!!   (10-22-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-22-17   Wagner AND Family, at 7 am?!?   (10-22-17)..Paul S
  10-23-17   Some thinking required…   (10-23-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-24-17   I never done anything like this…   (10-24-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-25-17   Still have no idea why it works as it does.   (10-25-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-25-17   Phase and Room Modes   (10-25-17)..Paul S
  10-26-17   What a remarkable idiot!!!!   (10-26-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-27-17   I am back.   (10-27-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-28-17   I need some volume…   (10-28-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-28-17   Line Gain   (10-28-17)..Paul S
  10-28-17   What a brilliant idea!   (10-28-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-28-17   The full monty   (10-28-17)..anthony
  10-29-17   Yep. I know.   (10-29-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-29-17   Just like a clockwork!!!   (10-29-17)..Romy the Cat
  10-29-17   Macondo calibration check sheet 2017   (10-29-17)..Romy the Cat
  11-1-17   I do not like it this arguing ...   (11-1-17)..Romy the Cat
  11-1-17   You know the voices are right...   (11-1-17)..anthony
  11-2-17   Some freaking magic.   (11-2-17)..Romy the Cat
  11-2-17   Explanation   (11-2-17)..noviygera
  11-3-17   11 feet apart   (11-3-17)..kodomo
  11-3-17   Juts a proposal.   (11-3-17)..Romy the Cat
  11-4-17   Stronger preamp   (11-4-17)..ArmAlex
  11-5-17   A stronger preamp and sick Paravicini?   (11-5-17)..Romy the Cat
  11-5-17   Sick? No.   (11-5-17)..clarkjohnsen
  11-5-17   Strong pre   (11-5-17)..ArmAlex
  11-5-17   I think it will be no 312....   (11-5-17)..Romy the Cat
  11-18-17   The new room is officially open.   (11-18-17)..Romy the Cat
  12-2-17   A picture…   (12-2-17)..Romy the Cat
  12-2-17   What a beautiful set-up!   (12-2-17)..clarkjohnsen
  12-3-17   Dream place   (12-3-17)..ArmAlex
  12-4-17   Headphones sound from playback   (12-4-17)..Romy the Cat
  12-5-17   The headphone analogy   (12-5-17)..kodomo
  12-5-17   Sound in a head vs sound in space   (12-5-17)..Romy the Cat
  12-5-17   Wrong way   (12-5-17)..kodomo
  12-5-17   Sounds like an insult to me   (12-5-17)..martinshorn
  12-5-17   Imaging.   (12-5-17)..Romy the Cat
  12-11-17   Some odd pleasure with no memory.   (12-11-17)..Romy the Cat
  12-12-17   Learn to forget   (12-12-17)..steverino
  4-1-18   The infrabass injection.   (4-1-18)..Romy the Cat
  4-1-18   The number 20   (4-1-18)..steverino
  4-2-18   Undertones?   (4-2-18)..Paul S
  4-2-18   Resonance distortion   (4-2-18)..steverino
  4-2-18   There are many options   (4-2-18)..Romy the Cat
  4-2-18   I want it...   (4-2-18)..Romy the Cat
  4-2-18   Music vs, Sound Effects   (4-2-18)..Paul S
  4-2-18   Clarity in the murk   (4-2-18)..steverino
  4-2-18   The gentle exit   (4-2-18)..Romy the Cat
  4-2-18   I understand   (4-2-18)..steverino
  4-2-18   Low frequency dithering   (4-2-18)..steverino
  4-2-18   Nearfield Listening vs. Performance Weight and "Space"   (4-2-18)..Paul S
  10-3-18   Eventually!   (10-3-18)..Romy the Cat

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