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Thread WITH the new posts.

Legends: "Week" - last week posts, "Bold" - entered last 48 hours.
... again on GOTO Unit drivers... 4343 
About sincerity and the Tailored Audio™ 4343 
One more thing. This is how I see the things out there… 4343 
Audio lobbism or the Audio Churches 4342 
So, what is about the SOUND of the GOTO drivers? 4342 
Audio or porn? 4342 
Pixes 4342 
SOUND of time aligned GOTO 4342 
You are preaching to the chorus. 4342 
GOTO, electricity and me being 'insulted'. 4342 
Electric GOTOs 4342 
The methodologically reasonable driver’s assessment 4342 
Audio always as a combo, never a list of components 4341 
Always valid... 4341 
Methodologically reasonable driver's assessment continued 4341 
Now we are hitting the keys! 4341 
Time 4341 
Well, what are we taking about? 4341 
I understand... 4341 
Musicality and details: a quest for a friendly audio experience 4330 
I have no idea what Jean Hiraga said but…. 4330 
Work in progress and a support request 4330 
Important to learn to associate measurements with subjective evaluations 4329 
How I'd wish to write in my language... 4329 
Time alignment is not just divers movement 4329 
Oh... Sh!T.... 4320 
Stay with what Goto recommend at this time. 4320 
I guess I'll give them a try first 4320 
The upperbass is very critical. 4320 
Well well well the horns and drivers arrived... 4264 
Some recommendations. 4264 
Nice setup and certainly have room for a bass horn 4263 
Idea for Ming 4263 
Not really 4262 
Evolution or revolution? Tradition or... 4262 
Horns are like fishing art…. 4262 
Well, need to make peace with YOUR room 4262 
More on time alignment 4262 
Absolutely and categorically disagree! 4262 
Thanks for the suggestions 4261 
... forgot to mention... 4261 
Ah ha, so it's 220hz 4261 
S150 horn crossover at 200Hz 4261 
Common sense horns without GOTOnization :-) 4261 
GOTO recommend 1st order crossover 4261 
Ming, now “new” these GOTO views? 4261 
I knew who you are talking about 4261 
Thanks for all the great suggestions 4258 
Nice to have you on this thread 4258 
Sure...more talk about GOTO 4258 
3 whys: SG370, SG370DX, SG37FRP… 3971 
Goto mid hi summary 3971 
The Goto’s strangeness… 3971 
Goto unknowns... 3971 
Goto honeymoon night? Worth it? 3971 
GOTO high mid range driver 3971 
Goto vs. Goto? 3971 
What is wrong with being accurate sound? 3971 
Why care about the specifications as Goto understands it! 3970 
Old Goto's drivers vs. newer, current production 3967 
... following from previous post... 3967 
Goto, ALE, YL, Condo, Onken etc… 3967 
Japan audio scene 3967 
A tastes bridge (WJAAS...) 3967 
The “exotic” Japanese drivers. 3967 
"The drivers from home listening", period or multiple dots? 3964 
Dot, dot, dot... maybe's more honest... 3963 
Let to be rational about “home driver" vs. “pro drivers”. 3963 
Volume 3963 
Time alignment and GOTO 3963 
The lower power handling 3963 
One more time about GOTO and time-alignment. 3963 
What is perfectly time aligned? 3963 
Ok, doctor! :-) 3963 
Picture of proper Time-aligned 3963 
GOTO 3963 
Stop harassing the dude... 3962 
... dot, dot, dot... 3962 
A brick... a VTF's friend? 3962 
How to read the Cat’s posts 3962 
;-))) 3962 
There is nothing to confess. 3962 
Just kidding... 3962 
What is possible and permitable. 3962 
... 3961 
Hypocrisy, stupidity or just talking advantage of ignorance? 3961 
Time-aligned again - physical or relative 3961 
How Goto shoot itself into foot…. 3961 
The ‘twogoodears’ visit of A.L.E. Acoustic Laboratories 3920 
Audio Sashimi 3918 
My memories about Japan audio. 3918 
Yoshimura Laboratories compression drivers on loose 3897 
Flying drivers 3897 
Stupidity vs. honesty in upper-knee response. 3897 
Reinhard about Goto Drivers. 3866 
Some unconfirmed story of Japanese driver manufactures. 3575 
Copression drivers Multiamping with gainclones? 3410 
An irrelevant reply... 3410 
French translation to English from Japanese. Oh, boy! 3310 
What was your reasoning? 3242 
Trial and Error 3239 
More “perceived speed"? 3239 
There are a lot of Goto out there. 3170 
Goto 146 woofers. 3004 
European GOTO prices 2979 
Pair 2979 
Goto's price list 2978 
GOTO get time-aligned help.... Eventualy!!! 2551 
GOTO installation in Lithuania. 21 
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