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Posted on: 8-19-09


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Thread: The absolutely “best” material for horns construction.
           Reply: Not as bad as you think  
I’m absolutely certain that the mids and lows are designed in the same function supporting fashion as I described the compression driver. Danley explicitly explains this in his patent. For my own amusement, I went through all the math and calculations and everything fell in place with what is described in the patent. The Synergy horn meets all 4 points I wrote about in my earlier post about how the Unity and Synergy are different. There is nothing scary about the Synergy, it’s just different. I can understand you may not have any desire to understand it, but that does not mean it is any less a horn.

As you know I’m well aware of the geometry and math involved in analyzing horn designs. You can’t ignore the “re-entry” paths just because it is more challenging to understand. The smearing and reflections you alleged to don’t exist. The mids and woofers operate in laminar flow and not as direct radiation into the horn. The axis of entry is irrelevant because of this. The sound emanates into the horn very much like a balloon inflating. All the re-entry ports are equal distant from one another, therefore the individual pressure wavefronts converge at the same time to construct a single in-phase wavefront that travels toward the mouth.

The crossover is not a specific slope or type. The crossover between the drivers is whatever is required to maintain phase, time, and frequency coherence.  The crossovers should be thought about more like transfer function modifiers. This too is explained in the patent.

I agree that the Synergy is interesting to investigate. Danley Sound Labs does do custom finishes on its existing models. However, I don’t think they would make a custom model unless you paid through the nose. With the thousands of dollars in large industrial installations, I don’t think Tom Danley has any interest in the Home Hi-Fi market. I don’t blame him either. We all know how much a circus Hi-Fi audio is. There have been several people trying to get Tom to design a flagship home version of his Synergy, but he has declined. That’s all I have to write about the Synergy.
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