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Thread WITH the new posts.

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High Quality Music Server / CD player 3596 
Let keep eyes on the ball. Define what the ball is. 3596 
Inconveniences of music servers 3595 
Am I missing something? 3595 
Data in = Data out 3594 
A perfect copy? 3594 
CDP vs HDD 3593 
Perhaps your hardware is different... 3593 
Get ripped & clocked 3592 
Quality & Quantity of Music...Oxymorons...Fibre Optics 3591 
Don't necessarily trust your soundcard/interface... 3583 
Bypass that sound card! 3581 
Look both ways 3581 
Is USB the solution? 3581 
Bypass that sound card? The Cosecant DAC? 3581 
The Cosecant correction. 3581 
Has anyone tried the 24/192 Benchmark DAC Pre? 3581 
Probably, maybe, yes 3580 
Benchmarking 3580 
USB or do not USB? 3580 
OK, some bobber really of USB. 3576 
An audiophile grade server: The Linux Solution 3510 
The Linux and a slightly misleading point of 3510 
The digital audio future... 3510 
Lynix vs. Windows files playing. 3509 
Timing is everything 3508 
The Asynchronously gifted Wavelength Audio DAC's 3508 
The problem that I have with idea of USB DACing. 3508 
The TDA1543 and the NOS sound 3508 
Of TDA DAC chips and such 3507 
Méfiez-vous... 3507 
Newer NOS DAC chips??? 3507 
High Quality Music Server / CD player 3501 
Noise? Go optical... 3501 
Of the vaguest specifications but, of course, the best intentions... 3501 
The problems in the DAW's switching PS? 3501 
High Quality Music Server / CD player 3501 
The tongue was firmly planted in cheek. 3501 
The problems in the DAW's switching PS? 3501 
Yes and no. Still, it does not answer the question and PS. 3501 
NOS and the highest quality Red Book reproduction 3500 
Beyond the transport 3500 
The media is the bitch. 3500 
NOS and the highest quality Red Book reproduction 3500 
Yes and no. Still, it does not answer the question and PS. 3500 
Idea... 3500 
Come on!!! 3500 
Idea... 3500 
MAC airport Express 3500 
Saying it, I do aknowledge and understand... 3500 
Saying it, I do aknowledge and understand... 3500 
How to slow the CD readers. 3498 
Computer CD readers were made to read data and not audio 3498 
Putting the proper spin on it 3497 
Extracting data from a CD 3433 
Ten Questions about Computer Audio 3433 
I disagree with Charles Hansen 3433 
EAC, Mr. Hansen etc. 3433 
Ripping and playback software is important 3432 
External power supply for DAW 3396 
The sonically approved computer powers supply? 3396 
Commonality of power 3394 
Home brewed power supply for music server 3394 
I think it is different. 3394 
The people who have to do it must do it. 3394 
Best sounding version of iTunes 3321 
"Official Response" 3321 
A music player for iTunes 3320 
Dem in Munich 3320 
Amarra; I'll try it the day afta tomarra 3320 
Must have been convincing 3320 
Markus Hi 3320 
Amarra : Supported Audio Formats and $ 3320 
Jessie 3320 
Thanks for the reply 3320 
Computer transport 3319 
The interface is the culprit 3319 
Music servers pop like mushrooms 3319 
The main cause of the inferior performance... 3319 
PC grounding. 3318 
Interfaces, interfaces 3318 
Isolating a computer 3318 
HDD sound vs CDP sound & NOS DACs 3318 
NOS -> Acronym 3318 
Not vintage 3318 
NOS and filterless 3318 
The PC interface 3316 
The "custom-built" by dealers audio computers. 3310 
Weiss AFI1 joined the Interface Club 3298 
More about the AFI1 3298 
The power supply in DAWs 3298 
AFI1 now works 'properly' in dual-wire mode 3180 
Good for Weiss! 3180 
The sounds of silence; continued 3075 
What is ST? 735 
Lavry Digital wiki 735 
Optimal Sample Rate. 735 
Perfect or good 735 
CD ripping 735 
Less is more 734 
USB 2.0 729 
Computer Audio 719 
Who cares what they think? 718 
This is objective not subjective 717 
If we are Rating, what are we rating? 717 
USB 716 
Computer/usb, cd transport/spdif 715 
CEC TL0X vs Berkeley Alpha USB 662 
Sure, but I doubt that anyone need to care about results besides you. 662 
Audio CD -> Rip PCM (AIFF) -> Roon Player -> Apple Core -> Apple USB Driver -> Gordon USB Code (Berkeley) -> SPDIF -> DAC 661 
CEC TL0X Berkeley USB to S/PDIF 656 
Some updates 578 
Computer vs TL0 578 
Compress dynamic 577 
My revision 573 
BBB 541 
Cd transport vs. computer 519 
Very much opposite. 517 
Re "The media is the bitch." 517 
So many variables. 517 
Custom MOBO. 517 
Nope, it was not me. 517 
A mistake then. 517 
Musica Pristina. 517 
Aurender N10 516 
What is the problem with N10? 516 
Musica Pristina 2. 516 
N10 516 
Please, elaborate. 515 
N10 Review 515 
Linux ALSA 505 
OSS. 505 
Alix2d2 501 
Audiophile Linux. 501 
Runeaudio 501 
Rune Audio are just tweaks. 501 
Runeaudio 501 
Optimizations 500 
NetBSD 500 
The locus of intervention 499 
There are other reasons. 499 
Flac is not bit-perfect 497 
Flac is just a contender. 496 
Flac is bit-perfect 463 
Anything add something to the total load of the pr... 463 
Mpd config 463 
The current mpd version is 0.20.6! 463 
New MPD is written by C++ 463 
Load. 463 
Mpd config script 463 
Is there any good digital designer? 453 
More moronic blah blah? 453 
Haha :-))) 452 
Looking for a good external Power Supply 449 
Simple and cheap 449 
Purepower 3000 is on the way 449 
Isolation is everything 449 
PC Audio 101 
Toslink might help 79 
I dont think about it 79 
AES67 43 
Can you burn CD from Spotify? 16 
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