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My Audio Philosophy 1292 
Correction 1291 
Speculation! 1289 
Master Tape 1288 
Guilty as charged, your honor. 1288 
Just me and a keyboard and a cup of coffee... 1288 
What a pity :-\ 1288 
It is OK 1288 
My View 1286 
Too stubborn to say "never again" 1286 
A linear sequence of cascading controversial mistakes 1285 
"Correcting Errors" 1285 
Taylor Series 1283 
There are no happy endings 1283 
Wrong discussion 1283 
Our brain 1283 
It's idiocy that gives men wings... not Redbull 1283 
Language barriers and common courtesies 1283 
Complex relation 1281 
Wrong direction 1281 
Jean Hiraga modeling 1022 
Imbalance 1022 
Credit Where Credit Is Due 1022 
Our short Audio Story 354 
Unfortunately in my limited experience 354 
Classification is not related to audio components 353 
Levels of perception are not tied to audio or hardware 353 
Music is different to Audio 353 
Why audio if not music? 352 
Do hardware solutions and sound quality related? 352 
Guiding System Development 351 
Audiopax Model 5 Audiopax model 88 86 
Arrival ... 68 
Let me know why Audiopax inject energy to the soun... 67 
More Audiopax .... 67 
It is about dynamics 66 
Silvio Comment 66 
Audiopax continued 66 
Minimum power 66 
Odd calculation 66 
Good dynamic vs sound level 66 
Good dynamic vs sound level 66 
Average condition 65 
Power levels 65 
Limited experience 64 
More on Tannoys 64 
Audio gone! 60 
If our philosophy fits in one thread - is it philo... 60 
Is that Opportunity I Hear Knocking? 60 
Strauss Choral works 60 
Jackpot! 60 
Strauss is very special to me (and a lot of others... 60 
Ignore it 58 
Wow 58 
Amir, this is open internet space 57 
YES SIR!!! 57 
Keep going Amir 57 
Incomplete 56 
My history 56 
Illusion 56 
Two Iranians arguing on American audio forum run b... 56 
Globalization 56 
I am amazed! 55 
What's going on over here 55 
The nationality in Audio 55 
Listening Level and Audio IQ 53 
Misinformation 53 
Audio IQ is the stuff that audiophools are made of 53 
Just do it 53 
There is two halls 53 
Two halls 53 
Misinformation 53 
Musicians generally do not play by the same rules 53 
Musicians' responses to music 53 
Audio 53 
Audio Event / Music Event 52 
Playback listening 52 
Instrument 52 
A lot of words 52 
The catch is 52 
Yes and no... 51 
Also there is much room 51 
Beauty 51 
SOTA 51 
LF extension is important 51 
Canned meat 51 
Beat 50 
Continue 50 
Bad hardware does not kill musicality, ignorance d... 47 
How We Get From Here to There 47 
Complex systems make good playback harder 46 
Siemens SL45 vs NAD Dynaudio 46 
Orchestra effect 46 
Amir, can we stand back a bit.... 46 
I am done posting in or reading this thread 46 
Listen to my audio playback 45 
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