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Analog vs. Digital... without BS.

The title of this thread would appear laughable for anyone who practices audio more than a week. This is as beaten subject as Tubes vs. SS or Mosfet vs. Bipoloar. However, with all my awareness about the popular Analog vs. Digital debate I with astonishment would note one absolutely ridicules moment:  the true Analog vs. Digital conversation and the objective observation about the Analog vs. Digital rivalry never took place, it least I never heard or read about it. Let me to explain.

We are very much accustom to a superficial hoodlums running more or less capable analog and digital setups and claim superiority of one or another  format, mostly everyone are in a favor of analog.  The LPs are better than 44/16 CD, the 15ips ¼” tape is better than the stupid SACD, the 30ips 1” tape is better than Pontius Pilate revised his judgment… The list of the absurdities might be going on but there is a very fundamental mistake that all of trios people make and this mistake absolutely disqualifiers the judgments of those “experts”.

Before I go on and post my observation to the subject I would propose whoever wishes to guess where the disqualification and confusion lies.

The caT

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Digital vs Analog?
I like to know is there any idea in romy mind about proper digital implementation ?
do you think we can replace analog with proper implemented digital without lossing any important thing?

but about my idea :
I think digital at it's best can give us transparent, smooth, easy and no attention to itself sound but it can not carry low level information that emotionally connect us to music.
I don't say digital is not emotional (as emotionality is relative to many other things) but digital will reduce emotionality of sound.
as romy say we have 7 listening level i think digital give us good result in first level but it can not be as good as tape in other levels.

maybe i need to listen to digital in a better condition but i really believe digital can not be equal in analog even with proper implementation.

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Philosophical confusion

philosophical confusion

Undoubtly,analog and digital are mere "medium" in the world of "contents and intentions" music is made of. Talking philosophically, If we dare
to discuss or give credit in any way to such a dilemma,we stay in fact out of the place where  music itself works and then we are outside the
audio practice that makes  sense only as something DEEPLY related  to music.That´s the important thing  . Moreover, "audio practice" is a medium,
not to mention how a "medium to the medium" analog or digital is. There´s nothing more than that.If you put it on the table  , you are 
confusing things and playing the wrong game. 


Whoever audio leader (or anybody else) supports,discuss or gives credit today to any analog vs digital dilemma  in audio (equally to any different kinds of dilemmas or Themes the world of hifi supported through decades)  demostrates one or more of the following :

.-short practice in audio
.-wrong  or undeveloped musical tastes
.-ignorance of the  issues relatives to generation of audio as communication between human beings (composer-musician-listener)
.-disability of understanding of any complex intelectual and/or spiritual issue the humans had developed trough history
.-incapacity of discerning the tools-from-the objectives that supports developement of any human discipline or intelectual activity
.-luck of any serious capability to dive under superficiality of things
.-corrupted or low  ethical personal evolution 
.-low analitical and rational skills
.-low degree of spontaneus or "mentally open" responses to any external complex interactions

I would say that such a thing like the  mentioned dilemma  reflects precisely and sinthetically every disease,prejudice,snobism and
absurdity  the world of audio ( or the so called world of hifi) supports and promote based on the inability to discriminate by the community of "customers".
True that "customers" would need to be guided trhough the path of audio  as  audiodiscipline  is complex  and needs high grade of
sensibility (the most difficult to develop it seems ) and rational skills .

I couldn,t say who of every audio dealer / leader  reaches any high degree on things that really  matters .