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Post Subject: Mediocre to badly-sounding digital mediaPosted by eduardo on: 4/21/2009

In fact, digital recording allows the industry to  process easily every musical material (a very powerful exchange-tool). Unfortunately,
digital recordings  are also highly corruptible  in the musical-expresive potential  as you point out Romy.Contrary, analog  has much less "processing-facilities" ,being much more resistive to musical-expressive loss. 
Anyway, given the fact that 99,999999 of consumers are incapable to realize  and take care , and adding audiophiles over the world going on giving credit to digital vs analog dilemma, I´m not optimistic about availability of raw digital recordings or any possitive development from  industry ahead of cd, sacd , etc. Even audio quality "reference points" are referred everywhere to as "cd quality", "sacd quality" and so on. We are bound to mediocre sounding media I guess.

audio practice relates to "actual sound" not to (any kind) of overloaded analysys of "inner character of recorded or played material ". You don´t analyze sound,
you analyze the capability of a given "sound-conceived  structure" to produce sound. alowing you to communicate (or not) with music.
Recorded music , continuously or discontinously "constructed", is not problem for our ears, if a given threshold of "quality" or "resolution" can  connect our brain to the "communicative potential"  music demands. It´s not "what you like" nor "how it sounds" but What you dont like and what you know and you are aware of.   
Again, the dilemma turns out to be a false dilemma discussed by people who want to play the game of "adjetives spreading " on sound and hardware.
You can go for adjetives to the Music, but please ,never to the sound . That is for sure, Audio practice requires  autodiscipline, not adjetives. 
The work to do ( to reasonable audio-practice ) is to develop own reference points in order to clean up the way to connect with the music you are aware of,  with the tools you have at hand or may afford after a rational and honest music listening  process.



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