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Post Subject: DigitalPosted by Amir on: 4/21/2009
 Romy the Cat wrote:
However, the result of direct conversion of analog into digital is practically NEVER exposed to audio people.

I never heard direct conversion of analog to digital and i should agree that i can not be sure that digital is so wrong.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
Digital and analog are different by nature. It is not about descritization but about the fact that improperly “mastered” analog make sound worse but do not loose subconscious  spiritual affect of musicality, recognized at higher level of musical perception. (link). With Digital is it different.  In contrary, the corrupted digital tears the core of musical expressivity, making sound unfertile and not communicative. Beyond all of it there is the absolutely ridicules fact that industry embrace digital primary because the industry needed to manage the digital corruption or as they call it the “digital editing”.

100% agree and one of my reason that indicate digital is a wrong approach is that digital is very sensitive to the road (from record in studio to play in our home) that music come to our rooms. as you mentioned analog even in very bad state don't destroy core of musicality.
one of the things that make me doubtful about industry is that when we do not satisfy and digital error make music harmful all audiophile (99%) make decision to upgrade their components and in each upgrade listener just  have better sense in first level listening and after some month listener felt he miss one thing.
digital destroy the soul and audiophiles try to make it right with wrong upgrades and buying expensive components.
in my idea when error scale (most in higher listening levels) is large, each upgrade make the illusion that new sound is so better. wrong loop (upgrade) make the life hell.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
The said truth is that analog is editable but digital is not. The rule of the game is the analog can't delay but only filter but digital can't filter but only delay.

I agree that this is a good view about digital and analog though i disagree we can see whole things in this window.
maybe we find better window for discuss about digital and analog though now i have no idea.

again i agree i should listen to raw digital for final judgment but my sense tell me digital as it's best is not as organic as analog though in my idea even analog has it's limits.

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