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Post Subject: Training the System; Training the ListenerPosted by Paul S on: 4/20/2009
Amir, I agree with you wholeheartedly, on a philosophical level, and this in turn underpins my overview of life, art, etc.

But, in practical terms, the fractioning off of any "event" is certain, once we try to "reconstruct" that event.

Basically, any and every event is an original.  So it essentially becomes a matter of doing our best to try to package an event for the "future" that we will at some point try to relate to in some "Future Now".  How does this work, at all?

Whereas I am incliined to dismiss digital at the conceptual/technical level, it turns out that I have, somehow, gotten good musical experiences via digital.

Who can say if this this is due to "lowered expectations", re-conditioning my brain, or...?

I happen to use almost exclusively LPs as source, and I would most certainly use 30 ips master tapes, if I could, based on my perception of sound quality, per se.

But I can't rule out the possibility that I might at some point hear digital sources that work just as well as 30 ips tape for me, whether those from "closer to the source", or just something that happens to click.  I mean, I could not rule thius out, based on experience.

Best regards,
Paul S

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