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Post Subject: Are 'modern' LPs truely analogue?Posted by manisandher on: 4/21/2009
 Paul S wrote:

I happen to use almost exclusively LPs as source...

Paul, and how many of these LPs do you estimate have been recorded, mixed or been through some sort of digital processing?

It seems to me that we are not aware of so much that goes on along the chain. E.g. when it was released, 'In Nature's Realm' by Water Lily Acoustics (WLA-WS-66-CD) was apparently the first coincident-miked, all-tube analogue recording of a major symphony orchestra in overĀ 20 years. So how were all the thousands of others recorded in thisĀ 20 year period?

How many digitally-critical die-hard analoguers are listening to digitally recorded LPs... and then waxing lyrical about the superiority of analogue?


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