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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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The ridicules naming of audio products.

There is a tendency in Hi-Fi to name audio products and audio companies after some big manes in music.

Audio Artistry's Beethoven, Linkwitz’s Beethoven-Grand, Vienna Acoustics’ Mozart, Audio Analogue’s Paganini, dCS’ Verdi and dCS’ Elgar, Vienna Acoustics’ Beethoven and many others. I found it so tacky!!!

There is an audio retailer: Callas Audio. I never was there but if they are such big admirers of Maria Callas and if then demo all this cable elevators and record clamps with Callas recordings then I would understand it. If not, that is the case most likely then, what the hell made those people to pick among all imaginable manes the facade of Callas’ name?

Have you seen those famous ads: “Vienna’s Mozart - free cables - Want a deal? Make an offer! Price reduced”

Truly, the companies could name the products in a way they wish. I personally love good manful names and I feel that audio products should be named with the same discrimination and thoughtfulness as we name boats. However, stay away from the popular musical catchphrases – it is tool cheesy. I perusable can testify that when I see an audio element with such a name then I discard the component imidetaly and have no intent to listen it.

The Mendelssohn Record Cleaning Machine and the Berlioz hitsink compound... Is anything else could be more absurd?!!!
The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Pinckney (MI), United States
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My personal fave is Coincident Audio

with their Victory , Total Victory and Complete Victory or  was it Extreme Victory line of speakers . Makes me think that they are designed strictly for US market. I heard that these are good speakers and I just wonder how many potential costumers were driven away just because of those bombastic names ?
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I own a pair of the Total VictoryIII that pair nicely with my room due to the inside firing woofer (tames my room nodes).  The marketing of the products uses tremendous hyperbole (words like 'breakthrough' appear often with regard to speakers, cables, etc, each time there is a change in design), but the man does a good job of designing high efficiency speakers with first order crossovers that pair nicely with an 8 watt SET amp.  The company is out of Canada.  My favorite name is the Joseph Audio Pearl loudspeaker.  He named it after his mother-in-law.  I think because it plays loud.
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