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A multi-tier audio controller?
I am kind surprised and I was looking for it recently and I recognize that we do not have truly good multi-tier audio controllers. In my case, when I incorporate multiple systems with one installation: main, pilot, reverb, video etc, I would like to be able to remap the line level and speaker level sources and loads with one switch and from one location. I do not think that something like this exists, and I am considering building one or to commission somebody to do it for me. It will be non-active passive switch board. My objective is not only comfort but my desire to remove the load from my preamps in case the load is not being used actively. As now preamps drivers 12 power amps and half of then are none-linier load. How much abuse my preamp can stomach? I am sure it is way overloaded now… If somebody would like to bid for the project or know the existing product that can do it let me know.

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