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Paul S
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Steve Leung, Cartridge Whisperer
Steve Leung, VAS Audio, saved my Ortofon MC3000II cartridge after SoundSmith told me it was trash. Further, the cartridge tracks better than ever now, and transients are better than ever now. Particulars are: My right channel went dead “out of nowhere”. SoundSmith told me a coil wire was cut. Steve later confirmed this, and he also told me the rubber damper was “melted”. As I’d hoped, the Al cantilever and Replicant stylus were fine. A sort of weird curveball was, Steve told me that the coil wires are gold. That’s news to me, as the last trip the cartridge took before going to New York/New Jersey was to Ortofon, DK, for a “factory rebuild” to original specs, using all new parts. That should have meant copper coils. ???  The cool thing here is, Steve fixed everything, and he micro cleaned everything, and now it tracks great at the factory spec’d VTF, and it’s dialed in at the same height as it was before I sent it to New York/NJ. 
Based on my own experience, I recommend Steve as someone who can “fix the un-fixable”. I suppose cheap cartridges won’t pencil for anyone; but if you looking into the abyss with your broken classic MC in your hand, call Steve before you jump.

Paul S
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