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Just Hi.. and my audio believes
Hey to everybody.  Long time lurker and now bored and little bit drunk - finally registered . To introduce my self I choose this forum section - looked most appropriate. Excuse me please if I'm wrong. I'm from Bulgaria, 45 yrs old. Modest audio enthusiast from my early teens and still nothing more. During the years passed different type of rock/popular music and from more than 20yrs I'm stuck mostly to dance/soulful house music.Can't listen headphones, enjoying car audio  but factory sound setups are 100 percents sufficiently for me. Another one of my weirdness is I that very rarely I listen single songs - the quiet between tracks "bolds" the reality in aggressive manner, for me. Mixed sets almost all of the time. 
My audio believes are limited to digital formats/source , analog is out of my league . So when speaking of digital I'm convinced that the data flow must be kept as much possibly in the digital environment. Strict control based at the correct information is mandatory for every system, not just audio. Outside digital domain I cant see how it's possible. Again I'm absolutely not against analog , it has its own magic which I appreciate but just not understand.
Uncompressed audio format from well made device with useful and comfortable interface for source . Nothing more. Super duper digital sources are pointless for me. First the electronics long time ago reached the point where even the bat cant hear difference between "good" and "hi end" digital source and second the industry [hardware/software] is developing with temp where 20k appliance very possibly can be outplaced from 1k USD player 5-7 years later.
Sound processing - time delay, room corection ,crossover ..etc and DAC/s.
Multichanel ampplifier/s or monoblocks per chanel - depends of the personall taste and budged .Same for the amps technology ,I will be fine with everything well made - from bulbs to Hyper-x Ncore. Outside of the speakers body preferably.
Speakers  - here is a very interesting . The speaker builder, unchained from tons of dependencies from the analog crossover and with help from the sound processing can do miracles. 
Light room treathing is goot to be pressent .

That is .
Cheers everybody, stay safe and Good night !
p.s. Forgot to add - for real "hi-end": digital circuits for track and control the amps, room sensors/mics for track speakers and sending data in real time or in short intervals to the processing part for the corrections. 
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