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Romy the Cat

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Munich 2017, Avantgarde and unfortunate marketing.
It looks like it was a new trade show a few weeks back in Munich. I missed the excitement in Munich but the more I read about the trade shows the more I am glad that I do not attend them from 2005. From what I hear about the Munich 20017 was the enthusiasm coming from Avantgarde room. Here we go… 
Well, what should I say? Avantgarde produces horn-loaded loudspeakers. Not that I agree with some of the Avantgarde design sessions but they do what they do and it look like they do fine. Still, this demo room with life drummer in there is kind of make me to crunch. I understand that the objectives of the companies who paid many-many thousand dollars for opportunities to participate in the trade show is not to show product by means of good Sound but rather to create a marketing event. From this prospective the live drummer might works very well but I think it still should be some kind of integrity. 
I wonder if Avantgarde to install a number polls in the middle of the room and under a wonderful music of Stereophile demo disk they would deploy to the polls a small army of East-European stripers then would they make a larger marketing hit? I am sure each audio publication would write about it and the internet would be filled up with the images and video of the live demo. Or how about this instead: to demonstrate a great vintage sound. For instance if they play the “celebrated” Hitler’s speech "Appeal to the German People" from 1933 then would it assure an impressive media coverage. They would not need to spend money inviting an Israeli drummer, the Israeli media will pick it up for free… 
The point I make is that what Avantgarde showed in Munich 2017 is kind of shameful. It shameful despite to the fact that it even sounded horrible, particularly at lower end.

Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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