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Paul S
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New Motor for an Old Sota Star
Well, I finally got around to replacing the original motor on my old Sota Star TT, after 27 years of service. Sota is still in business, and they still service anything they ever built. Although it takes them a while to fill an order like mine, it is not so long by OCD audiophile standards, and their service is both "personal" and totally reliable. I decided that while I was at it I would "upgrade" to their "top" motor and synth (wave/frequency) board, not because I felt the need to but just to try it out The new motor is "stronger" than the old one, and the speed is rock steady, as listening bears out. "Timing" is excellent, different piches are well differentiated, and sustained notes are true, with beter clarity at LF. "Bent" notes and other techniques are clearly heard. "Silences" can play their parts.

All in all, I'm happy, so far. I hope to get another 27 years from this new motor.

Paul S
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