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Romy the Cat

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A synonym of audio reviewer
I was reading a few days back a review of very popular audio reviewer of a very popular speaker. I could name the person and product but I do not want to give to them even negative publicity as they both are idiots. Anyhow, the review wax the poetry and explain how the  reviewer listening room  cactuses begin to blouson as soon the speaker was brought in his room and how my listening of the speaker he rediscover his relationship with God.  Nothing new, those whores do it biweekly, year after year, perhaps their relationship with God is depending upon how many people out there buy and sell so as I said nothing new. What did attracted me that while the reviewer was publicly choking on his alleged  exceptionalism he did all of it in context of one single recording.

Sure, there is no problem to use one single recording. In fact for an experienced listener who know what to listen in many case a single bar of music might be enough to say a lot about performance of audio. However, in the case of the reviewer it was not the case. For him the recording  was some kind of expression of institutionalized sonic authority and he very fast build the bridge between the sonic excellence of  recording and sonic excellence of loudspeaker.

The recording itself what I call a garbage. It was done years back; everyone has it and heard it, the recording nicely played, nicely recorded, features kind of demo-style music,  but I absolutely assure you that no one would listen it ever for pleasure unless a bunch of audiophile come together and want to crack a bottle of scotch while taking about sound. It is not prohibitive to be somebody who is listening it for pleasure but I think it is to substitute the quality of the recording for the entire objective of audio (in the way how the reviewer does) is fundamentally stupid. The mentioned reviewer goes into the jungle of the recording and eventfully brings same recording from of the Tape Project – in my view the project that ultimately misses the purpose of audio. To be a reviewer and to testily that a speaker does fine while playing the retarded demo Tape Project is a panicle of being an idiot, the synonym of audio reviewer.

Yes, I do feel that reading a review is in many instances is like cruising around somebody mine, learning about the person objectives and interest. Why the idiots who write for audio publications so love to demonstrate their limited objectives and banal interests? I do NOT feel that all audio writers have inadequate taste and dull interests but it is an unfortunate dominating trend among them while they are selling audio to diminish own musical taste to a laughable level.

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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