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Romy the Cat

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Artificial Phases Randominisation.

We know that distance between a listener and live source in a concert hall creates HF attenuation along with adding of reverberations, changing harmonics/overtones balance and so on. Loudspeakers are in a way exposed to the same rules. If we conditionally accept that playback acoustic system radiate unanimous phase characteristic across the whole frequency range then it would not be difficult to visualize the distance between source and listener as the area where phases get randomized. I do not completely agree with this depicting but let for the sake of name calling to call the diffusion sound with distance as the Phases Randominisation.

So, what I am interested is to found out if it is possible to inflict an artificial Phases Randominisation effect to playback’s acoustic system. I mean to have a loudspeaker to produce sound that would be mimicking the sound of the same loudspeaker only located at, let say 10 time of distance. For sake of simplicity I would not consider the RT-60 parameters of listening room.

I am sure that by processing signal by some kind of digital means it would be possible to do with signal anything imaginable. Well, the intra-venous vitamins feeding, I am sure, can substitute for some the interest for French cuisine…. So, I wonder if any natural and accepted way to inflict the Phases Randominisation effect to signal. The heavier loading of output tube creates the effect of transients subsiding and increase of harmonics but it has very different feel then the increase the distance of listening. The Phases Randominisation had different dynamic of attestation and harmonics change then plate loading.

Anyhow, this is the subject that I would like to learn and to discover more.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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Ralph Glasgal´s site
Hello Romy!

Ralph Glasgal´s site is mainly dedicated to his ambiophonics method, but also has some information about perception of concert halls in general.

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Each instrument in the orchestra has an individual „Phase Ramdomisation“
Maybe we could do something for the string or horn section of an orchestra as what reaches the microphone is very „random“ including early and late reflections. I would imagine problems however with instruments with less „random“ pickup: trumpets, trombones, triangles, piccolo flutes. This is the problem that I have with most „ambiphonic“ or surround sound attempts. Even the „directional“ instruments are randomized.

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