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100V vs 120V
I know there are some folks here from Australia and Asia and I wonder if it is a subject known to them. I am lately Experimenting with some electronics made for internal Japanese market and naturally it is 100 volts. Some of the electronics which runs 100 words is a ok to work within USA voltage of 120 Volts And some not. Typically, we use converter transformers volts and I wonder if the people who involved in this detected any issues.  I have two converter Transformers and they sound different, and the electronic run through those Transformers sound different between 100 and 120 volts.  So, what is the best approach. Should I change a primary transformer for my electronic components in order not to have a proxy transformer? should I burn 20V by some means? There are many other options. so, who have experimented with this?

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A little
I've played with this a little.  We are 230V in Australia but many years ago the standard was 240V and the power coming into our house is still a nominal 240V.  I remember playing with the Placette with a step down transformer and was not getting good results.  In the end I opened up the box and rewired the existing transformers so that the dual primaries are in series and thus suitable for 230V mains...and it sounded better.
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