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Pinckney (MI), United States
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Kristian Zimerman BBC interview
Apart from being an excellent performer Polish pianist is known for his obsessive approach to addressing acoustics of different venues  . He made news with angry political outbursts criticizing american militarism during some concerts. The interview could be posted in Audio section since it mostly revolves around acoustics and sound from the musician's point of view. Personally, I can relate to the habit of listening in the car in order to get rid of annoyance of audio system. Rgrds, W

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Romy the Cat

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A very good interview indeed.
The criticizing American militarism sound like a rational things to do. During the concerts? Hm, I do not know. I happens to like it but I know many who would not like and I would not blame them. I think however nowadays Polish people shall not be complaining about American militarism as then completely voluntary become the discussing whipping bitches of American militarism. 

Anyhow, the Krystian Zimerman Interview is spectacular. A very very very interesting man indeed. Thank for posting it.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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