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Electrovoice t350 repair for this dummy.....
     Hi all,
                I have a t350 horn that I recently got out of an old cabinet at a junk shop which does not work. If I connect it to my Marantz 1030 amp it will only play very faintly as if you are listening to cheap earphones laying on the floor several feet away. I put a radio-shack multi-meter across the terminals and it looks to be open.
                 I have another 828 horn, which looks like a motorcycle exhaust, out of the same cabinet and it will play much louder on the same amp. Also with lot I got a x336 three-way crossover, which seem to pass signals but I certainly do not know how to open it up or test it.

                Is the t350 repairable at home by someone with good mechanical ability and average soldering skills? I was wondering if I could take it apart and maybe look inside for a bad connection that might be soldered up or repaired somehow. I really do not have anything to lose if it does not work anyway.
                Also I was wondering if the x336 crossover comes apart somehow or if it is a permanently assembled unit.
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