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Romy the Cat

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A ridicules speaker cable

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Recently I was playing with my horns, running with across my room, trying to hit with them my Cat…. When I settled down at the place when I need them to be I one more time faced a problem of cables. Whoever use multi-channel systems and do milliamping knows that the cables are always like a size of your boat: it always needs a few more feet, no mater how big it is. The cable always are too short, or too long, or too stiff, or too visible color, or too bad position themselves regarding the proximities, or do not sound too good or more and more and more and more… Another way to say the cable is a pain in an ass! I have to mention that I'm not one of those who state that cable do not mater and I am quite easy can discriminate and appreciate cables. I have to mention that over the audio carrier I was stupid enough to familiarize myself with most cables avalable are out there including many custom made and all possible zip-cords…

So, looking at the “new” horn's real-estate I realized the I need one more 90cm speaker cable with custom terminators and a custom “thin” shielding. It sounded like one more custom Dominus about to be ordered but then I decided to let it run for a few weeks. This time I decided to make as low profile and as simple cables as it possible.

I took a roll of a Solder (in my case it was Wonder Solder) and soldered the wire of the SOLDER ITSELF to the drivers and between the drivers. I mean the conductor itself become the Soldering wire and the drivers were connected with the solder itself. Ironically when the soldering (hearting) place held the wire quite secure and I was able to make an exact run of the wire along a quite complex and convoluted path… It looked good, it felt good, it had no isolation, it was as short and possible, it has the one single non-changing diameter, it has no connectors or change of materials within the path and it used a bizarre conductors: I have no ides what it made from.

The fun part that it sounded quite interesting, very interesting. I will not describe how it sound and my opinions, due to the multiple reasons, are quite premature. I juts would suggest trying it. It really cost no money and takes no time but the result might make you to think about something.

Certainly your mileage might wary. I do not declare an invention of this “odd” way to connect drivers, crossovers and etc but I did not see or hear anyone else do it.  If this method “works” for you then you free to use it with one condition: if you see in your neighborhood a homeless Cat then feed her once…

Good Luck,

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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