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Romy the Cat

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John Curl’s new phonostage.
The new sites announce that Parasound introduced John Curl designed Halo JC 3 Phono Preamplifier. It is passive EQ, three-position input impedance switch, DC coupled amp stages with FET followers. It reportedly has average noise ratio and unknown gain. The idiots who write about it do mention price and impales the it sounds like Curl's Vendetta but they forget to mention the gain of the thing.

It is hard to predict what it might be. Hopefully it will be transformer-less, high gain SS phonostage. The Curl cooperation with Parasound is not so glorious. The widely publicized and widely beloved by majority of audio idiots Curl/Parasound Holo power amplifier was a disaster.  The audio idiots jumped out of windows to get them and the audio revisers were trembling in public multiple orgasms when they describe the sound of Parasound Holo  JC1 and JC2 power amplifiers. The really was that JC1 and JC2 were such a horror that Feds might very well use the Parasound Sound to make prisoners to suffer in Abu Ghraib…

So it is very little possible to predict about Curl new phonostage.

The Cat

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Specs of the Halo
         Phono Input Impedance
        MM setting: 47k ohm
        MC setting: 47k ohm or 100 ohm

        Output Impedance
        Unbalanced: < 100 ohm
        Balanced: < 100 ohm per leg

        Input Sensitivity at 1 kHz
        MM: 4mV in for 1.0V output
        MC: 0.4mV for 1.0V output

        Total Gain
        MM: 47 dB
        MC: 68 dB

Apparently no transforemers or capacitors in the signal path but uses the servos...

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