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Part of development process.
They come out from "nothing" (even considering some eventual reverse engineering) with a set of 5 drivers supposedly to be sonically matching.

During the development process they certainly got all kind of sounds while prototyping and had to discover what each specific part of the driver does sound-wise to be able to match they all. If they documented the process (engineers usually do), they could tune characteristics on purpose to match some specific criteria.

Certainly there would have limitations, specially related with the limitations of the driver design, but with a fully documented development process they certainly can tune a lot of things with certain prediction of the resulting sound.

If they have the tooling it hard to believe the process would be really expensive with the unique logistics they have in China. Ever if they are using some very expensive custom alloy to build the drivers those are still metal and the discards can be fully and easily reused, that would not be free but far from expensive as buying all the thing again. In China this kind of arrangement can be made literally just knocking at the door of someone who is able to reuse the material.

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Paul S
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Pay To Play
One thing for certain, they will want serious money before they get into it with someone.  And how many times "back and forth", tuning drivers to horns, each other, the amps, X/Os, and the room,  does that include?  I remember playing with other peoples' theater speakers, which had all been "tuned" by sound engineers, and feeling like it was hard to even know where to begin, even with "dedicated" amps!  Sure, someone might do it; but who has already done it?  Where are the examples?  There are good, practical reasons why Romy's system plans have millions of hits.  While there are certainly other ways to do it, it might take a while.

Best regards,
Paul S
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ESD relationship with Mr. Sam Saye and Dr. Bruce Edgar
Hey Romy, this is Jacky from ESD and I happened to find this site. I'm really glad that you guys are interested in our products, but there seems to be some misunderstanding about Sam and Bruce, so I just registered to clarify a bit.
Yes, Dr. Bruce Edgar and Mr. Sam Saye are part of our company. ESD was actually first registered in California where I learned with the two masters and we built the prototype together.
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Here's a photo.
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Hey Josh I remember you~ It's Jacky. If you have time please come to our headquarter at China! Much better room acoustic assured.
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Romy the Cat

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Thank you.
Jacky, thank you for clarification. I have my view about Bruce and Sam being the “part of your company” and it will remind my view. I hope you will find the critiques expressed in this thread constrictive. It would be interesting to hear your commentary about what was expressed in this thread. Are you planning to sign up any dealers or reps at US’s East coast and make an East coast installation available?

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Yes, Romy, there are lots of very constructive ideas and I learnt a lot. We welcome all kinds of comments especially the negative ones to improve ourselves.In October and November we’ll attend Rocky Mountain and New York show. Hopefully see you there and let you listen to it.And yes we are looking for opportunities in the US market, getting touch with some people interestedSmile
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Hi Jacky! Nice that you show up in our rednex discussion Wink I remember too. Thats a nice shot with E&S. Hope you got some response out of your show. Keep us updated about future changes. Would be very interesting whats going on behind the curtain reg. prototyping, finetuning etc. As I remember you had lot of R&D ongoing...  KR, josh
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