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Romy the Cat

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Audio Quality Matters in the animal sexuality room.

I was watching  (probably a third of it as it was empty-minded) this clip…


… and had a strange feeling: what the incredible collection of idiots self-preacupated with own blind righteousness!  It is no surprise that the commercial Audio Quality in such a deep shit when the industry lead by such Morons.

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
01-05-2009 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
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How the Grinch Stole Audio
I watched this. At first they are a bunch of pompous arrogant guys sitting around flatly bored, spouting asinine opinions mostly to hear themselves talk.

Then a funny thing happens.  About two thirds of the way through, they actually play a record and listen to some music.  It reminded me of the scene in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"  where he hears music in the tiny town of Whosville. 

The whole time before, everyone was totally still, bored looks on their faces. glum expressions. Then with the music playing them began to move around a little and smile.  Afterwards, they began to discuss the music.  They got excited, smiling, laughing, jumping around a bit. What a wonderful transformation!  So music doth soothe the savage beast!  Maybe there is hope for these fellows after all.  Sadly the things the talked about were still pretty offensive and showed very little insight to even the first level of audio perception, BUT at least the music moved them.  Hm.

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