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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Order your own music….

I was reading in the today’s New York Times as this weekend the NY Philharmonic played in Center Park and accepted the pre-announced encored from the 63.000 audiences via text messages and thought that is was such a cool idea.

A few years back I have a “similar” experience. I went to some kind of job interview and walking back through Boston I saw a large symphonic orchestra playing right on street. It was perhaps 130-140 musicians in the orchestra, mostly teenagers of 15-18 years, perhaps some kind of music academy as they play rather good for a regular high-school band. There were perhaps a few dozen of walkers who stop by to listen so did I. The orchestra played a few classical pop peaces and it was kind of surreal to listen the famous repertoire live in the middle of the city. Then a conductor (a woman) turned to a few of us what were there and asked what we would like them to play. It was so nice. A guy proposed the William Tell Overture; she turned to the orchestra and they play the Overture - juts like that. She turned back asking what next.  I race in my mind across the pop repertoire and ask for the Rimsky’s Scheherazade. The conductor asked: “Which movement?” I replayed: ”The third”. Believe me or not but she turned back and they start to play. Sure it was not the perfect play but it was so much fun…

How little I knew about the craziness and eagerness that lives in the lungs of tanagers. Being me I decided to walk around the orchestra to listen it from different time-delay points.  I was on the further right what the music approached the famous ship wrack moment. The orchestra had 4 tubes and one evenly-enthusiastic tanager behind each of them. When this 6 tubes kicked in with the “wave thyme”.  I got that re-birth experience. It was like a cat suddenly wakes up and jumps 6 feet in air…  I did not have a hard attack but I was so close…

I had need to calm down and ask them to play Vocalise… she shad that they do not play Vocalise…

Rgs, the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
07-24-2008 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Paul S
San Diego, California, USA
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Drifting Southwest
Romy, this is a little OT, but do you remember the Curtis Institute (Philadelphia, I think...)?

Anyway, I just heard them on my truck radio today, and they were great!  So enthusiastic!

While enthusiasm does not solve all musical problems, IMO it is wonderful in and of itself, and especially so in the young.  It has certainly bailed out plenty of local efforts I've been present for.

BTW, the Curtis Institute band was not just enthusiastic, but they were seriously good!

I'd go well out of my way to heart this band again.  But I agree that being able to order your personal favorite music directly from a real live orchestra in real time might be too much!

Best regards,
Paul S
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