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Romy the Cat

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About “strangeness” of Audio Reality

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It always amazed me that among the people who circle around audio there is a sentiment that audio might require none-presentational evidences. I look at those full of pomposity and self-assured individuals who would talk about anything and who would try to prove points by listing of thier irrelevant credentials, apply inapplicable arguments and I ask myself ....if the existence of that critical mass of the wasted audio-intelligence that has no substance is for real?

Take any subject in audio, any subject, and you would be able to find at least two fully credentialed and evolved individuals who possess completely opposite opinions. Nothing wrong with this but in any none-BS-environment there is always a practical reasonable and healthy approach to justify opinions and to distinct truth from BS: to experience an actual result. If you are a better car racer, doctor, civil engineer or cook then you drive car quicker, faster diagnose a patient, build more reliable bridges or cook tastier meals. It means: in any other fields an experience, knowledge and capacity of a person lead to the person’s ability to demonstrate more "interesting" results. How come that in audio when you families yourself with the Actual Results that the most noisiest individuals have accomplished then you see a huge gap between their self-noise and the actual Sound that they were able to achieve?

I’m very gullible person and I believe to anything, at least I want to. I’m ignorant, naïve, susceptible and I adore anyone who would like to instruct me. However, show me the Sound! How come that in 99.999999% of the cases behind the words of the audio-individuals there is no actual sonic accomplishments? How come that when you visit a new self-proclaimed "Napoleon of Audio Wisdom" and you experience what s/he tried to accomplish with his/her playback you feel sorry that you extended any credibility to this particular Moron™? Even more, you did not just experience a primitive or bad Sound in his/her room (witch might happen anyhow) but the most important: you experience very a primitive audio-intent from this person, the audio-intend that you consider sub-mental and sub-qualified even to begin any serious conversations about Audio.

Really, the audio people get some grip of Reality!

If you see a person who make a statement about anything in Audio, for instance an advantage of his cartridge over the one that you currently use then you should visit the person’s listening room and s/he must demonstrate to you a RESULT (or at least an attempt to accomplish the result) that should make you if not agree (completely unnecessary) but at least to respect the person's reasoning, motivations and rational.

I think it would be much less BS-noise crated in audio if the noisy Morons™ (so widely presented on the Web) would open thier listening rooms and this brains to public and would demonstrate that behind thier self-important proclamations there is nothing but a dust of hot air and fear of feeling a little truth about themselves.

Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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