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Paul S
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Rendezvous Mit Richard Tauber, Dacapo C 047-29-125
This is a German re-dub and compilation of recordings made in Germany between 1927 and 1935.  Sound is just fine IMO to bring it across, and the various "pick-up" "orchestras" are so good that it boggles the mind with respect to the musical riches of pre-war Germany and Austria.  These ensembles all play as well - with respect to timing, nuance, color, tone and mood - as any seasoned piano accompanist.

I first discovered Richard Tauber with my Heath Kit crystal radio "set", a long, long time ago.  His lieder remain for me quintessential, and they still unfailingly lift me up even as I sit there blubbering like a little girl.  Yes, I am/these are very sentimental, so if you are one who eschews sentiment as "gross", then spare yourself these songs.  While I like to think I "know the difference" between schmaltz and good music, caveat emptor.

While Tauber was VERY popular in his day, he was panned by a few critics with respect to his range in the some of the operatic roles he had no trouble landing.  OTOH, I find his voice to be exceptionally "dynamic" and perfectly suited to the astoundingly lyrical exposition of songs scaled like these.

Best regards,
Paul S
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