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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Rhapsody for Tape Recorder and Orchestra

It use to be a time when audio professionals did not just BS themselves and the gullible consumers of their services but actually were trying to do some objectionable things. Here is an interesting article from 1957.  Although I do not find the experiment “serious” but the ambition level that the participants undertook is certainly deserves high respect. How come that from THIS level of attempts the audio professionals degraded to level of the today’s idiots I have no idea.


Romy the Cat

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01-04-2008 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Paul S
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So rigorous!
I used to love this sort of experiment, which type was more common years ago, simply because it is so damned clever and complete within its own rationale.

One thing this experiment does not address (nor does it need to) is the fact that our awareness of differences can increase over time, ie, we get "better" at it.

Another thing to think of today is that when we demand the same results from hi-fi that we demand from live music it is a matter of aesthetics rather than "perfect" sonic reproduction. Ironic, then, that we are still able to get better fidelity.

I find it interesting how much emphasis they placed on the SPL/"flat frequency response", to the point where about any means employed to get it is simply a "given".

I guess this versus our present paradigm/best results is what we mean by "evolved".

Truth is, "dated take" notwithstanding, I'd be stunned (and delighted) if I read anything this intelligent in a modern audio rag.

Best regards,
Paul S
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