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Romy the Cat

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The beauty of Cannibalism at the Skull Island.

I thought to write a satiric articles that would be “in tune” with the mood of this section of my site but then I decided do not do it as the fact itself is more fanny they any imaginable mockery of the facts

Pretends that you or somebody that you care about was raped, brutally and viciously. Then the victim was robbed by the reaper. Then in a few weeks, when you are recovering from the event, you get an invoice from your rapist, the invoice “for service”. In another few weeks you begin to get letters from collection agencies informing you that you are a debtor to your rapist. In another month or so toy are learning that your rapist, sponsored by the money that you have donated for totally different programs, is running for a position in human right committee… Sounds too stressful, does it?

Well, it is exactly what is the “dally routine” in today High End audio industry.

Jonathan Scull – is well known to many audio people Stereophile writer who for years saturated audio publications with his “easy come easy go thinking”. Instead of being a first line of consumer defense of in a business of audio criticism he for years buttered up the gullible audio morons, feeding them with sponsored and prepaid lie and deceptions. In the end he got so corrupted and so ridiculed even among companies who “hired” him that the manufactures did not even were afraid openly demanded the bribes back, asking: “give our money back and go fuck yourself”.

Jonathan Scull despaired for a while and then… (Oh, the glory of the magnificent Industry!!!!)  Mr. Scull pop up as … an independent consulting marketing company with “wide-ranging experience on both sides of the CE equation: business (coordinated PR, marketing, brand building, communications, sales support) and publishing …”, possessing  the “unique insider view allows for more effective, optimized marketing opportunities.”


“We sell brand not the Product” - Jonathan Scull proudly state. Really? How about you, fucking idiot, sto ell the actually Sonic Results, or at least to learn recognize them!!!

Well, lady and gentlemen,  I present you Jonathan, the Scull Island’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary…

Anyhow, everything comes to the right palace. I clicked at the Scull Island client’s link and with my great satisfaction I saw there Harmonic Technology. Well, I am glad that they are still together, without the Scull Islands the crooked Harmonic Technology would be where it should be – making the stupid wires to handcraft King Kong…. I never forget as in 1996-97 the guy who run Harmonic Technology told me as he personally presented the new set of Harmonic Technology cables to Microsoft’s Bill Gates and that “Bill Gates after spending a whole night trying many-many of his cables (!!!) have selected Harmonic Technology cables for his home theater". When that idiot told me that ploy I did not know if to laugh or to cry... Well, I hope the Ambassador Scull will come up with better anecdote of his “clients”...

Sleep the citizens of Oceania… do not forget that what you buy HF cables you actualsy pay for the rubber gloves that Jonathan Scull wears on his fingers…

Romy the caT

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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