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Alicia De Larrocha, Bach, London CS-6748, 1972
I love Alicia's touch on this record!  On side 1 she plays the Italian Concerto and the French Suite #6 in E; on side 2 she plays the Fantasia in C Minor and the English Suite #2 in A Major.

This stereo recording is very nice, too, to the point where I can easily forgive a little keyboard stretching to close the IC (DRAMA!) and just a little hard-panned right hand reverb (MOOD!) on the FS.

De Larrocha's left hand definitely knows what her right hand is doing throughout in these pieces.  Great left hand work, particularly with the chorded continuo.  As few and as brief as these are, they are a treat, and the recording lets you enjoy the parts and the whole.

Romy's plea to recording engineers is so true, not a joke.  I have always used the axiom: Great performance, lousy recording; great recording, lousy performance.

I am alway on the lookout for that elusive creature, the great recording of the great performance, and I hope others will continue to share here.  Now that I have adequate digital (!) I am excited to have the CD option along with LPs!

Paul S
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