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Reel Machines :-O

More changes:

B&W Matrix 800's gone.

Aerial 20t's in.

Wadia 270/27ix gone.

Levinson 390s in.

Classe Omega preamp in.

Got the Otari MX5050BII reel deck up and running in the system.....also the TEAC X-1000R 4 track in the system.

Life is good, music is great!    Romy still won't like my system.......that's OK, Romy is cool.


Paul ;-)
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Romy the Cat

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Lost Wadia virginity: congratulations!

Hey, Paul,

long time no see. It is nice that you got rid form that Wadia. Wadia for sound, any Wadia, is like a eating Peking dumplings made with no salt, no paper, no meat and cooked in non-boiled water. I always was astonished with the popularity and publicity that Wadia gets in those ruined audiophile brains. I would never say that a person who use Wadias is an idiot however I did detect that when I met in audio a digital-vice retarded persons, who would completely clueless what they listen and what they get out of thier playback then they unavoidably had a high esteem to the Wadia products. Sonically the Wadias always sound like a very-very cheap analog, played out of absolute phase and with extremely worn needle.

Also, sorry for the image (it will  be viewable only on your box). The component I used for the image uploading has some bugs and I will fix when I have time.

The Cat

PS: If you wish then send me the picture and I will fix your post.

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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