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Romy the Cat

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Real-time free and public High-End Audio News.

A year or two ago I was wondering if any news server for audio news is available. I put some code together and wrote a VERY simple service that collects Classical Music News

http://www.goodsoundclub.com/ClassicalNews.aspx   (With top news printed at the site’s front page)

I found it very convenient  I'm pulling news form 11 newsfeeds and I hardly ever go somewhere else to get musical new. How about the Audio Industry news? It is not that I really need them but I thought it would be nice to have real-time rumors, announcements or stories available.

The "audio Da Ali G”, clown Steven Rochlin publishs audio news at his site but it more and more teenager-centric. There are a few other sites that do news, but no one does it well. Probably the best news site is Srajan’s 6moons, it is where I go sometime to read news. Srajan does OK picking up some low-laying small companies that would be buried into industry noise. However, even the Srajan’s news is not inclusive. What is the most important is that in order to get news it is necessary to go over the 6moon's advertising. It is NOT how I feel news should be spread...

I always felt that news should be free, public and every-accessible. So, I asked during that time Srajan and Steven if they were wiling to broadcast their news in some kind of RSS format.  They had no intention. Then I told that I was considering putting some code together and I write is a public Audio News Service with an interface that might be extended to any public site, sort of self-managing High-End Audio Public News Broadcast Service, that no one owns but everyone use. All that I was asking from them (since they do not format news in XML format) would be juts a permission to perform web-scarab off their news pages. They disallowed me. Well, apparently they desperately need to OWN the things in order to sell them… Very sad…

Anyhow, it is 21 century and all of those things are very easy and very available in many deferent fields, why not in high-end audio? Why we, the audio people, do not have a centralized RSS service with high-end news. The service that everyone would use and maintain. Hey, you the industry freaks,  here is a noble chance for you….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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