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Don't evaluate audio by sound of "live" music.

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prednisolon kol
The peruse the similarity of “live” sound and the sound reproduced by a playback system is one of the most foolish notion that the audio marketing people implanted into the feeble brains of audiophiles. Never, under no circumstances compare “live” sound with reproduce sound – it totally bogus task. Let “live” sound to be live and let reproduce sound to be what it is. The purpose of reproduce sound IS NOT to sound like “live” but to affect you in a certain musical way, perhaps in the same way as you where affected during “live” performance. However, your affection during the “life” performance was not because of sound but because the musical content of the heard material. Therefore while you are trying to listen and to evaluate sound of playback system you should never relate what you are hearing to how it might be “live”. Instead of referring to “live” sound you should observe how your inner-you reacts to musicality expressed by the playback.

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