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Planet Earth
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Dennis Colin's Sound Strobe

There is an interesting review of this machine in last month's audio express magazine.  Its still unclear to me exactly what all the different pulses are for. Neveretheless, it sounds very useful to me. Does anyone have one of these units? I'm rather tempted...


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Romy the Cat

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Why do not pile it on CD?


perhaps I am missing something but what would be a difference between this “Sound Strobe” gismo and a regular good sound generator (that will do a lot of more).  I still do not get what this devise does and how it might be used but I wonder if they record whatever it does on CD and sell it for $15 then would it be the same.

I personally for whatever I need use 3 sources. I have a very cheap and frankly very crappy stand alone generator that still does the job. I have a very nice sophisticated generator in my SoundLab 5 with witch I can do whatever I want (there are many free very good software-based generator programs and with good sound card they do very fine) and I have a some CDs, bought and custom made by me that have all necessary sweeps and kinky signals that I ever need. In fact all of then converted into WAV file I mostly play it off my DAW…

So, I do not know what this $275 devise might do that might not be WAVable. Still, perhaps I am not getting something…

Romy the caT

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