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The differential diagnoses and my arrogance.
There was a very interesting event last week that tested a reality of my cockiness. My old friend was coming to town with his family. He is heavy duty audio guy and one of the few who opinion I value. We have a lot of tactical differences in out view who the playback should be build and how it should sound but still we have similar strategic view and it permits is to collaborate very effectively for years.
So, he came, we did some listening.  I told to him and myself that something is wrong, but I did not spend time in listening chair for good 4 month. Instead to break the playback in and to calibrate the system I decided to play a game: I decided to let him to listen, get a feedback and then to diagnose the problem. I know that something was wrong and standing on the side I did hear something very odd sounds. I know that over last 4 moths my kids countless times played with my playback, and they typically screw it up (pair of 5 and 6 yo). However, and this is very arrogant of me: I know the quality of my playback and I know what impact it should have to a person with involved valid test. 
So, we spend a few hours talking and listening and them deep in night I ask my friend to pass his observation about my sound and I asked him to be as detailed as he could. He said that it was wasted efforts and the sound was horrendous and he passed details explanation what what he did not like. I was listening to him very attentively, wrote my diagnoses at night and early morning went to test them. 
Well, I need to tell you that my ego was kind of erected.   
I was proposing that my Midbass channel or out of phase with each other or have lower output. They were juts disconnected, so there was no output from 30 to 125Hz   
I was proposing that my MF channel run too hot. I reality had right channel +1.25HB and left + 7DB. 
I had one of my right midbass horn running at -4dB 
As I have done, I decided do not listen the result as I knew where it should be sonically.  The amps were running overnight, so they were slightly softer, and I let my friend to listed on the morning. This time it was exactly where it should be, and I was pleased.  The only this that I did not figure pout is how my kind burned a regulator of my TT and in the slowest speed setting  it still runs much faster then 33rpm.

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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