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The best audio product of the year!!!
Yes, behind this ambitious title there is nothing to read besides my typical rant about audio industry but there is also an opportunity for you to think.
It is end of the year and audio industry is flowering with all possible attributions of different audio products as the “Product of the Year”.  I do not subscribe any printed audio publications but I briefly looked at my audio bookmarks and recognized that the “Product of the Year” awards becoming more and more ridicules each year. It is hard for typical audio shepherds to nail down individual product/s among all manufactures that they accept advertising or engage in other sleaze schemes, so they partition own judgments by zillion absurd categories.  Like the award for “Outstanding Performance per Exceptional Value almond Mid Power amplifiers with detachable power cord and distributed in Germany”.  I know, it is ridicules but it is what it is.
The bigger question that rises from the “product of the year” craziness is what it means. It is perfectly possible that some kind of product open a new class or direction for audio ideas and pushes the envelope of audio epistemology. There was two dozen of products like this in the whole history of audio but we well know that 20-30 products that are elevated by any given publication this year not only NOT exceptional but they will be very aggressively demoted and forgotten next year, when the industry pimps will get a command “to fetch” and begin to trumpet next year replacement product. I remember a few years back some publication published an article about the most groundbreaking audio products of all time. It was a reasonable read. Not that I agreed or disagreed with it but the author shared his thoughts of the subject and it indeed had some value. The today “Product of the Year” writers quote own senseless “reviews” as some kind of justification for the nominations, this is so arrogant and so stupid!
Another factor contributing to the absurdly of “Product of the Year” nervosa is that nominations as much as any writing, thinking or any public expression from the industry idiots has only one singular objective: to generate sales.  The industry people are impotent even to talk about audio if there are no marketing or sale objectives are attached to a conversation. I have been pitching for a very long time that as much as in some civilized countries state is completely separated from church the audio thinking should be completely separated from purchasing decisions. Years back, when I still felt that famous audio pimps are worthy to have conversation with them and when I was recommended them to completely decuple audio as human endeavor from audio as monetizeable commodity they were blinking their stupid eyes and told me that I was catapulted from another planet.  I certainly did…

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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