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Belar fms-2 Vs. r&s msdc 2 fm stereo mpx - your thoughts
Hi ,  Try to be short , so i will not bore you... I have  DISCOVERED fm  STEREO 2-3 YEARS AGO, i am not a tech guy , had rotel michi -10 ( nice but thin sound good highs though)  I had Grundig RT-50 ( marvelous SPECIAL SOUND - bass to die for, but poor stereo separation - although i must add it was not checked for alignment ) .  I really enjoyed simple sst-1 Telefunken tuner and decided that when it comes to radio and fm the Germans OF THE 50'S -80'S are my sonic taste.
I managed to bargain my self Telefunken 3156 and got a belar fms-2 mpx. I have not heard the units yet  ( the 3156 is waiting for me to take it from Berlin...) , and i thought to upgrade the belar 's opamps to hd ones ( Burson audio- i'v had A+ experience with their sonic attributes previously). 
Now i have a chance to buy R&S MSDC-2 decoder, mint in box, the price difference is around 1000$ so i hesitate.... 
My Q IS : Does anyone here had an expirience with belar fms-2  mpx and or upgraded one? will MSDC-2 surpass an upgraded belar fms-2? MSDC 2 comments are welcomed also.
bare in mind i am talking only about audio quality( bass, mid, highs, stereo imaging, dynamics etc)   i am not a radio "geek" and have no interest in "pilot" mode (?) ,  reception statistics etc Smile

My system is:   speakerslowther dx 4 in hedlund horn
 Amplifiers: Bottlehead Paraglow se amps / TJfullmusic 300B 2.5V TUBES  ( upgraded caps, resistors, sockets etc' and external power supply)     Pre Amp: Passive ladder type pre amp attenuator  -dale rn-60d resistors / 23 steps   Source:  esoteric P-70VU  transport + deltec dpa pdm3 dac + RF filters deltec   Subwoofer: Audiopro b2-70 sub ( upgraded sub amp).  

thanks  eran
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