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Paul S
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Terminal Velocity? Smartphone with MQA, +
I got the May 2018 issue of Stereophile despite my subscription lapsed.  This month Jason Serinus re-announces the "Hi-Res" LG V30 smartphone that answers the burning question, What's Next?  Regardless of how this device treats music, it appears to me that the phone will continue its overreach into our collective brain via streaming music, and who will be surprised if it comes with free subliminal advertising?  Though sound quality has fallen off for the past few years' audio shows, the "hi-fi industry" is constantly transforming itself to cash in on the widespread demand for "music" that is first convenient, and second anything else.  Is it too dramatic to say that current discussions about "sound quality" are more ridiculous than ever when put in the context of available sources?


Paul S
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