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Moscode, Morecode, Moronocode….

Since I am now in the Super Zarathustra conceptualization mode am paying attention to the hybrids out there.


I still do not see any interesting Class “A” hybrids but it looks like regular AB hybrid become quite popular. They do not sound interesting by those glowing tubes create a lot of opportunities for marketing BS and it is all that counts nowadays.

The June’s  Stereophile  published Wes Philips’s promotion of Moscode 401HR amplifier. It is a typical contemporary AB hybrid or the contemporary typical something that amplifiers as has some tubes in front. The review is also the typical today’s review. Wes in the beginning of his writing recalled that Dr. Gismo was against the trivializing of audio and commoditinisation of audio equipment. However, Wes Philips’s atriclay is the best illustration of trivializing of authorship and commoditinisation of audio reviewing... Anyhow, it is not about the Wes’ articles…

This Moscode 401HR amplifier is kind of full of itself. It has a stage with “undefined tube” and according to Wes Philips it might be use ANY dual triode among hundreds available. The Moscode even futures a smart circuit that would detect the location of heard and dynamically reset itself to the new dual triode that a used wish to stick in.

What an idiotic idea! An amplifier should produce very specific sound, sound that expires the designer's view about Correct Sound. An amplifier that has a stage where all imaginable tubes might be plugged does not call a commercial finished amplifier: it calls a designer’s playground prototype. So, do the guys who produce the Moscode have no idea what tube to use in order their amplifier sound how they envision an amplifier should sound? Do the guys who produce the Moscode have no idea vision how an amp should sound? Or perhaps the guys who produce the Moscode are so cynical about their prospective customers that instead of amplifiers they offer to maker a dB-incising sonic masturbator that would the keep the audio Morons ™ busy during those rainy weekends?  It is shame if the last as true, and it is particularly shame because in such case the Moscode is actual plagiarism of something else:


I remember a few years ago I proposed to one manufactures that produce vibration isolation platforms to insert to his products and 20-turn potentiometer (NO CONNECTED to anything!!!) with a scale calibrated in frequencies. Then to pitch to one of the typical cretins-reviewers that by turning the potentiometers it tunes the resonant frequency of the platform to the vibration coming from the component that sits atop of the platform. We were lounging predicting the pages of the reviewers’ wisdom that would explore “the revolutionary feature” that I proposed to call VibroTune™.  I even proposed to the guy to writhe for free a knowledge Base site that would also the users of the VibroTune to share their experiences regarding “sound improvement” via the VibroTune platform.

Romy the caT

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  »  New  Two-stages, hybrid, small, powerful class “A”?..  The Robert Koda’s Takumi K-70 hybrid...  Audio Discussions  Forum     23  170323  05-01-2006
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