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Trash your “full-rage”, single-driver acoustic systems.
The full-rage single-driver acoustic systems is probably the most hated playback topology by me. It is irrelevant if you use $200 Fostex or you use a family reserved edition of AER driver for $64.000. The result you have the same: a horrible dynamic compression, avalanche -like worsening with any single octave down and anything lower then lower-MF sound like a belching from alligator mouth. 

Years back, when I still had a mild residual interest to mentally disturbed schizophrenic individuals who fancy themselves as audio-hobbies and allowed them to visit me, waste my time with them and educated them about audio. I was played to them some real music and one listening session was enough for them stop to waste time and practice the full-rage vision of audio they were perusing. 

A week ago one “individual” who reportedly regularly read my site contacted me with a whole arrays of questions about my dislike of full-rage acoustic systems. I send his to fuck himself as I do with most of audio people who contact me directly about audio but something in his consequential response was from integrity and humor, the qualities that very seldom demonstrated by a typical audio people. So, I promised to him to response to him once via my site, so this post is a public response to you, Mark 

Mark, register at any good Japanese music retailer site and buy a DVD of Gunter Wand performs along with his NDR orchestra, the Bruckner  #4. The version you need comes with Beethoven’s Leonore overture and the Bruckner was recorded in 1990, during the Schleswig-Holstien Music Festival in North Germany. Gunter Wand unleashed the stunning force of the North German Broadcasting orchestra in Lubeck cathedral, the place of acoustic hajj, with super long reverberation time, reportedly 11 seconds. The music is great to listen next 10 years 5 time a day, the interpretation is one of the greatest for this work and now we need to identify Sound. Find large multi-channel (I do not mean 5ch surround but rather at least 5 drivers/channels per side), truly full-range, stereo installation and take you DVD there. Take 2 of Padron 50 Years anniversary cigars to the listening room. Set the playback to deliver 120dB at fff (this is critical) and play the music.  Then come home listen a few bars of your “full-rage”, single-driver acoustic system. Then take an axe, chop your speakers on small pieces, pile the pieces into 42 gallon contraction bag, put the bad at the curve of your driveway and process your life with more sensible hobbies, the philately or scuba diving is highly advisable. 

A bad version of the first movement:

Mark, please do not comment on my post.

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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  »  New  A “pocket version” of Bruckner...  Bamberg recording...  Musical Discussions  Forum     6  6897  11-30-2017
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