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Neat reminiscences from a British orchestral player (Denis Wyck)

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Great article! Funny how as listeners to recordings, we only get the experience of the music, while the orchestral musicians get that layered with a lot more experience---that of the personality of the conductor, the process of putting it all together and the work they do itself. What might make for interesting times and experiences for the players might not always strike mere listeners of recordings the same way. I am sure every one of us who enjoys orchestral recordings will find one or more conductors that this great player liked, whose recordings we can live without. I have read similar comments about Beecham by others. He was also revered by the French orchestras he conducted. It would be wonderful to understand how he did his magic. There seemed to be no rage, no anger, no intimidation tactics. Yet the results were superb, at least as we hear on his recordings. And the orchestra he formed and recorded with so often (the Royal Philharmonic, altho the LPO that he helped create was great too), had a distinctive tonal sweetness and perfection of sound that few other orchestras have equaled since (at least as it was captured on recordings!). 

Best, John Haley
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