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Garg wants more horns.
This will be yet another log on building a maconalds inspired speaker conglomerates.

So far what I gather is I need to first sort out a upperbass/mid frequency combination before I dive into the rest of the details.

I too, will try to provide pretty sketchup pictures as I progress.

As far as amplifiers, I will probably build some dedicated amps as required.

I don't really have a budget per se, but this seems like it will be an on going journey which will make it easier to produce somewhat premium (to me) active devices. That being said, my purchases will probably considered frugal amougst this company, I won't be spending 10K or 20K on them.
As far as the horns and rigging etc, I would like to build those myself where possible.

I am a neophyte when it comes to fully horn loaded systems. It is the next logical step in my audio journey.
Currently I am content running some 604E in some 16 square foot reflex cabinets I made with some pretty decent 1 watt direct coupled amps, so I do not think I am completely retarded, time will tell however.

Stay tuned.
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