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Romy the Cat

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Pure Audio Blu-ray.
Hm.... I generally late to technology innovations in audio and I am OK with it. As many of you know many of "innovations" in audio are very much shooting to a wrong target and in most of the instances with a wrong dun and wrong ammunition.  The new one that is getting traction lately is Blu-Ray Audio. I do not know a whole a lot about the new format, I presume that it is 2X or 4X 24bit recordings + some security and stupid surround and DTS encodings. How all of it impact Sound I do not know and how these recordings were recorded I also do not know.

The only reason I express an interest to the Blu-Ray Audio because German Farao label released Kent Nagano conducting Bavarian State Orchestra with Bruckner's IV, VII, VIII Symphonies - for sure an interesting event.


I of cause got the disk and I have some "strange" feeling.

The disk is pleasant. To have near 4 hours of music on one disk is very nice. The format is kind of suspicions. The surround? The DTS? You got to be kidding me? The company offers a buying option on iTunes - I would prefer the CEO of the records company were a cannibal or mass murder then to learn that the company has anything to do with iTunes and MP3. So, the initial feeling were not good.

Listening the recording also did not make me at ease.  I can't copy the recording to my DAW and play it with my DACs, the way how RR distributed their  allegedly "master dubs". So I can play it only from a Blu-Ray video player, which is kind of suck. The only Blu-Ray able machines that I have a consumer level $100 Sony  Blu-Ray/DVD player with expected quality of sound of AM radio and the very latest  OPPO 105 machine. OPPO is a wonderful and convenient  to spin videos in my Opera room driving a reasonably compromised installation but  OPPO is no were near of any more or less demanding performance. In fact the Sound of the new OPPO is way inferior to the older OPPO 93/95. Anyhow. Anyhow, when I get my OPPO and put it in my main playback running CD and trying to compete with CEC TLO then I get literally laughable result. So, why one would think that using the same OPPO with the same "Blu-Ray" DACs I shall expect anything better?

So, I decided that I will be listening my Nagano's Brucknber in my Opera Room with my Yamaha B2 driving my Cetla 91 acoustic system.  Honestly, after listening I really can't form my opinion as I do not get this sound. I can't form my opinion even about the performance for some reason my mind did not took it in. Perhaps I need to hear it again and again but the first sentiment is very strange - I do not get it.

Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Does http://makemkv.com/ not work on these?
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Great Statement!
"I would prefer the CEO of the records company were a cannibal or mass murder then to learn that the company has anything to do with iTunes and MP3."
Great Statement!
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