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Romy the Cat

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Macondo and ALE drivers, well sort of.
I got an email from a site visitor informing me that there us a set of cheap ALE drivers at London Craigslist:


(copy locally to have it available after the Craigslist posting will be gone)

"ALE Acoustic Lab Endo 756PP and 356PP Drivers. Two Pairs.

These drivers can be used with any horns with the proper throat diameter.

Permendule version with Titanium diaphragm.

The 756PP Mid range driver.
Frequency response: 100Hz - 10kHz
Recommended Crossover frequency: 150Hz or higher
Throat diameter: 34mm
8 ohms
Diameter: 195mm
Height: 250mm
Weight: 43 kg

The 356PP Mid-High range driver.
Frequency response: 800Hz - 20kHz
Recommended Crossover frequency: 1000Hz or higher
Throat diameter: 25mm
8 ohms
Diameter: 195mm
Height: 170mm
Weight: 23 kg
Please note that the P4550 is similar to the 356PP, but the 756PP weighs 2x the P7550.

The 756PP drivers measured resistance are 5.6 ohm and 5.6 ohm
The 356PP drivers measured resistance are 4.3 ohm and 4.5 ohm"

The guy behind the ad call himself Cheers Macsen, said: "The speakers are still for sale.I'm located in Troon at my uncle's place .He recently passed away and I have to sell his belongings. I prefer you will come to collect but if you want I can ship. Cheers Macsen"
A short research indicated that the images and the description was stolen directly from the 2011-5-27 Ebay action in Austin, TX. The replay was identical to another scam:


"Scamer trying to sell Elite lenses, I emailed back and forth from April 30th 2014 till friday

Seller Name is Macsen.

Here is the emails:
On Wednesday, 30 April 2014, 21:16, wrote:
I am interested to buy your PL 6 Elite lenses set I have £ 2200 cash ready to buy it Please let me know


Scamer Responded ;

Hi Rjaji,,
The lenses are still for sale.My best price is 2400 pounds.
I'm located in Troon at my uncle's place .He recently passed away and I have to sell his belongings.I prefer you will come to collect but if you want I can ship.
Cheers Macsen

Hi Rjaji,
Like I said I'm located in Troon at my uncle's place.
The address is:56 Fullarton Drive, Troon, KA10 6LF
Let me know when your friend can come.
Cheers Macsen

I didn't feel good about the guy so I bought a flight ticket from NY, US to UK yesterday my friend went to the address Mr Scamer gave it us, can't find Mr. Scamer Macsen the phone number he gave no one answering.

GOD is watching him I am sure he will go HELL.
He wasted my money $1500 flight ticket + my friends time.
He is a real A-hole Scamer Be aware
Set of Elite Lenses Format S35 mm (18x24mm)
This set is of Elite lenses is S35 Digital Format, it is not the S35 format lenses!"

For sure I would like to have it posted as a public anointment but there is another interning perspective in it. If I do get the driver above then I would probably get rid of tweeter and experiment with MF driver. I do not know if the ALE would be better of worth then  my current setup but there is something that I do know certainly: if I did get the drivers then they would go to my drivers storage and would be sitting there for VERY long time.
Macondo is more or less a complete system and introduction of a new MF driver, of different topology, size, alignment need would be pretty much reengineering the whole frame and the whole Macondo sound without any assurance that that the result might be beneficial. I do not think that I am in a desperate need to do it now, so in a way... thank you Macsen the scammer for saving a lot of time and efforts for me.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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