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Playlists and patience
During the holiday season we had wonderful programming from Scandinavia thanks to Internet radio. The Scandinavians have a wonderful tradition with choral music and especially the tunes around christmastime are very enjoyable with some very excellent renditions of those tunes BUT.........

that type of playlist listening destroyed the patience for "complete" works like symphonies or even Bach cantatas. After a few bars, I noticed that I was distracted, anticipating the next movement or even getting up to change tracks.

It took a whole week without any media (not even the analog radio in the car) to get back into the groove of things. I still am not "comfortable" sitting for 30 - 45 minutes, but at least my mind is not wandering. I am looking for strategies for "casual" listening. Maybe I need a real shit playback for that stuff.......

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Romy the Cat

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Destroyed the patience to what?

Yep, Rowuk,

I did come to the similar observations and I did implement the “shit playback for that stuff.”  I however did not have any residual damage and it never takes for me a week to recover. I however do not feel any “guilt” when I did not finish to listen whatever I am listening because I do not have an interest for the given music or to the given interpretation. I do feel that you used “patience” as rather virtual word. The Exercise of patience might apply to listening habits or to your lack of interest in given music/interpretation.  We say that that work was boring and it high be by design or by playing. In both case I think idea that transmitted that boring state is irrelevant in my view. Yes, the shorter gallopof the internet radio high be attractive for the music that you do not care (for me it would be Christmas tunes for instance) but if I have any personal interest of any given work then the abridged introduction of internet radio would be too annoying for me. Pretend that they play fragments of let say Mahler 6. If you have an interest to hear M6 then what you be “feed” by fragments?

The Cat

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