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Romy the Cat

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How to play mp3.
It is frequent, particularly nowadays, that you found a digitally compressed recording that you can not source in no other format then the crappy mp3. So, do yourself a favor: do not make an attempt to play you muscly-wonderful but audio-shitty file within any more or less audio capable installation. I see it again and again. I have let sat 300kkb mp3 file with some kind of super-valuable and not available  otherwise music. I play it with $40 headphone upon $5 player. It does not sound spectacular but it does sounds musical and the bad quietly of sound does not bother me.   If however I play the same file on the main playback then it it unlistenable. 

So, do NOT make attempts to play any loosy compressed digital files with you super-doper playbacks. You will be disappointed. Have your trashy digital playback ready for mp3 files.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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